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Thanks for the awesome theme! Just what I was looking for!

Just a quick question. How do I change the size of the logo? I want it to be quite a lot bigger, but I can’t find how to do it.


Go into arabica > header.php > see line 41 span_5, line 45 span_2 & line 63 span_5 you’ll need to change those classes to whatever you’d like as long as they end up adding up to 12.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Elto I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Thanks for your purchase, be sure to rate the theme!

Thanks! I changed those to 4, 4 and 4. However, now the logo is not centered anymore.

Well, its going to take some finessing with CSS on the logo as well to center it within the column.

Can I have 2 completely separate portfolio on two separate pages? If so, how do I accomplish this?

Sorry that’s not possible unless you made another custom post type and duplicated the templates.

Just installed and created a portfolio. it show the thumbnails but when I click on it it says page no found. I tried several to see if it worked but it didn’t:


I have recently purchased this theme. The script responsible for the ‘porfolio’ page does not seem to function the way it should. In the links you can see them.

Tried to install the website on another server, but still the same error occurs. Could you explain what the problem is or more important how it is fixed?


Simple fix, go into Appearance > Menus > create both your menus > apply to the left and right positions and save. The main navigation relies on JS and if its not applied it’ll throw an error and cause the rest of the JS on the page not to function.

Hi. We’re having a problem with older versions of IE and the responsive design. In IE 7-9, the header with dropdown disappears when you hover over it. We are trying to launch asap. Can you provide any support? This happens when the window is beyond a certain resolution.

Thanks, Kelly

I am unable to sign into the support site and unfortunately I do not have our purchase code since it was so long ago. We really need help as the client is getting very frustrated with us and the site should have been live months ago. Can you help?

You can go to your downloads area and grab your license certificate the purchase code is located in that text file.

Just a heads up the theme only supports IE9+

Hi guys, When I upload more than two images in a post is generated by default a slideshow as featured image , even this featured image / slideshow can not be deleted or replaced in the post or in the featured image.

Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, I have received the purchase confirmation ;). Can you help me with this problem? My question about the WP Arabica theme is:

When I upload more than two images in a post is generated by default a slideshow as featured image , even this featured image / slideshow can not be deleted or replaced in the post or in the featured image.

This is an example:

That is correct if more than one image is uploaded to a post a slider will be generated. You can modify those images via Add Media > Uploaded to post


Hi, How can I change de background color of sub-items/ sub-menu. The default color is black but I don´t want this colour. Thanks

How Can I put a secondary menu on the top of the web for languages? because if i put de switch menu language in the main menu… the languages doesn’t appeare in the mobile version… Thanks

You’ll need to add your language switcher function inside header.php

Trying to customize CSS in layout.css. Created a child theme, but putting properties in the style.css doesn’t work. I tried making a functions.php and dequeueing the style to no avail. Is there a better way of attacking this? Thanks.

I love the theme and am looking forward to using it. I wanted to set up the demo site, but in the zip the XML file ” does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number” after uploading it. Can you send me another XML file? Thanks in advance!

That file isn’t in my main folder or any of the other folders. I’ve looked.

Got it! Thanks!

Will you be updating this theme for PHP7?

There shouldn’t be any issues with PHP7, if you have debug set to true you’ll probably see some deprecated notices only when using PHP7 however I wouldn’t worry about them.


AVB16 Purchased

Hello there,

I hope I can explain my question well. In your menu you have a couple of what I call main pages. One of them is ‘Templates’, which has a couple of other pages uderneath it (like about us and contact) which show us as subitems in the menu. I have been able to create this in my own website as well. However the main page isn’t clickable in the menu. Neither is it in your preview. However… In your preview it doesn’t seam to be a page at all. In my case if I would have the same titles as you do and I would click on about us the breadcrumb shows home-templates-about us. And templates is clickable in the breadcrumb. In your preview everything is directly rooted (in the breadcrumb) to home. I like to keep it home-templates-about us, but I would like it if templates wouldn’t be just clickable in the breadcrumbs but also in the menu. Is this possible? Or if not… can we make it possible so it won’t be clickable in the breadcrumb either?

I hope I explained myself correctly and of course that you can help me out.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


You would need to modify the breadcrumbs function by copying it from the parent theme into your child themes functions.php Unfortunately, in-depth modifications like this are outside the scope of my support. Hope you understand, thanks for your purchase!

If you’d like for me to do them, shoot me a message via my profile with a detailed outline of what you’d like to accomplish and I’ll get you a quote and turnaround time.


AVB16 Purchased

Ok I will. Thanks.

Sounds good!


AVB16 Purchased

Hi there,

I have a different question today. How come that if I use a numbered list

    ), the list does indent or jump into the text, but when I use a unnumbered list
    it does not. I’d like it if both list indent. So that the layout of an unnumbered list looks exactly like the numbered list but with bullet points instead of numbers. I tried playing around with the css, but i’d doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    Hope you can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

Is the page up live where I can take a look? Thanks for your purchase!

Sorry it took me a while to respond. The page is finally live. You can find on