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This is a really nicely put together theme. Is it possible to use self hosted video and my own flash player in this theme instead of video embeded from video sharing sites.

Many Thanks

You can use any type of self hosted videos.


Great theme! Pre-sale question: will the theme work with WP 2 .9? In all major browsers? Is there any issue I need to know about it’s compatibility with WP 2 .9?

Currently the Live demo is running on Wordpress 2.9.1, I’ve tested and isn’t any issue. It works with all major browsers.

how do I got about adding a self hosted video on my server into a post? thank you.

First think to do is go here and download JW Player. Now open your ftp, connect to your server and go to “wp-content” here create a new folder called “player”, in this folder upload player-viral.swf, swfobject.js and yt.swf from the archive you’ve downloaded. Now rename player-viral.swf in player.swf.

Now to embed the video use this code

Your videos must be in FLV format!

Hi, i’m really enjoying the theme. You can see it in action here:

but now I noticed that my google links, when you search for all indexed pages.


you see in the descriptions just the embeded code… That’s not really the point, is there anyway I can overcome this quote annoying and bad result for searches?

I will study this problem, please send a copy of your message at and I will notify you when a fix is ready.

I just noticed it is also in the feed. I will mail it to you.

I’ve noticed that the paging is sort of weird. on the index page there are 10 items. but in lines of 3 so its 3 3 3 1

and you loose 2 spots…

is this a settings somewhere?

You can display as many items as you want in pages, to modify that in Admin panel, go to Settings > Reading, and change the value of “Blog pages show at most” with 9, or with how many do you want to display.

Ok, I really need to learn to look more :-) thanks…

I have downloaded this theme, and on the guide it says that “the theme requires some plugins to work”.

I followed the links provided and downloaded them as instructed but whenever I follow the link to “Yet another related posts plugin” I get this message

“Oops! Firefox could not find Try reloading: mitcho.­com/­code/­yarpp/­”

I try it with internet explorer and get the same message. Do I need this plugin for the theme to function correctly?

Okay, I figured out how to upload the YARPP plugin… ?

I have some other issues however…

1. When I try to activate the WP-PageNavi plugin It says that it triggered a critical error, so I cannot activate it.

2. I uploaded the theme via ftp but it doesn’t show up as one of my WP themes. So I then went to Add new themes>Upload where it says “Install a theme in .zip format” So I browse and upload it…Nothing happens, and the theme never shows up.

3. When I do upload the theme, will I be able to customize the background image to an image of my choice?

Hi alexstan,

I’m using this very nice template.

One problem and one difficulty tu use it :

1- problem : how to configure the rating system if I want the ratings values appear on the home page, on the top of each thumbnail ? I always get the message “Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)”, even they are ratings on the video article…

2- difficulty to use the template : what is the way to display the video I want in the home page, in the headline ? The unic video-artcile that I didn’t check to appear on home page header… apperas on home page header. The others I checked in home page category didn’t.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alexstan!!! this is a really good template!!! I am having a lot of fun tunning it but it is also very precise to what I am looking for. I strongly recomend it if you are planning to do a video blog or so.

Just one question, I am not interested on my users to vote on the videos. Is there a way to delete this ratings?

Thanks alextan, and nice job!

mmmm another question: I want this page in spanish, I am changing the side bar to show the options in spanish but the accents are nos sopported (

Don´t worry about the accents, I just learned how to do it. You just have to edit from the dream weaver in the design window and automatically it will add in the code the accents.

I can not add strong text on my posts… ¿don´t know how to change it!? ¿Where can I change leave a comment for spanish translation? Thanks men, I am exited with this theme!!!!

Toc, toc, toc,

Anybody there?

Is there a way to use shortcodes instead of embed? Ala [media id=1]


og Purchased

how do i get my home page to look like the sample. I already choose the featured category and still nothing. I have post and all.

I see the featured video on homepage. you need to make the changes on ratings plugin. If do you have problems with it you can contact me on .

Hello Alex,

I have setup the theme

But I cannot seem to get the thumbnail to display on the home page correctly.

The image size is 178X105 jpg.

Please help.

Thank you, Peter

Sorry, I fixed the problem.


Ok, if do you have any issues with theme contact me.

Hi, is it ready for Chrome?

Yes. It works with the latest version of Chrome.

Hello, I would buy a theme Wordpress “WP Color Video” Will I be able to translate the theme into the Russian language? I noticed that there are topics that do not support Cyrillic (Russian) Is it possible to add their own video format FVL who are on my server.

Thank you PS Sorry for bad English

The translation can be difficult because the theme doesnt contain a language file. If you provide me a file with words that should be replaced I will modify the theme.

Yes you can embed your own videos, but for this you will have to use JW Player or something similar.

Hello, I wou buy this theme to but the rating stars are not the same as the preview picture…

The rating stars are now gold and not violet.

I’m sorry for this, I forgot to customize the plugin, check it now.