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I have opened the ticket as below, Can you answer me?

I have installed your theme.

But it keep says that I need to install below plug in.

“This theme requires the following plugins: Aqua Page Builder and CT Custom Posts.”

I have installed and deleted several times but I need to fix it.

Can you let me know what to do?

Thanks I’ll get to it this morning.

Hi. I really don’t like this. First of all the home is not working at all. Also I uploaded some images into page builder but the page builder slider is not working at all.

I put some images in WPcapture option and it is not working. Please refund the money. It seems it is not working theme

I am really fed up with this skin.

Please please let me know what to do!!!!

Responded to your other comment


4/11/13 — View complete changelog here

I installed the theme, but there is the option portfolio, all I barely managed to change the logo, I used the help documentation, but still can not get to run the theme like in the demo. I need help!

You need to use Appearance > Menus to build out your navigation and apply it to the primary and footer positions.

I did exactly that, but when menu portfolio, others are not

Hi, the portfolio doesn’t work, it create items infinitely, why? I need help.

Please open a ticket http://support.contempographicdesign.com with your login information.


Was thinking of buying this, but before doing so can someone please tell me if you notice a right to left slight shifting on the homepage when the slider transitions to a new image? Visually I find it distracting and am wondering if this is something that is a “natural” part of having a slider move from image to image?

Seems to be in all major browsers (all up to date).

Thank you, Derek

Its a natural effect.

I have purchased and installed your theme today. But it warned below message “This theme requires the following plugins: Aqua Page Builder and CT Custom Posts.” I checked “plugins” folder. there is “aqua-page-builder” and “ct-custom-posts” and activated. I have installed and deleted several times What’s the problem?

Install > Activate > and dismiss the message and you’ll be good to go.

I have played with this theme. But I have some trouble with using shortcodes.

Even though help documents say “Using shortcodes has never been easier, they can all be used directly from the Post Editor toolbar using the Shortcode Generator (green plus icon).” Actually few shortcode can be included by Shotcode Generator. For example, tab, toggle or price tables can not be genereted by Generator.

I think I have to write down shortcode in post or page by myself. So. Can you offer some example shortcodes something like that included your “live preview” pages.

Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com


6/11/13 — View complete changelog here

Hi, I’m thinking about to buy this theme. I’m wondering if it’s possible to deactivate the iPhone-Mobile-View or to give the visitor a choice to return to the Desktop-Website. On iPad everything looks well like on Desktop. So – are there possibilities to choose whether to show mobile site or not?

Thanks for your reply!

There currently isn’t an option for that but it is possible by just removing the media queries in layout.css

This theme is broken during activation.

I installed it on a fresh installation of Wordpress v3.5.2 – after I activate the theme, it asks me to install 3 required plug-ins.

Upon installing and activating the plug-ins, the theme does not recognize the plugins and it fails to load the theme options.

No fix available so far.

I really wish it was that easy. The plug-ins are activated – 1) Aqua Page Builder, 2) Contempo Custom Posts and 3) Envato Wordpress Toolkit.

When I click on WP Capture Options, I get the error: Options Updated Options Reset Error!

The layout of the WP Capture Options is broken – it seems like the CSS is missing.

I also opened a ticket on your support page with a screenshot to display this issue.

Just replied to your ticket on my support site.

Thank you. The issue was my fault – I had renamed the folder name when I uploaded to my server.

For other users having the same issue – DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME OF THE FOLDER.

How do you create a grid-view page to display the portfolios?

This works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox. In IE, the thumbnail get stretched out – to fix this, you have to upload the EXACT dimension of the featured image. The dimension is 315×210

Works just fine in IE:

Great theme!
Does it support any countdown/timer widgets on the homepage? How about a non-filtered gallery page?

Definitely it works with any plugins you’d like.

Bonjour, Ma question va peut-être vous paraître bête, mais je n’arrive pas à comprendre comment mettre du contenu dans les pages, j’ai déjà fait plusieurs fois des sites avec twentyeleven ou twentytwelves, et je souhaiterais faire la même chose avec le votre : créér un modèle valable pour toutes les pages. Pourriez-vous m’aider ?? De plus, j’ai essayé de me connecter sur le support, mais on me dit que ma clé de licence n’est pas bonne ( et je suis certain que si ). S’il vous plait, aidez-moi, cela fait 50 heures que je passe sur ce thème, et je n’ai encore rien réussi à faire dessus, il est très compliqué et je ne trouve pas les options de la démo ( les avis des autres thèmes disent qu’en 10 heures ils ont réussi à faire leur site, au bout de 50 heures je ne le comprends toujours pas).

Sorry, I only speak English.

The tags on my website is not working.

1. Go to http://www.saikit.com/category/blog/ 2. click on the tags from the tag cloud 3. They are not displaying the proper tag results.

Looking forward to your help.

Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com with your login details and I’ll take a look.

bougth the theme yesterday and I have the same problems of user walart … slider didn’t load in the homepage, can’t import the sample data from the xml found in the installation package and the acqua page builder create unlimited section if I try to insert another element after the slider … I can’t also recreate the template to use for my homepage cause the same plugin create unlimited line of objects … I’ve already unistall it and reactivate having the same problem. I’ve open a ticket in your official support blog but you didn’t reply yet. Ticket #10719 please reply, thanks.

I receive quite a few support requests, all tickets are answered in the order received.

good morning, writing here cause I can’t contact your support (invalid login?) ... anyway, I’ve 2 simple questions:

1) where can I change the title and intro text for the portfolio page???

2) if I set a particolar font for the site (like Helvetica Neue) is visible only by smartphone, tablet and computer with iOs (like MacBook) that currently includes this font … but what can I do with the browser for desktop pc version?

thank you for support.

First thanks for your purchase!

  1. archive-portfolio.php > lines 12 & 13 http://cl.ly/1t0l0Y1V2i0A
  2. That’s because Helvetica Neue isn’t a PC font its bundled with iOS/Mac products, so instead I’d suggest just using a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/use-any-font/