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I am having trouble getting a post associated with an image to show the image full size.

I have added the ‘image’ and ‘thumb’ in the custom fields. Currently on a post page with an image, an image doesn’t seem to be showing up.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Contact me through my profile page, and include in your message the URL to your website.

Hey! I recently purchased your theme version 2. I was trying to upload pictures that I created to the slider, but I need to know the exact pixel dimensions of the slider so that all of my pictures are the same size.


Hi asassat2 , Thanks for buying my theme.

Images can be 580×325 or 930×325. it depends if do you want to show a description on the right side (as is in live demo). Images are automatically resized to these dimensions, so you can use any image sizes.


v1 is the one i like, where to buy v1? is the downloadable .zip file containing v1 and v2 after i buy ?

let me know and thx.

Hi ccaopengg,

After you buy WP Color Video v2, you should contact me trough my profile page and I will send you WP Color Video v1.

ok ,i will buy in the days that follow, and i’ll use it for my video site


have purchased and sent you the message.

Hi ccaopengg, Check your email, I sent you WP COlor Video v1

How do I remove the entry.meta information from Posts and Pages with this theme. Thank you.

Hi coachhardy, Contact me trough my profile page and I will send you modified files.

Hi. How can I make the theme to show thumbnails properly?

Hi mo0nrider,

Did you read documentation? If you still have problems with thumbnails, contact me using this form:, and also include in your email a link to your website.


I have a problem with pictures on the site. When you post a video profile picture does not appear. I sent a message privately, want an answer as I have urgent please …

Hi nixx07, Check your email, I sent you an email.

<double post>

Thanks for help..

I have just bought the theme. It is beautiful and very effective. Thanks.

But I have some problems:

1. I can not change the logo. When I upload the logo I am having the error below: A TimThumb error has occured

The following error(s) occured: Could note create the index.html file. Could note create cache clean timestamp file. Could not find the internal image you specified.

Query String : src= TimThumb version : 2.8.3

2. PROBLEM : I couldnt find how I can publish thumb pictures when I publish a video. Normally in your template (live demo) on the home page I see the pictures (on mouse over it’s coloring). In my site I can not find the place where I do this.

If you help me I would be glad.

My web page is:

Thanks in advance


Hello, I have solved the issues about logo and the thumb images.

Now I have another problem:

I arranged the SLIDER as “the latest posts”.

But in the slider (I have 2 posts) but I see the last video in both slides. In each slide there should be the video of that post.

But I see only the same video in each slide.

Can you help me please



Hi coachhardy,

For support contact me through my profile page and I will send you a fix.


I installed wp color 2 but when I configure the slide manager, all my ads (google adsense) display the same video as the slider in home page


Hi bikeko,

For support contact me through my profile page and I will send you a fix.

Something seems wrong with the sidebar? it stretches out. how can i configure it?

I changed my email on this account, this should work, can you try again?

Email sent. Verify your gmail.

worked like a charm! thank you very much!

Hello! Is it possible to hide/delete information line with: Posted on juli 17, 2012, Posted by admin in Uncategorized. No Comments, all over the site?

greetz, Gisella.

Yes, it is possible.
Contact me through my profile page and I will make the modification.


I just bought the theme and I’m getting an error when trying to activate the theme:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\FOLDERNAME\wp-content\themes\WPColorVideoV2\functions\custom-functions.php on line 294

Can you help please?

Hi jaimejr,

Did you modified anything on “custom-functions.php”?
For support, send me an email using this form, and also, attach your “custom-functions.php” file.


I’m thinking of purchasing the template – but was wondering if it’s possible to have video in the main image scroller, top of the home page, as well as images?

Many thanks

hi outsorcery,
Yes it is possible. If featured image is smaller than 930×300 , then the video will be displayed in slider.


OK, bought your theme!

I’m following your video ‘Installing the Theme’ in Documentation – in my Dashboard, there is no ‘Install Theme’ tab – do I have to upgrade Wordpress to Pro?

Forgive me – I am a Wordpress Novice, Thanks!


i do my updates with the last version of wordpress 3.5 and now i can’t modified, edit, or move all widget of my site. only with your theme, i try with other theme it’s work well, i try also with another browser chrome, firefox, internet explorer : nothing

For support please use this form: