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Fresh and nice job. Good luck dude!

You just keep pumping these out! Looks cool, good luck!

Thank ya sir!

Nice design, but you might want to check out your logo. It says Captial. Not sure if that was on purpose. :)

Whoops, nice catch! :)

Much appreciated!

Pretty nice Theme!

One Pre-Purchase Question:

Is the content sliding effect on the Frontpage also possible to navigate by the Navigation … i want to see this effect everytime i clicked a menu item?

Many thanks! Cheers

Not out of the box, but it could be customized to act like that.


I can’t manage to have widgets on mu blogg. It works on single pages, post pages but not on the blog and I don´t understand what i´, supposed to do. I have a page called blog and it´s the post page.

Please help??

No reason to create a page, go into Appearance > Menus > add your blog category.

I don´t understand how I can build the slider u have on the front page with all the custom pages. I´m at the page builder but I don’t get it.

How did u do it?

There´s nothing there called slides? I didn´t see it in your video either. Is there a plugin i need? Did u mean the FlexSlider?

THX for the help

I mean the Unique Carousel Style Homepage

You need to add posts to the Home custom post type, then they’ll appear in the options panel. If you don’t see the Home CPT, make sure to install/activate the Contempo Home Custom Post Plugin

Okej, I´m ripping my hair of right now. There is no place where it explains how the Unique Carousel Style Homepage works. I have played around with the page builder, pages, home sektion the WP capital options and nothing happens.

When l imported the dummy file the pages worked with the Carousel, but they look exactly like the pages i´v maked. So please explain step by step how u do it before i change theme.

I´v purchased many themes but this one has by far caused me most problem because the lack of good dokumentation.

Responded to your other comment. Its because you don’t have the Contempo Home Custom Posts plugin activated.

THX I solved it now :)

Nice this theme! I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make my slogan look like the big text in the demo. I’m using the page builder and the slogan box, but it’s not looking the same.

looks great, but can you change the height of the main slider image?

Definitely it just uses the height of the image uploaded.

I have the plugins all installed and activated and I can’t get the homepage, whole-page slider to work like you have in the demo going from about to portfolio and so on.

I’ve placed custom home type pages, created the welcome page and assigned a home template to it and then placed the pages as enabled within the template settings, however I still don’t see WP Capital -> Homepage – > Slides.

What might I be missing?

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

I will once I’m done working on the other site details. Thanks!

When I post a Youtube video whether using the new or old embed code into the “Video” section on a blog post, it resizes the video so that the controls are no longer visible.

When I post it in the post text area, it shows the controls and resizes to the full width of the column, but then the video doesn’t lead the post like it does when it’s featured from the putting it in the “Video” section.

Is there a fix for this?

Hi! first – nice work. Just a question before I buy it. Is it possible to hide the sidebar? And is it possible to use a “fullscreen” or “fullwidth” background image on the homescreen?

Thanks! :)

There isn’t an option to hide it you’ll need to make some template modifications. Definitely via the create a skin panel in the admin options.

Is there a specific plugin that’s needed for the “Related Posts” section that shows up at the bottom of single blog posts? If so, which one. If not, how to I get it to work and/or remove it?

Nope, its built in based on Tags.

The JS cookie code inside of the aq_resizer.php file that’s included as part of the theme package was causing a major issue with the site loading on mobile devices.

I don’t know why it’s doing this and/or why it needs to drop a cookie to function, but I had to disabled the following code to get it to work:

<script language=”javascript”> writeCookie(); function writeCookie() { the_cookie = document.cookie; if( the_cookie ){ if( window.devicePixelRatio >= 2 ){ the_cookie = “pixel_ratio=”window.devicePixelRatio”;”+the_cookie; document.cookie = the_cookie; location = ’<?php $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] ?>’; } } } </script>

It loads fine on desktops, but screws up iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. (I had about 10 people try it.) The version of the aq-resizer that you’re using is v1.1.6. There’s a version 1.2 out now.

I think it’d be best to update the usage of the script plugin within the theme to the latest version and remove the cookie drop (as it doesn’t seem necessary) if any other users are having this issue.

Hi! First of all, the theme is amazing!

... but I guess, I’m doing something wrong and it’s driving me crazy :(

I can’t manage to put my portfolio in the homepage slider; /?post_type=portfolio page doesn’t show any post either (while portfolio posts can be access by direct links)...

is there any setting I should turn on/turn off? Please, help!

Thanks in advance!

and I can see the portfolio posts in the code of the page, but they are not displaying at all…

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Where can I find the latest version of this theme? it says it’s been updated, but I can’t find version 1.0.5 anywhere.

In your Themeforest downloads area.

tried that it’s still 1.0.0 from downloads here and there’s a fix for the menu that I need

v1.0.0 is the latest version there hasn’t been any updates released.

Hello! The portfolio masonry page is showing weird in Wordpress 3.9. Will there be an update to the theme for this?

I’m not aware of any bugs, the demo is running 3.9.1 and the portfolio is operating properly.

I’m running into an issue with it. I will send links via support. Thanks!