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Hi Anna, Awesome theme with great features! Have a question about recent items, in your help doc, it specifies that the items can be shown by category/action/city/area.

“category_ids=”5” action_ids=”2” city_ids=”131”“

However, I haven’t figured out where to find the city/area/category id(s), as the name/slug of these are words like “new york” but not numbers.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for the nicest comment :)

The IDs are those given by wordpress to each category/post when it’s published. Install a plugin called HH COLUMNS and you then see easily all IDs in lists – first column. There is another way, but that’s more time consuming (you can take the ID from EDIT URL in wp-admin).

If you need more help, let me know.

Thank you Anna


Do submission’s expire?

If not this would be an awesome feature if users don’t renew every month or so.

Hi Wgmor,

Submissions expire when user has purchased a package and membership is not renewed on due date. So it works only with membership enabled, and a package purchased. Is this what you need too?

Thanks Anna

Yes, and what about the free submissions? Any plans in the future of this?

Ah, I see. That’s a great idea. I added it on the wishlist (which is a long list). But it’s definitely something we will consider for the future.

Thank you! Anna

Amazing template! Thank you so much!

How can I move the logo to the left? Does this template support RTL?

Hello and thank you very much for such a lovely comment :)

For the Logo, use this CSS and paste it as it is in Design – Custom CSS.

@media (min-width: 960px){ #access { float: right; } .logo { float: left; } } I have a RTL child theme CSS I started work on. I can send it to you and if there’s anything missing, I can help update it. You can email me for that at

Thank you! Anna

Thank you so much. Great support as well!

:) Thank you very much. You’re very very kind :)

hi Anna, great theme, very well done… i have a question about IDX feed. Is it possible to accept IDX from anyone or this is only from ?

I found some others that suits me better considering areas they have included in their feed. ...from So, can i use their feed or any other?....., wanna be sure before we acquire any :)


Hi Tinblackline,

Thank you very much for the nice comment.

dsIDXpress is just an option. I’ve tested Displet and Optima Express. Some clients use other Canadian IDS and the feed was displayed just fine.

So you can give it a try. If it’s too much money, you can also ask them for a demo account. I’m sure they have some.

But, there will be limitation - no theme feature will apply for IDX properties. Those are managed from the plugin settings only.

If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Thank you Anna


I’m very interesting about your awesome theme ! A very beautiful estate management integration…

It is mandatory in my country to propose an energy audit for the announcement.

There are plugin which allows to generate a report.

Is it possible to integrate this function in the form of front end? You can see the plugin here:

And what are the next steps planned with your theme ?

Thanks a lot for your precious time !

Hi BluezMedia,

Thank you very much for the kind comments. The plugin you showed me, may not be required. I’m not even sure it can be added in front end submission – since the plugin obviously works as a shortcode in wp-admin.

We have custom fields and, as far as my experience with Energetic Certificate goes, you just need people to fill some data which can be created with Custom Property Fields.

I can show you on a test domain what you would need. I know you need to give an input field for the Classes (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and you need a value input field as well. This can be done with what we have now.

Send me an email to and I’ll create the fields in a demo URL for you. I just need you to confirm what fields you need, as my experience with Real Estate energetic certificate is very little :)

About our future plans, we have a lot planned ahead. Right now we’re working on a booking plugin, for WPESTATE. It’s a big project, many hours invested, and we still have work on it. But it’s coming along really nice and we look forward to releasing it. After that, we have a long list of items we want to add as well.We share future wishlist as we work on things :)

Talk soon Anna

Hey Anna,

just read in the previous post that your team is working on boooking integration.

That’s simply great.

A suggestion for this.

Houses are often rented on a per week basis . This would be a great feature to integrate (apart the classical per day booking).

And again (sorry if i bother you) don’t forget Size and number of rooms and bathrooms under thumbnails on homepage.

Once you will do that i’ll be glad to buy your theme.

Thank you.

Hi Animone,

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll keep in mind your ideas :)

Take care and stay in touch.


Hello Anna,

I have a couple questions if you don’t mind!?:)

1.The question is about database management and CRM platform for your template. Is there anything what you would suggest us to use in terms if we have huge properties listings database and want to have great search/import/export functionality from our admin panel?

2. I would need to implement trigger e-mail system according my existing database – Is that something that you can help or have in future plans?

3. Regarding upcoming theme updates – Is this theme comes with child theme as well or do we need to set that up by our self? (I know other themes comes with that and in order to set this up you need just to press couple buttons)

Thank you and kind regards, Jungle

Hi Jungle,

Thank you very much for the comment. Please see my reply below:

1.The question is about database management and CRM platform for your template. Is there anything what you would suggest us to use in terms if we have huge properties listings database and want to have great search/import/export functionality from our admin panel?

-> What exists so far is the possibility to import with WP ALL IMPORT. Some clients tested and it works. I don’t know if this plugin also has export – you can read more here So, if they do offer what you need, that could be covered.

-> Assuming your hosting is very good, the theme itself works smooth if there are only a few hundred properties at one time on the map (~500) So if you plan to have more than 500 properties, we recommend to limit the pins number on the map to 500 at one time.

—> You may have noticed that in the theme, in taxonomy pages – , advanced search, agent page we filter properties in the map according to the properties found in results. This limitation doesn’t mean you have the same 500 properties all the time.

2. I would need to implement trigger e-mail system according my existing database – Is that something that you can help or have in future plans?

> Trigger means users save search and the theme sends notifications to users based on search criteria when a new property is added and meets that criteria? If that’s the case, it’s something we want to add as well, but I don’t have a timeline yet. We can talk about this or any other idea that needs custom development by email. My address is

3. Regarding upcoming theme updates – Is this theme comes with child theme as well or do we need to set that up by our self? (I know other themes comes with that and in order to set this up you need just to press couple buttons)

> You have in the theme pack a folder called wpestate_child. That folder needs to be copy/paste via FTP in wp-content/themes. You can then go in wp-admin/appearance/themes -activate the child theme and it works.

Child theme only has style.css file (minimum required). You can add more complex changes. However, you do need to know how to work with WordPress child themes.

Hope my answer is helpful.

Thank you Anna

I am really torn between two real estate themes so my question is…. Does this theme include the boxed layout look? thx

Hi Bernard,

We only have the full layout with this design. In the future we will expand the options, but at this moment we don’t have the boxed layout.

We offer, however, background color control (sidebar, boxed elements, header, content background). With these controls you can create really nice contrasts.

Tahnk you, Anna

Oh and does this have a way to create a paralax or like banner across the page?

No, we don’t have this option in the current design. I know this is the trend so we will consider expanding, but I can’t promise anything. No matter what you decide, I wish that your project turns out brilliant :)

Talk soon, Anna

I think I’m sold!

I have been looking through just about every real estate theme on themeforest, reading the comments, and really struggling with my decision as to which theme would be best for our new site.

In reading the comments, some developers are just plain impolite and seem not to know the value of good customer service. Reading yours has shown me that not only are you prompt with answering questions, you are also NICE! Let this be a lesson to other authors out there: Customer service and tone can really make or break you.

Anna, consider me sold!

Thank you!

Hi Eastword, You just made my day so much better :) Thank you so much for the kind feedback. I’m really touched by your words.

If there’s anything I can help before you make a decision about the theme, please write.

Thank you, Anna

Nice job with the theme, ;)

Hi DJMiMi,

Thank you very much :) It’s very nice of you to drop us a comment.

Thanks, Anna

Hi anna, Awesome theme! I would like to know if you will include AGENCY option in your next update?

Hi Quincypabotoy,

Thank you very much for the question. We can’t do the Agency user level that soon (in the next update) as we have other items we’re working on right now and we want to finish those first before we move to the next large development, as this one would be.

It’s something we’re aware must be in a real estate theme, as an option, and we will review this idea in the future.

Thank you Anna

Hello Annapx. I have a pre-purchase question …. seems in the demo, scrolling/dragging the map on touch screen devices has an issue.

1. Is there the option to lock/unlock the map so you can decide if you would like to interact with the map scroll the entire page instead?

2. Can files be attached when contacting/sending a message to the property agent?

Thanks for the response

Hi Jamigra,

Thank you very much for the comment. You’re very kind.

About your questions.

About item 1 – I just tested on my mobile. The map starts moving when you tap on the map. And stops moving when you tap on the map. We activated this click action so that people can zoom in/move the map on the mobile devices as well. The tap disables the action on map and gives user the possibility to scroll down the page. Please let me know if you have a different behavior, and if you do, please let me know what mobile/browser you’re using.

For item 2 – we don’t have upload files option in the agent contact form. The form has the options we show on the demo only

It can be done as custom development. We can talk about this by email, if interested. My email is

Thank you Anna

Ah, ook. Now I understand the tap action. Yes, we will also talk via email about some custom development

Thanks, Jason

Hi Jason,

Great :) Talk soon.


can the maps be removed and replaced with sliding photos instead?

Hi Ana It is a pleasure to greet you. I am writing this email because you recently bought the template “WP Estate – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme” from “ThemeForest” because I need you to send me please a translation template in “Spanish” because I do not speak English and the site I want exclusively in Spanish.

I also just send an email to

I hope your help. thanks



Hi Christian,

I just replied via email. I’m currently traveling during this short Easter holiday and I don’t have access to the computer where I saved the spanish poedit. I’ll try to get it tomorrow for you and hopefully I can email it to you sooner than when I get back.

Will write you tomorrow as soon as I have more news.

Thank you Anna

Hi there again I sent you an email at with a question thanks so much.

Hi Bernard,

Thank you for the email. I assume the question from you is about the full width banner. We’re currently on a short Easter Holiday and I can’t talk to the team and ask an estimation until Tuesday. I’ll email you as soon as I have the reply.

Thank you Anna

i’ve purchased this product and 2 hours later I’m still at loss. You guys really need to improve your documentation, it frustrates me a lot that I still cannot get my site to work. I have downloaded several themes from this site but this new one just got me thinking if I should ask a refund.

I see broken images that I have to go to and manually download icons myself and rename them so the link will work. Where can I find the duplexesiconhover.png button>?

After importing demo, my menu got messed up all over the homepage.

Any many others.….

Hi Sdelena,

I am really sorry about your troubles with the demo content.

FRom what you describe, it seems to me that the hosting you have may limit the demo content import, full. This demo is pretty large.

Condos, Villas and Duplexes – are three categories added manually in the demo, so the icons/pins must be uploaded from Theme Options – Pin Management and Icon Management. The icons/pins are in the demo_content folder.

I will help you have this set up so you don’t have to spend extra time. And you can send me all your other questions as well.

Please email me your domain link and wp-admin credentials at It’s 8 PM here, so in case I don’t receive your email in the next half hour, I’ll help you finish this tomorrow AM.

Again, really sorry. I’ll review the HELP and make the demo content import steps more clear.

Thank you, Anna

I found the email with credentials. I’m looking asap.

Hello, i am interested on your theme.

ANy news about WPML translate function?

Hello Evangeliag,

WPML team told me they would contact me when the test is ready. That was more than a week ago. Still haven’t’ header from them about the results. I will follow up after Easter and post here what news I have.

Thank you, Anna

Thanks for your response.

Please update an answer to my question when you are ready so i will be informed.

Hello! Please send me an email in a week and I’ll let you know what news I have. My email is

Thank you Anna

Hello everyone,

We’re on a short Easter holiday from today until Monday. We’re back in the office on Tuesday. During this time we’ll be online for short periods of times and I’ll answer the most urgent emails. All other inquiries will be answered on Tuesday.

Thank and wish you all Happy Holidays.


Hi! When the screen size is more than 1680px we have this error at home page:

The height is so big, in your page of demo this not happens. Do you know why?

Thank you


Thank you very much for the comment.

I’ve been looking at the demo. That may be related to the scenario when small map is chosen on homepage? It’s the only setting related to map that we don’t have on demo, but exists in the theme as option.

Please contact me at with the buyer license details. We will look into this and help you fix this asap. We’re currently traveling, that’s why I’ll probably be able to help after Easter Holiday.

Thank you, Anna