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The automatic resizing of the box is really irritating, it’s maybe better to fix that ;)

coool background!

Looks great!

Some color & background options would be nice.

You should fix the jQuery. But aside from that, it’s great! I love the colors as well, good job.

Hello, thanks for the nice words :) , also if do you find any bugs in theme please send an email to support@wporiginal.com , in a few weeks (2 or 3) I will make an update.

Really nice work man! Love the cocept. Hope it sells!

I really like this. It seems as if the lights button also dims the video, should that be how it works? Otherwise very nice work.

I bought this and i didn’t get a logo.psd file to edit my logo where can i get it?

please give me your email and I will send you the file.

Love the Video Navigation. Cool! Really nice work. Thumbs Up!

hi i bout the templet and for some reason when i click on light its not functioning right can u help me plaza . my webpage ( www.Arashlive.com ) my email ( Arash@arashlive.com ) TX

hi i like this theme and ‘my video blog’ theme so much.. however i would like to ask if photo can be posted also? just like ‘my photo blog’ instead of video… thanks

1. yes 2. yes. 3. the theme is using wp user table

i would like to have the image one.. what should i do? just purchase this or what?

may i have your email? still have sth to ask.. thanks

you can contact me at support@wporiginal you need to buy the theme and after that you need to send me an email.


29 October 2009 Update Theme was updated, I’ve fixed some bugs, added more backgrounds and now can work with photos :D

http://www.siteeditor.net/wp-color-video-premium-wordpress-theme.html Site showcasing.. Special thanks guy..

hi, would like to ask if the template support the ‘profiler’ plugin (see the link below)....... once i click the ‘author’s name’... may it link to the profile page while include ? thanks

plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/profiler/

sample: http://www.do-did-done.com/site/?page_id=10&user=admin

Hi, I just bought this theme and I’m going through the guide. But I cannot seem to find the “rescan” button in tools of gd star rating. some help please!

The above is already fixed. I do still have a question.

How can I add the bottom stuff like recent comments etc. It doesn’t show…

Go to Appearance > Widgets, there you will see “Footer column 1”, “Footer column 2”, “Footer column 3”, you just need to drag&drop, as you do on sidebar.

Fatal error: Call to a member function have_posts() on a non-object in /home/admin/domains/public_html/wp-content/themes/wcv/widget.php on line 2


Please send me a link to your error.

For a power user blog, could you use the TDO form plugin to bring the content in?

Yes, you can use TDO plugin, if do you have problems integrating TDO you can contact me.

Few questions before placing a order…

1) Are there any plugins that I will need to get for the videos and what not to be working?

2) Where can I reach you for support and how, on average, do you usually respond back within?

1) You will need some free plugins for pagination and ratings, to post videos you need to copy&paste embed code from video sharing website.

2) Currently you can reach support only by emai at support@wporiginal.com, now I’m working in creating a support forum, most likely this will be done in the first week after the new year. I check the email every day, now on holidays may take up 48h to respond.