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Hello, can the website be created entirely in Bulgarian? Thanks!

Hello boriana84 – Thank you for the interest in our theme. The theme can be translated to a different language, but to translate to Bulgarian you must translate the theme yourself. We don’t have a translation available. Thank you


eirikv Purchased

Planning any updates soon?


eirikv Purchased

I ask since your have moved Theme options to the REDUX Framework for Residence

Hello eirikv, Thank you for the follow up. We don’t have an update scheduled for estate same as residence. For Estate we only have maintenance updates in plan. If you need help with something in particular you can contact us from client support http://support.wpestate.org/ Thank you


Valli Purchased

Now google has started charging for its maps, how do you plan on solving that? as in, for us who cannot afford to subscribe to google crazy plan, do you plan on offering support for open maps or something?


Valli Purchased

Here is an alternative to google maps https://www.openstreetmap.org/

Hello Valli – Thank you for the comment and suggestion. For now Google offers a $200 limit credit monthly. Our demos use the credit and don’t go beyond that, even if we have thousands of clients daily.

Places ( http://prntscr.com/ln3hyg ) will become paid and you can disable that if you don’t wish to pay for this service. Disabling it allows you to show clients cities, areas and states as a dropdown.

The google details are here https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/sheet/?utm_source=em-anncmt&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=FY18-Q4-global-other-email-other-tbcemail&utm_content=global%7Cen%7Chybr%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7Cs:a

We’re looking into alternatives as well, but I cannot give more details at the moment.

Thank you

Good afternoon.

Please help with setting up the theme Wp Estate

We have 2 problems: 1) it is not possible to set the size of the header less 2) do not send emails from the site


1) put the plugin Simple Custom CSS and JS, replaced through a script. It’s probably easier and you need to know where to replace the styles. 2) put the plugins: CB Change Mail Sender, Contact Form 7, Easy WP SMTP made all, sorts of settings and tried several options. The feeling that the theme and the plugin of the contact form are in conflict. It is likely that if you tell us where to set up the smtp in the subject (send and receive specify the mail), then we will be grateful to you.


Object: https://goo.gl/EDacSU
Agent: https://goo.gl/jUESNk

If you need access to the site – please write. Thanks for the help!

Hello djoosstas -

Thank you for the comment.

For Email – each server has his own mail server. SMTP plugins are meant to allow you to set the exactly server mail configuration required for your hosting to send emails.

1. Check with a different email address (gmail) – perhaps the issue is from the email used which would need to be modified in settings to allow to receive emails

2. if that doesn’t work either, use a plugin such as Postman SMTP – but you must ask hosting exactly what address details to add. Also, the theme sends automatically notifications from noreply@yourdomain.com Some hostings demand this address is registered with your domain (actually have this address) and use this email to set the SMTP plugin details.

I cannot do much since each server is unique. This is the plugin I have recommended in the past https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-smtp/ and worked. It’s the easies to use, but the wizard steps must be filled in based on your server configuration (which only your hosting can confirm)

Regarding heading, I understand. Please open a ticket in support http://support.wpestate.org/ and my colleagues will guide you. If you already have a ticket send me the ID please.

Thank you

Tried different plugins. Mail leaves and is delivered from the main page. But when sending a request from the pages: https://www.screencast.com/t/834AthFxQbYW There is a feeling that the default theme settings are given priority and not only on the indicated pages conflict.

SMTP server works without additional plug-ins.

Hi djoosstas – The best I could from here I already did.. We haven’t had any problems using contact form 7 with the theme options. I am sure it’s not a theme issue.

A server problem I cannot solve. But maybe I can help read better the plugin logs to guide you what to check.

If you already have a plugin with the server details for mail server and your email address with password filled in, please leave it on (just one plugin – not 3 or 4) to understand the report from the plugin. Leave just Postman if you have that since I have some experience with the plugin.

And please open a ticket with your details http://support.wpestate.org/ and give me the ticket id.

Thank you

How can I replace the Google site map with Yandex Maps?

Free API – the total number of requests to the geocoder, router and panoramas per day should not exceed 25 thousand.


Thanks you.

Hello djoosstas, We haven’t worked with this API. But in general a switch is not easy. There are options built on top of Google Maps APi and to make a switch and keep the same features, any API would have to be able to support and custom development would be needed to implement the features based on API documentation.

I cannot advise on whether we will be able to switch the google map to another alternative. We will look into this for sure.

Thank you

Hi, How are you?

I am interested in your theme and would like to add some questions. We have a Real Estate project, but the fields for our products are differents, and the Search fields too.

Does your theme allow me to create or modify fields like bedrooms or bathrooms for the products and searchs? The search system works with the plans too?

If you give me an email I can explain you the project. Thank you!

Hello studiocosm

Thank you for the comment.

I don’t know if our theme can work. We don’t have search by floor plans. Only by properties details. In search there are options you can use, but I don’t know if it’s what you need.

You can send me a message from here to show you a backend testarea to check further what the theme can do- https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate

Thank you

hey there can i find a list with the languages the theme and the plugin are already translated ?? thanks

Hello akap96 – Thank you for the message. For estate we don’t have a full translated version in other languages. We can provide partial translations (some machine made, some made by clients) – but because it’s not a full translation we didn’t make such a list. Let me know what language you are interested in – and I can show a testarea with the language we have on a separate testing domain. For these details you can write me from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate Thank you

Hi, I’m interested in WP Estate since it also supports rentals as I saw. We need a very simple bookings procedure in which a customer sends an email with check in and check out date which we will manually check on availability and respond back to the customer.

In WP Estate I saw the Property Enquiry with name, email and phone fields in the side bar. Is it possible to add two date fields?

Thank you very much in advance,


Hello Marc, Thank you for the interest in our theme. Booking options are no longer part of Wp Estate 4.0 We have the Rentals theme just with booking options – https://wprentals.org/

Maybe you can create what you need with a plugin (if it’s just an inquiry form and you don’t need to do any special calendar / search settings too), but I cannot recommend a specific plugin.

If you wish you can test our existing dashboard by emailing me from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate and I can give the testarea.

Thank you

Hi there!...

Any updates or additional features planned here? The template progression seems to have stalled. The layout is becoming antiquated and needs a lot of css work to modernize the core WPEstate template. The last update was in April. As a developer running this theme on several websites, I’m extremely concerned and disappointed. Also, how will Gutenberg affect the backed when upgrading to Wordpress 5.0? There seems to be more emphasis on WP Residence than WP Estate. Whats going on here?... Is this not supported anymore???

I’m very unhappy, as I’m sure others are, with the progression of your theme.

Hello svmony,

Thank you for the message.

The 5.0 was tested with Estate theme and it can work without conflicts. The theme doesn’t have gutenberg blocks, but if you wish to use that it’s no problem. Gutenberg can work with classic shortcodes, what the theme has. The classic editor is still available until 2021 and that allows to continue using the bakery plugin page builder and theme shortcodes. We have the help here https://helpv4.wpestatetheme.org/article/how-to-update-wordpress-to-5-0-version-gutenberg-editor/

In regards to design, if you have suggestions for us, please send them to us in client support http://support.wpestate.org/ and of course we will check your suggestions.

We don’t have new features planned for estate, but we continue to support it, including for wordpress updates. So if there is anything you need help with related to existing functionality, please contact us and we will help.

Thank you

Hello everyone, Please check here the 4.04 theme version change log https://helpv4.wpestatetheme.org/article/wp-estate-4-04-december-10/ Thank you

Is it possible to have a different form for each property?

Hello TopAwarded – We don’t have such an option. Thank you

Hello! I have a problem with the search, not work! They know what the cause may be??

Hello gloriadiaz1 – Thank you for the message. I need more details to be able to help. Please open a ticket in client support http://support.wpestate.org/ and send me the ticket ID to check your site and the details. Thank you