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Hi a pre-purchase question: Is it possible to show or hide search options based on the property type you select? For example, if I select “Land” as property type, I don’t want the search option “Number of bathrooms” to show. Many thanks


Thank you for the comment. We don’t have such options in this theme either.

Thank you

Good afternoon,

I was wondering what the main differences between WP Estate and WP Residence were? I am currently using WP Residence on a website and loving it, but curious about WP Estate for another project I have in mind.

Main things I am looking for, based on looking at the WP Estate demo:

1. Do the custom fields work the same between themes? For example: Is there an ability to create custom fields for the Advanced Search? And then display these in the property details for each property? (For example: “Pet Friendly – Yes/No options”, “Smoking – Yes/No options”, etc.)

2. Can you set custom sidebars per page or property?

3. Is there a header option for a centered logo? Top bar, under that centered logo, and then navigation underneath.

4. For the “Properties List – Sidebar Right” with Google Maps header, is it possible to change the “price bubbles” for each property to a custom icon? I believe this was possible in WP Residence so they were houses, apartments, etc. depending on the type of property.

Thank you.

1. Can you clarify what you mean by “search types” are different?

4. In the demo for WP Estate (, the Google Maps header widget shows price pins for each property. I would like to replace with more similar to WP Residence (house icons, apartments, etc).

I emailed for the admin access. Thank you very much.

From your demo, it looks like the “search types” refer to the header search forms. Can you confirm?

This is really all I’m concerned about. I’d like the custom fields to operate in the sidebar search similarly to WP Residence:

Hi CreativeCurve,

Understood. I emailed you.

Thank you

Hello, I want to purchase a theme and, hand in hand, have it customized. And I’m totally ok if you want to add the features I request to the theme so that all your users benefit from them.
As I need to fully understand the customization scope, viability, cost and delivery time before purchasing the theme and request the customization, how can I reach you privately to send you the outline (a PDF, sort of mockup to explain me more clearly since I’m neither a developer nor a native English speaker) and be in contact for any information exchange needed?

Hello amkt

Thank you for the comment. I am afraid we are not able to offer custom development support. Truly sorry.

Thank you

Hi! First of all thank you for taking the time to answer and sorry for the delay. We like the theme and decided to instead of try to make it meet our needs, take advantage of what it already offers. So, we’ll very much appreciate if you could be so kind to help us with these questions since we couldn’t figure out browsing the demo.

Will any developer be able customize the theme? We want to make sure the core structure is not so fixed that only someone with prior knowledge about it can modify it and/or that changes will be hard to maintain with future updates.

We’re going to install an Ad Manager plugin to display or hide ads based on URL parameters (different headers in different categories and subcategories).
a) Theme comes with classic search option (URLs changing with page reload at search) or only Ajax? Because with Ajax we won’t be able to place the ads since the URL won’t change (that’s what we understood).
b) Theme displays user and search engine friendly URLs? AKA pretty permalinks (/listings/keyword/city) versus ugly permalinks (/listings/ct_keyword&ct_city)
c) Theme displays URL query strings always in same order or the order changes according to filtering sequence? What we mean is: If user chooses category first and search, and then chooses location the URL would be /category/location. If he chooses location first and search, and then chooses category, the URL will still be /category/location instead of now being /location/category?

1) Is it possible to let the user choose more than one category and/or subcategory for his listing?
2) Emails sent through listings contact forms will go to the corresponding listing owners or to the website owner?
3) Email alerts are received when listings are created or deleted?
4) Not wanting to have to approve every listing created, can we set them to be published right away when submitted?
5) If so, we’ll still receive email alerts upon listings creation and deleting, or we will lose them for that?
6) How customizable is the search box? At first we want to let visitors filter by Category and Location only, and later as the listings grow have more filtering options.
7) We believe child theme is included, but could you please confirm?
8- WP Bakery plugin is bundled as part of the theme or is just mentioned as being compatible?
9) Theme lets add own dependencies (like Country – State)? If so child options aren’t displayed until visitor first chooses one option of the parent field or always displayed?

PS We like both Residence and WP Estate themes so I’ll post questions on both pages to tie-break and choose based on features.

Hello Pre-purchase question : is it support with new version of wordpress 4.9.5?

Hello soklay

Thank you for the comment. Yes, there is support for 4.9.5

Thank you

Hi there,

I bought the WP-estate theme some time back and have not used it. Now that I am ready, am I still able to download 4.0 to install on my wordpress. Is there a load demo function so that I am load it as a demo in my website and develop and edit from there?

Kindly advise


Hello James

Thank you for the message. Yes, you download the theme from your same buyer account – and it’s latest 4.0 version.

Thank you

Hello great theme. I want to ask you before i buy it. I want to have only land estates. It is possible? I can change the search form with land estate feautures? Thanks in advance!

Hello cboursinos

Thank you for the interest in our theme.

In theory, you can change the search form. But I don’t know what you need to change to be 100% sure it’s what you need.

Please email me at for a test account and please tell me what you need changed.

Thank you


Valli Purchased

Hi, would you please consider adding the option of allowing people who want to rent, to register and post rental requests, as there is a big demand for that where I am.

Hello Valli

Thank you for the comment.

I am afraid we don’t have a booking management in Estate. We have a different theme (with different features) for booking accommodation. Please see here more details –

Thank you,


I have a problem for login to demo site

When I login to demo site, I can’t login.Please, can you provide me the username and password.I want to check the functions that i need to buy.Thank You….

Hello lwin_ko

Thank you for the message. Please try demo / 1234 on

If you need a different demo please let me know which and will help asap.

Thank you

Thank for your reply.I need a different demo to get access to wp-admin to check to customize submit property form and search form.Please reply, if you can or can’t provide.Thank You….

Hello lwin_ko

For wp-admin please email me in private at

Thank you


toshyte Purchased

Hello, I wish to have all fonts on the site changed to Verdana, but the Verdana font isn’t listed in font list. How can I add verdana to the list, so I can use it for H1 – H6, paragraph and menu?

Hello toshyte

Thank you for the message. I think you can use this plugin

If you need further help please send us a message through client support

Thank you


toshyte Purchased

Thanks! I have couple more questions!

Hi Anna, Just wanted to know why the ‘Property Status’ i.e. sold, under offer etc only shows on the listings page, not the actual property itself. Is this for a reason or just missed off as it seems more logical to have the option to put it on the property page as well. Would this be an option to include in the next update or is there a bit of code to add so we can add it.

Thanks J

Hi J

Understood. Will add to wishlist. My colleagues may be able to help to this, I am not sure. Please open a ticket in client support to get their feedback.

Thank you


jonnypron Purchased

Hi Anna, will do, but my support lapsed a while ago… am just looking at themes again for a new client, but wanted to check since updating the old one to the latest version.

Before I consider getting another license for the new client, could you tell me why no themes seem to have a geocoded google search (not sure if this is correct terminology) option i.e. for a user to type in an address / postcode and get results from this? It seems quite common to get location based searches on estate agent site nowadays but maybe not on Wordpress ones. If it’s possible surely it would make the theme vastly superior to others as I can’t find one that has it.

Still love your theme, just wish we could have this option.


Hello Jonny

Thank you for the follow up.

We have the radius search in residence

You can test here

Thank you


fatosi Purchased

I downloaded the latest version and I am receiving the following error when trying to activate it:

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/blablabla/ on line 57

How do I fix this

Hello fatosi

Thank you for the message.

Please open a ticket in support system: and provide the admin and FTP access credentials to check the issue on your site.

Thank you

Hello Fatosi

Please make sure you update the PHP first – you seem to not have the minimum required – 5.6 –

This is done by hosting in 2 minutes.

Then the error should be gone.

Thank you

hello , i am very interested in this product. However it is very important that there is more than one language. i saw that there is Date field calendar language control but i dont understand what that is exactly. So before buying this item i would like to know more about the language capability

Hello ramo7137

Thank you for the comment

If you wish to create a field for date – you can use the date calendar field – and the field in demo is this –

About languages, the theme comes by default in 1 language. You can change that from English to another language using .po files (create a translation of the default english po) and use that.

If you need 2 or more languages at the same time, only a multi-language plugin can do that.

The only way to create a multilanguage site is to use a multilanguage plugin. Since the theme supports several features (advance search, custom fields support) we could only find WPML plugin to be able to translate all these.

So based on the assistance of WPML plugin developers, we made the theme WPML compatible (we integrated special code from them to make certain elements translate: custom fields in particular). Please keep in mind that WPML is a multilanguage plugin which is paid. Must be installed and used separately from the theme. It requires admin translates everything manually from wp-admin.

Also, the support for the plugin is normally done by WPML as the support code is based on their documentation and instructions. They tested the theme before confirming it is WPML ready. If there are settings we know of how to translate, we help without issues. But if there are problems, these have to be fwd-ed to WPML plugin support.

Thank you


An advice … I have to create a real estate agency site but importing a data base with an existing registry and specific property details. Is it possible to import it and adapt it to your request?

Is there a plugin that can have this function?

Thanks – Fabio

Hello Fabio

It’s a sensitive change.

Theoretically – you can export a database with wp all export plugin and import with wp all import plugin (you may need the pro version). If the other platform is also wordpress, this can work as long as the other platform has the same fields.

In practice, if the other platform doesn’t have fields in the theme, you may need to code them to exist and then try the import. There could be other things that need to be solved via coding.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


mikio1 Purchased

Wp Estate 4.0 support RTL?

Hello mikio1

We didn’t get the chance to work on the full rtl version. Sorry. If you are working on a rtl version and you need help, my colleagues will check and offer directions in client support

Thank you


fitnes Purchased


I have migrated my website to new server and now advanced search result returns no properties. It says there are no properties, although all properties exist in database and shows in admin. Could you please check and do a search, and let me know if you know what might be causing it…?



Thank you for the comment.

I cannot access your site to check above:

Make sure Permalinks are set to Post Name:

Also save permalinks for custom post types:

Please open a ticket on our private support system and we will check further Please confirm the ticket ID here to check this asap.

Thank you,



fitnes Purchased

Hi again, sorry is the correct url, testing it on new server before it goes live. I will check permalinks


Thank you for the follow up. We still need to see the url and wp-admin settings to be able to advise.

Thank you


fatosi Purchased

Hi Anna, I searched through comments section but couldn’t find an answer related to my questions and I need your quick help. How do I remove Area and County? I know Area and County can be left blank but I want them removed altogether. Where I come from these things aren’t needed.

Pre-sale question: Can a short description show on the AGENT LIST below the contact info? Is there an option for that? I also wanted a full row to show on the Agent list instead of 2 or 3 columns. Let me know if this is possible.