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I really liked the two themes, both Wordpress, such as HTML by Themeforest, but my question is whether with HTML would be the possibility of importing the coupons for CSV, XML or even XLS.

There would be a database to login, but it fits the coupons or is only for login?

Would you help me?

There is no way, this item is HTML template. WordPress does :)

Hey i purchased the wordpress version of the theme and have the csv import option plugin. I had 2 questions.

1. If there are multiple categories for 1 store/coupon how do i seperate these in the category field, i tried just doing a comma but that just adds 1 category of “category1,category2”

2. Is their a way that we can get this to import automatically from a feed?

Thanks, P.S very nice theme btw :)

Also, as I am importing i need to try and fix any errors that happen. For example sometimes the “title” is only “10% off” how am i able to format it so it will be “Brand name – 10% off” within the csv import.

Please use the website contact form where you purchase the theme, theme developers will be there to help :)

Still in development?

It’s completed and we didn’t sell the WordPress version on ThemeForest :)

so why use different name? famethemes

Because that’s our other exist theme store outside of TF :)

How to integrate this template to Instapage?

Hello there, I’ve bought your theme in confusion thought it was a wordpress theme. I will like to have a refund please.

Please disregard this message.

Please convert to wordpress theme..

can i see the admin demo ?

hello, i want to ask you if i want to hide coupon features and make the website as listing companies names. is that possible please? thank you

This is not a WP theme? How can i use this on wordpress? Thanks.

I have a coupon website on clipper, can I move my whole website to WP coupon? is there any plugin available from your side to convert whole website? My website is http://www.couponmama.co.in/

Hello Does this template support Arabic? I mean here RTL

thank you

Live preview not working anymore. And the admin seems like not reply since 1 year ago.

Hello .thanks for this template. Can I connect this template with my site as www.xxx.com/coupon ? And is the template easy to install to my site. I don’t have experience for that . Thanks for helping

@slipday1 have you figured out a solution for the problem regarding categories.I was also having the same problem.Could you please tell me the solution if it was solved.

How i can access to the admin interface , the file look like just an html website , how i can add coupon and edit it ?