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Quick question: I’ve installed this theme successfully, however when I create a post no custom fields are available in the admin panel. I’m using GD Star Rating ver. 1.9.8 and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin ver. 3.2.2

Watch this video about enabling custom fields in Wordpress 3.1

Good job, thank you very much, I´m thinking to buy it but i would like to know if its possble to have an autonext player in the gallery, and this autonext could play in a random way. I mean i would need a automatic random autonext. If your product could do this function i will glad to buy straight away. thank you very much and i will wait your answer back to know what to do.


This theme doesn’t support something like that

Hello, great job. But look my homepage:

The featured video, don`t show. I changed the category for show video in fetaured video, but didn`t change nothing.

If u want look the admin my admin page is

login: admin password: admin Please help me!

Ps: my wordpress language is portuguese br

Please edit your comment and delete the username admin from your wordpress install. Send me an email at


i buy this theme is great, but i want to nkwon if possible to have a code like in the groovy video custom setting, i can upload direct my thumb ?

I didn’t used groovy theme, send an email at and explain me what you need.

i wan to know why all my video embed code don’t work in autoplay ?

this example of code

Hello Stanstudio,

I have few questions for you.

1st. how do i change the background. 2nd. how do i change the videos navigation to spanish 3rd. I have this msg on my main page ” Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_gdsr_render_article() in /home2/chuflain/public_html/rdvideos/wp-content/themes/theme/wcv/index.php on line 15”

this is my link.

Thanks in advance!!

Please answer that question.

Seriously. I wish you guys can return my money.

Can I edit this template in html only?



wow, these people never answer question. Where is the customer service?

Dear Themeforest,

this is the second theme that i buy here and no result. is that mean that i lost my money?


Thanks for a beautiful theme – I am really looking forward to using it. In setting it up however, I noticed that some of your instructions in the guide are outdated regarding how to set up the GD Star Rating.

Specifically, the final step (GD Star Rating >> Tools >> T2 Templates) has changed quite a bit. T2 Templates has it’s own section and I am unable to match your PDF instructions to what is currently on the GD Star Plugin.

I appreciate your help. My featured image is not showing up on my homepage and I assume it is because I can’t complete the setup.

Thanks, Sheryl

Here is a video about configuring “GD Star Rating” plugin to work with “WP Color Video”:

I have installed this on wordpress 3.2.1 and when trying to activate I am alerted that the stylesheet is missing. Is this something anyone else has experienced? Any suggested fixes?

Did you extract the zip first? You need to extract the archive and the upload “wcv” folder (it’s located in “theme” folder) trough FTP .

Hi, this theme supports automated thumbnails creation from youtube? I want to post videos from youtube but dont want to manually upload any image.

It doesn’t support automatic thumbnail creation, but I can modify the theme to work with youtube thumbnails. You can contact me here

Great Stan! Im thinking in bought it today! Its possible to have 3 videos per row in version 2 like the version 1 have?

Yes, but needs some modification. I’ve sent you an email with more details.

Hey Stan :)

I purchased and installed WP Color Video

I can’t figure out how to get the video to show up on the home page along with the thumbnail on the little box. I’ve watched most of your videos but didn’t see those instructions.

Please help :)

Thanks bunches!

Many Blessings, Renee

For support you can contact me here:

I am thinking about purchasing this site for a video blog. I was hoping to post some vimeo or youtube videos. Is this site video friendly? Also, can I change the blue background color to green or yellow with similar texture/pattern?

Hi mygolfandstuff, You can easly post videos from Youtube or Vimeo, watch this videos:

Yes you can change change the background, the theme comes over 40 header backgrounds. Go to the live demo ( ), and in the left side you will see an wheel image, click it, and change the header background.

I just wanted to say that Alexandru has gone out of his way to help me with the WP Color Video theme. He is a wonderful theme designer and I appreciate his quick response and assistance.

Thanks for your feedback

Hey Stan,

Iam using WP Video Color theme on wordpress. Am trying to place a header graphic and I can’t figure out how? I hope you would help me.

Thanks a lot :) Assi

You must buy the theme before ask for support.

Hey Stan :)

I purchased and installed WP Color Video I want to install an image on the header on my site but i couldn’t figure out how.

Please help me :)

Thanks bunches!

Many Blessings, Renee

Hi, Open style.css and search for:
.hbg1{ background:url(images/background/background1.jpg) center; }

Replace images/background/background1.jpg with URL to your image.


Thanks for responding :) There is just a little problem I already changed the header. The 1st header I inserted is 2000×750 pixels which is so huge, so I changed it to 400×150 pixels The problem is, the header size is still 2000×750 pixels even if I put back the original (images/background/background1.jpg) it doesn’t seem to change.

I don’t know the reason why the header I attached became permanent.

Thanks bunches!

Many Blessings, Renee

Contact me through my profile page, and include in your message the URL to your website.