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Any news on seasonal pricing?

Hello ricky7106

Thank you for the comment. WP Estate will not be updated with new booking options. All our efforts into expanding booking go into our other theme – WP Rentals –

In WP Rentals each property can have its own custom price as explained in this help

This is the image with Price Adjustments (where you can add a different price for a specific period).

As far as I understand, “seasonal prices” can also mean adding a custom price for a specific period one time, and then every time that period comes (no matter what year it is) that custom price applies. We cannot support that for technical reasons.

Thank you Anna

I would like to know if there is an option for properties which have been submitted by 3rd parties on a free basis to automatically expire, unless the renew via an emailed link on sent on eg a weekly basis. Don’t want old properties online.

Hello bandicootltd

Thank you for the comment. If you enable membership – the users submitting properties would have to buy an active membership to submit properties. If they will not renew membership, the properties will be set to expired and they won’t show in lists.

If you haven’t added membership yet, please keep in mind that new accounts will benefit from the limits you set in free membership.

This help explains how this works

Thank you Anna

Hello can I change the search filter from properties to find a small group? Thanks

Hello George

Thank you for the comment. I am not sure I understand the question. Please show me a screenshot to be able to offer the correct answer.

Thank you Anna

Does the theme:

1. have multiple currency support as I would need $ £ €

2. Is it possible to have a button on the upper corner stating “Post an Ad/property then when clicked it asks to register or fill details by creating account as well

3. Is it compatible to Visual Composer and WooCommerce

4. properties slider?

Hello zconsulting

Thank you for the interest in our theme.

We don’t have either of these options.

In WP Rentals theme – we have the following

- Multi-currency widget to transform the default price in a different currency

- A button to submit the property (please note it works with default login / register – username + pass)

- Compatibility with Visual Composer (We don’t have woo commerce support)

Properties slider – You can see it here or here Admin selects which properties from wp-admin.

Thank you Anna

Hello Anna!

For some reason, the map markers on my site suddenly disappeared, can you take a look and tell me how to fix this? The site is

Thanks for help!


There is an error coming from a js file I don’t recognize

It could be a plugin conflict or a wrong code.

If you added any plugins lately, disable them and try again. If you made any code changes, those would have to be removed to see if they created any conflict.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Anna

Hi, is there a way of allowing a buyer to book a viewing on the estate agency theme?

Hello cdckey

Thank you for the interest in our theme. We don’t have this option by default.

Thank you Anna

Thanks for getting back to me. You say by default, does that mean there’s a plugin that can help for this?


Hello cdckey

I don’t know if a plugin or if with custom work – I couldn’t advise as I haven’t tested anything in this direction.

If you wish a test admin to test something yourself, I can give you that. For this please email me at

Thank you Anna

Can this theme be used/modified for an Apartment Complex to set-up a tenant login area to pay rent, view lease, etc.?

Hello taraholden

Thank you for the interest. I am afraid we don’t support this.

Thank you Anna

I have a problem with the advanced search that is not finding any results. I translated page Advanched search, deleted it after that and made new one, but I have same problem.

Hello Tatamatidzanov

Thank you for the comment. Please open a ticket in client support with your site wp-admin to be able to check and advise.

Thank you Anna