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Before I buy.

You have 2 websites for this theme demonstration — “real estate” demo and “booking” demo. My question is: can I use both features in one real estate website?

That’s right. :)

But 2 days ago you said, “Thank you for the comment. If you use sub-domains one license is enough.” So does it mean that I can install the same theme on both Wordpresses?

In other words, do I have to buy your theme once (and spend $49) or twice (and spend $98)? That’s the question that doesn’t allow me to sleep well. :)

Hi grabowski

The license states to be used on one domain ( Sub-domains (as we use in demo) are different urls on the same domain.

Sub-domain management in this case – to have both rental module and the default module – implies you install on one sub-domain wordpress + wpestate and you set the theme to booking by enabling the booking module and on the 2nd sub-domain you install wordpress+wpestate and you set the theme to non booking mode. This is ok with a standard license as long as you use sub-domains.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Anna

Anna, thank you very much!!!

I have to create a website for real estate agency and are undecided whether to use wp estate or wp rental. I have no clear differences between the two themes both have the booking service?

Hello ermejo0883

Thank you for the comment.

There are important differences between the 2 themes.

WP Estate booking system was created as option (on/off) and for that reason we couldn’t expand the booking options very much.

WP Rentals has many options that don’t exist in WP Estate and is only booking accommodation oriented (daily booking). In Wp Rentals we have Ical feed, custom price options (with different options), half map style map, search by pins when moving the map in the half map and many more.

If you wish to test the admin of either of both themes, please email me at

Thank you Anna

Hello there,

I was wondering if it was possible in the theme options to do the following:

Can the Advanced Search box be closed (accordion closed) by default?

I’ve been racking my brain at this and I don’t think it’s an option by default. It is in WP-residence though.

It’s probably a case of using JQuery to add display:none and display:block.

Any help appreciated.

Hello Lewis

Thank you for the comment. We don’t have this in WP Estate and changing this is a little complex. We have some general directions here Hope it helps.

Thank you Anna

hi, it is not possible speak with support. the form is wrong and search advanced and google map theme dont work, its urgent, please reply how we communicate with you. Has left the search engine and google map working

Hello GarajeGrafico

Thank you for the comment. If you have an urgent situation and you know we need to see your site details to check (in this case we do) you can send me a private message or an email (

Thank you Anna

Sorry delete it..

Hi The agents shortcode by default just diplays agent photo and name and some other details… is there any shortcode or any way by which i can agent display contact form directly in the page… Eg I want this to agent contact form directly to be displayed or embedded on a page. without having to click on details. and then going here … possible ??


Hello Trond

Thank you for the comment. I understand the question, but I am afraid the forms only work in property page and profile page. we don’t have a shortcode that shows the agent + form.

Thank you Anna

Hello, I want to remove the header and just have the homepage the map (no, sidebars, footers). How can I do that?

Hello OolagahLake

Thank you for the comment. The theme by default has header and footer on all the pages. Sidebars can be removed by using Sidebar – NONE in edit page

To remove header and footer on a specific page, I would recommend to customize one of the existing custom page templates and then assign that to the page you wish to have no header/footer.

The simplest to modify is IDX custom template

You can comment the function for header and footer.

Thank you Anna

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could help me with the following

1) Does the Villa Real Theme support search, where they can search by ZipCode or Postcode internationally

2) Can it create it’s own custom property type ( such as a room for rent, beach property, land for sale)

3) Is there full support for alternative languages including German, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Farsi

4) Can one site feed multiple child sites ?


Hello ozzy00200

Thank you for the comment. Please see my reply below:

1) Does the Villa Real Theme support search, where they can search by ZipCode or Postcode internationally

—> Our theme is WP Estate. —> Wp Estate can use on the real estate version custom fields, and zip is a field that can be added in search. I added on the demo to understand how it works. It’s an input type field.

2) Can it create it’s own custom property type ( such as a room for rent, beach property, land for sale)

—> Do you mean if the existing demo categories (sales, rentals can be edited to different names? Then the answer is yes. If it’s something else please give me more details.

3) Is there full support for alternative languages including German, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Farsi

—> The theme is WPML compatible. WPML is a multilanguage plugin which is paid. Must be installed and used separately from the theme. It requires admin translates everything manually from wp-admin.

4) Can one site feed multiple child sites ?

—> I cannot answer this as we haven’t worked with the theme in multi-sites as in this example.

Thank you Anna

Hi, I would Like to purchase this theme, but I would like to know if it’s possible to customize the request form ? I need from the client to upload and send the documents with the request. is it possible ?

Hello soufianealhyar

Thank you for the interest in our theme. Can you please send me more details? What contact form you wish to work like this? Who will submit properties?

Thank you Anna

Thank you for your answer. The admin will submit the property, then when someone would like to book, he send a request for the booking, right ? Then the admin decline or accept the request. So my question is : is it possible to add an attach to this request (ID card for example)

Hello soufianealhyar

Thank you for the clarification. I understand now. I am afraid we do not have attach file to the booking form. And in WP Estate, admin would have to submit properties from front end (with a subscriber account) same as other users who can register to submit.

Thank you Anna

is the theme compatible with WP 4.6.1?

Hello Reiner

Yes, it is. Our demos are updated to 4.6.1

Thank you Anna

This theme not 100% adaptive for mobile? Why is the home page, page with property list and sidebar not full width? Device: iPhone 5s.

\\ \\

Hello mRelby

Thank you for the comment. The theme is responsive, but the design is different than what you describe (we used small thumbs from the beginning for speed performance).

Thank you Anna

Why not do as they do all the developers? To make the image/elements on the full width.

For example as:

It is so much more correct.

In another theme (wpresidence) all this is implemented much better.

Hello, I like this theme. What I really would like to see working is the synchronization of the map and the list on the same page. So, when selecting one item in the list, it would be highlighted on the map and vice versa. Is this difficult to implement? Thank you. Stas

Hello Sivanov

Thank you for the interest in this theme. I am afraid we don’t support that in WP Estate and I wouldn’t be able to confirm how to modify. Yes, it would be a difficult change. Our WP Residence theme supports this though. I have replied to your other comment with more details.

Thank you Anna

Hello everyone

Today’s update includes the following modifications.

UPDATED: Important update for the Sidebar Plugin included in the theme, according to Envato new guidelines. Update is recommended.
Update: Revolution Slider to v5.3.1.5

Thank you Anna

Hi, I’m using an old version (v2.05). I’m trying to change the order of the properties on the category pages to most recent first. But I can’t see an option for this. Thanks!

Hello bluedognz

Thank you for the comment. Please open a ticket in client support as my colleagues from technical team must review this question to advise, and they cannot answer on this forum

Thank you Anna

Hello everyone,

This is the official Holidays schedule announcement.

Our company offices will be closed from 23rd of December to 3rd of January.

We will reopen on Tuesday, January 3.

On 27, 28, 29 and 30 December we will offer limited support, only for emergencies.

Between 23-26 December and 31 December – 2 January we will be offline.

We wish you all Happy Holidays! WPEstate team

Hi, we loved your theme. We are from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and we want to nkow if you have spanish support

Hello halconrodz1

Thank you very much for the interest in our theme. We only offer support in English.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!



r0r0z Purchased


Why I can’t find shortcodes visual in the WordPress Content Editor? How to activate it?


Hello r0r0z

Thank you for the comment. Click on this icon to open the full editor and see theme shortcodes

Thank you Anna


r0r0z Purchased

OMG.. my bad… Thank you for fast response.

You are welcome :)

I am interested in purchasing this theme. It seems to look and work fine on the desktop version, however having viewed the theme on a smart phone to check responsiveness, it seems to basically stack the desktop version block over block, and does not seem to be very responsive. It has been viewed on Samsung S5 and S7 as well as Sony Experia. Is there a function in the dashboard to turn on responsive functions? The compare function is particularly interesting on the desktop version, however very confusing on the smart phone. Can anybody advise?

Does it come with SEO dashboard installed?

Many thanks

PS…Theme is great and looks amazing.

Hello Darhan

Thank you for the comment.

The theme demos are responsive and we showcase all possible options. The design was created like this for speed optimization. We will not be able to change the design. If you wish to see a different theme of ours in responsive, please check WP Residence – it is also more featured and has other options.

There is no SEO dashboard, but you can install SEO YOAST separately.

Thank you Anna

Hello Anna

I wonder if you have had time to look at my last inquiry regarding your theme.

Could you please let know if new advance search fields can be added to the existing 8 shown on your advance search custom features preview page? And also if the existing or additional fields can contain drop down pre-determined selections menus? So as to direct users to select from pre-set pricing ranges, or multi choice selections drop down menus? Please see the links below for examples of the menus: Please advise

Many thanks Darren

Hello Darren

In Wp Estate we do not support more than 8 search fields.

Dropdowns are not supported either.

We have in Wp Residence these 2.

We don’t support in either of our themes multi-check fields.

If you wish to see more on WP Residence options, I can share with you admin access to a test area to understand better what the theme can do. For this please email me at

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna

Thank you for the clarification. I have been chatting with you through WP Residence comments page. I Like the Residence theme very much. I think I will purchase the Residence version.

Thanks Darren