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Beautiful one! GLWS! :)


The theme matches with the its name, good concept to make a light weight website. Well done.

Thank ya!

Awesome theme! Looking forward to using this.

Cheers, and thanks for your purchase!

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)


Very neat and clean. Well done!


Great work mate. Good luck. ;)

Thank ya sir!

Looks wonderful, congrats!

Kind Regards,


Beautiful theme!Like it :)

Thank ya!

I am looking to buy this theme but I want to know how to put social media icons on the upper right hand corner of the website? Can you supply me with a code to include in the header.php file?

Thank you.

I’d recommend a plugin for something like that, maybe something like

Nice, good luck!

Thanks man!


Thanks for great theme! How do I edit the size of logo?

Thanks, Erik

It will automatically scale as the grid does. You can’t go any wider without making modifications to the header columns.

Hi again,

Is there any easy way to change the color of the header border. Does not find it in the css.

Thanks, Erik

Great theme!

BUT Same as X3000gold^

How do i change the colour of the line at the top and the boarders etc?

In resizing the demo in the browser, the logo disappears and the mobile menu drops behind the slider. Can this be fixed before I commit to purchasing the theme?

Please test on your mobile device everything displays properly.

On my motorola razr maxx phone the “Buy This Theme” link at the far right wraps under the “Shortcodes” link in the main navigation regardless of the orientation of the phone. I would hate to buy it and have trouble with it right off the bat. Can you fix this before I purchase?

Unfortunately I don’t have a razr maxx to test with you should be seeing the mobile nav anyways make sure you’re testing the with your phone without the demo iframe at this URL:

Hi, loving this theme – are there any blog page layout options? – I need a smaller thumbnail for featured image on blog page – (like this and ideally would like to reduce the height of the featured image on the post page…

Thanks! Got a 404 on that URL, there currently is only the one option however adding a smaller thumb option would be easy I can supply you the code when you purchase.

I’m trying to set up the homepage but i can’t find this

Now go into Admin > Home post type > Add New > Add your content

Make sure you’ve installed all the required plugins.

they are all installed

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.


I’m having some problems with my contact form, I have opened a ticket on the support page but have’nt had a response yet. Could you get back to me asap, as obviously customers messages arent coming through at the moment which is very important.




The anchor of those menu items which have sub menu items doesn’t work. The problem goes away immediately after deleting the class “sub-menu” from the ul under de anchor of the item, but I can’t find the exact reason.

More about this: In a contact page, sub-menus doesn’t display (Of course, this looks like another bug by itself. See it happening in your demo page or in my site: Thus, in that page the anchor works.


This is the error I get when I install the theme:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home2/jamgal01/public_html/ on line 35

Could you please help? Thanks

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Sorry I write two different comments, but I just realized another problem with navigation: the last item of the right menu doesn’t appear in the mobile menu. You can see this happening even in your demo:

EDIT: Forget this one. I found there is a declaration to hide the last item of this menu in the layout.css file (I don’t understand what is this for, but I changed it for my site).

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.