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Hello Anna, The listings are displayed in grid format. Is there a way to display them in row format?


Hi CenturyPixel,

Thank you for the comment.

We don’t have the list format in the theme right now. We’re aware we should add this, but we don’t have it now.

Some clients managed to do this from CSS themselves. In user dashboard we already added the CSS in list format for My properties list post (if it helps).

Hope it helps :)

Thank you, Anna

Thank you for your response. It would be good to add this soon as most of real estate companies look for that layout. I have talked to at least 6 and 5 of them liked the row view and one of them didn’t really didn’t care.

Just wanted to share. Thanks again.


It’s noted :) Thank you for giving us feedback from the “field”. That’s very important.

Talk soon, Anna

hi, I have the the translation of chinese.But I can’t search the city and filter the type.

Hi Anyunfeifei,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

We tested search with Chinese Categories/Slugs successfully around v 2.03.

So, I’d like to verify the following:

- you created the slugs correctly. Please see this help

- you don’t have any plugin for Chinese slugs that can interfere with the theme (if you don,you have to disable that and create the categories again using the above help.

If you give me wp-admin username and password I can check this for you. You can email me at

Thank you, Anna

I have dealt with this problem?the city name and the slug must type the same


To confirm, you solved search?

You are correct, city name – and slug must be the same. The same rule applies for all the other categories.

Please let me know if I can help.

Thank you, Anna

Hi anna sticky header is not working. will you please tell me custom css code for sticky header

Hi Ravindra,

Thank you very much for the comment. Sticky Header is in v 2.04 (latest on Theme Forest) If you have that version, it shows automatically. If you have an older version, you have to download the latest theme pack from you buyer user account -> Donwloads and upgrade the theme.

Thank you, Anna

Hey Anna,

I’m just playing around with my headings (e.g. Home, About, Landlords, Contact, etc.) via the wordpress menu settings. I noticed the header won’t completely collapse when scrolling down if there’s too many characters in the headings or too many headings in the header and this kind of ruins the whole flair of the collapsible header as a result.

I was wondering if the feature was going to amended in the future to automatically shrink down the text or fix the issue it currently has regarding going over the character threshold or otherwise permit clients to have more headings without compromising the header.

The reason I ask is on behalf of a client who has expressed an interest to have so many headings that automatically go over the current header threshold but who isn’t willing to compromise in this regard. As i’m still learning, all I can really think to do is to figure out how to change the text size of headings so I don’t get the problem I mentioned before. I don’t know what needs to be changed to achieve this and I’m hoping to get some advice about how I would do this.

My client also asked if there was a way to remove the social media section of the header and have the headings optimize and make use of that space as a result.

Cheers, Tony

Hi Tony,

Thank you very much for the comment and for purchasing the theme. Your client’s wishes can be done from CSS. I need to see the header to recommend some CSS tweaks that will work.

Send me a link to and I’ll send you my notes during today’s working hours.

Thank you Anna

Hey Anna,

Just to let you know I’ve gone through the CSS myself and applied the changes for the client. Thanks for the help.

Cheers, Tony

Hi Tony,

Thank you for the comment. If I can help in any way, please email me.

Thank you Anna

Hi, where can i set sale and rent map? thank you

Another question please (sorry for my english): Can i set these shortcodes show random entries?

type="properties" number="3" rows="1" link=""]/recent_items

thank you very much!

Hi Javier,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

About question 1: Hi, where can i set sale and rent map?

—> That link is a taxonomy page, created by WordPress based on the taxonomy.php template that exists in the theme. —> The only control for the map is in Theme Options – Google Maps Settings – Default Zoom (and you can choose from 1 to 20).

What other controls do you want to have?

About question 2 – Can i set these shortcodes show random entries?

—> This option is not in the default filter system, but we’ve posted here some directions for our clients who have managed to do this in the code based on our directions

Hope it helps. If you need further assistance,you can also write to me at

Thank you, Anna


I will like to know:

1. if it’s possible or planning to add range filter by km to the geolocation.

2. get directions to the property from the user location by train/buss/car etc – normally used via google maps api – within the listing area or sidebar as widget.

3. modify the advanced search filters – add or remove the default ones, such as rent/sell ones.

True is I’m actually interested to use the theme for business directory rather just properties, so I don’t have a problem to modify it a bit, however I’m not sure what will be the level of difficulty for this task.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

Cheers A

Hi A,

Thank you very much for the comment and your interest in WPESTATE theme.

About your questions,

For 1, I’d like to see how this filter works to advise further.

For 2, we looked into this for a client and it’s not easy. It’s actually a very difficult thing to do. This requires expert JS development.

For 3, we have custom advanced search. Works with specific field types (text, number, date). The values and labels for the dropdowns – Action, Category, City, Area can be edited.

Hope it helps :)

Talk soon, Anna

Hi Anna,

I want to create a property list page showing only rental (rental filter unchecked) and a property list page showing only sales.

How can I do, as when I use the template “Property list”, all the filters are checked and I do not know where to change this default setting.

Thanks Moez

Hi Moez,

Please see my answers below:

CLIENT: By the way, can we use same method to filter by category and action?

-> This method exists only for 1 category at a time, for 1 action at a time, or for all properties. For 1 category you can use the same help.

CLIENT: Other question: I do not want to display the “Advanced Search” windows (the one who appears above the picture of the slider). How can I disable it?

> Please go to Theme Options – Google Maps Settings – Display Advanced Search over Image/Slider – select NO and save.

Please let me know if you need more help.

Thank you, Anna

Hi Anna. Thanks it work.

You’re welcome :)

Anna – I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find how to insert the Captcha into the contact form boxes. I see mention of it being in the background but don’t understand. Is there something working in the background?

If not in the background, could you direct me to the correct tutorial? Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the message and I apologize you lost time on this.

There is already a captcha hidden inside the contact forms we built for contact page and agent contact form (it’s the Wordpress standard and we used it from the beginning).

Initially we had a 2nd captcha and we decided to remove it as it was redundant, useless and only frustrated clients.

We’ve never experienced any issues with the contact forms we built. I personally never got 1 SPAM email from these contact forms, and they’ve been live for 1 year now.

You don’t need to activate anything else.

If you need more help, please let me know.

Thank you, Anna

No, I wasn’t complaining. I just like to find the answer on my own if possible. Thanks for your help. Great Theme.

:) Thank you for the follow up!

I’m happy to hear you like the theme :) If you have any question and you don’t find the answer quickly, please email me.

Talk soon Anna

I have 2 pre-sales question – 1 – Does this theme have feature of submitting property listing by anyone who register on site? If yes then from admin dashboard or from front end?

2. Do i have to buy any other plugin after purchasing theme to make it exactly like demo site? I mean to say that all functionality like property submission, listing, advance search, etc are inbuilt functions or i have to buy any plugin?

Hi Shekhar,

Please see my reply below:

Does this mean no need to buy dsIDXpress Premium account?

—> You don’t need to buy anything from dsIDXpress. The plugin is just for clients who don’t want to use WPESTATE features and property management system.

If you plan to add properties in wp-admin, WPESTATE theme is all you need.

Hope it helps :)

Thank you, Anna

Thanks for replying so fast. My plan is to add properties and let users add their listings by registering to site and other users could search the site for available properties. And i think this theme has all these features

Yes, it does have all that. You don’t need dsIDXpress in any way :)

If I can answer any other question, ask away :)

Thank you Anna


We have purchase the following theme

We have all dump data but we have to required Revolution Slider xml for importing inner page Revolution Slider content so please these data ASAP.

Many Thanks

Hi Manish,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

Please email me at and I’ll send you all xml for Rev Slider from demo.

Some sliders were added after we exported demo. In next release I will give all the xml in the theme pack as well.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna, I have a small problem that I most likely created myself, but can’t figure out what I did. I have an Advanced Search on my home page, sitting on top of a Rev Slider. It’s got Rental, Sales, Sold, Condominium & Villa with check boxes.

My problem is that it has two Sold, two Condominium, and two Villa. Where do I go to delete one from each of those check boxes? I can email you a screen shot if that helps. Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the comment.

So solve the double name problem, you must add the icons for your new categories and actions.

Go in Theme Options – Icon management and add icons for your new categories and actions. You must do the same for pins. Please see this help

The demo icons and pins are in the themepack downloaded from theme forest. If you’d like me to resend it, please email me at

Thank you! Anna

Hi Anna,

The user-login.png file in the tiny_icons folder seems to be invalid.

It has 0 byte size

Hi Chiamtj,

Thank you very much for the comment. We noticed that happened. It’s a small fix for the next version, which will be sent for approval in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you again for the feedback :) If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.


how to disable neighborhood ? cause it making a lot of conflict …. check my site penang,propertyagent,my/ choose -> BayanLepas -> all area (only option) = NO LISTING.

how this happen ? cause i don’t plan to add any neighborhood ….

Hi Sonny,

Thank you for the comment.

Area/Neighborhood is a taxonomy for properties. You add areas from admin-properties-areas (please see this URL For each Area you can select a parent City.

In front end, when you select a city, the area opens automatically and shows only areas attached to that city.

These 2 dropdowns are integrated in the AJAX filters and can be removed from php only. I will send you my email a screenshot that may help you do this change, if you wish to remove the areas from php in those filters.

Thank you! Anna

i know how it work but is not working perfectly … 1. I create listing with City Bayan Lepas and leave area empty (but we can’t cause of taxonomy structure), than i create one called all. but on front page when i choose bayan lepas, area (all) drop down ain’t work (this is conflict).

that why i need it to remove cause i believe all this will create bigger mass when db increase ….. btw i don’t received anything yet. thanks

Hi Sonny,

I just replied by email with all the details I could offer. Thank you, Anna

Hi Anna, First off, Thank You for the recommendation of the Yoast SEO plug-in. A great addition to your theme! I love it.

I have a lot of properties that are in gated communities and have a lot of the same features, amenities, photos, etc. Is there a way to “copy” one of my existing property entries and then modify it? Kind of like “Copy & Save As”. Thanks for your help, Robert

Hi Robert,

I understand now.

In WordPress 1 image can only be attached to one post. There is no workaround for that.

So you need to duplicate images and posts at the same time. I tried to look for a plugin that does what you need, but I didn’t find anything. All I can do is recommend to search for a plugin that duplicates images and posts here

If I find anything, I’ll let you know. If you find something first, please share it here. I’m sure other clients would like to have this as well.

Thank you, Anna

I’m looking but nothing yet. How big of a job would it be to make it allow for using “attached” images multiple times? Thanks, Robert

Hi Robert,

Can you please email me in private about this? I will forward the request to development team, they will reply with the hours required and I’ll send you an offer. But custom requests are solved only by email.

Thank you! Anna

We received a wonderful comment from one of our buyers. He asked us to share it somewhere, so here it is. THANK YOU, Mrs. Flanagan!

mrsflanagan on WP Estate – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Other Extra comments from the buyer:

“What is the main reason for your rating?” I have put Other because my answer was every single one of the reasons and I couldn’t pick just one! This theme is absolutely outstanding. I am not a professional web developer and everything I know is self-taught stuff I have picked up over the years. I know HTML & CSS fairly well now, but PHP goes straight over my head. Despite this I am able to adapt this theme including bits of PHP for an entirely different purpose – car leasing deals, thanks to the well written, organised code & documentation. I originally bought a car dealership theme thinking it would be simpler, but it pales in comparison to this theme and it has actually been a joy to put the time in adapting it. The quality and flexibility is first class. So far I have not even had to ask for support, though judging by the forum and comments on ThemeForest, I can see you provide helpful and comprehensive replies. I have bought many themes on ThemeForest and this one is by far the best I have ever come across. I always think you need a good theme AND good support, one without the other doesn’t cut it but you have exceeded my expectations on both counts! :) Is there somewhere I can post this so it will show up for your potential buyers?

Hi! This is most beatiful I see! Thanks! I need to help in one function! I can’t compare two houses. When I click to go, back to some page! Why?


Hi Frederico,

Thank you for the beautiful comment :)

About your question, please check the following:

—In Admin – Pages by default you receive a page with title Compare Pages —If you deleted that, you must create it again. This screenshot will help you

If you still have troubles, please send me admin username and password at and I’ll help you set-up the compare page again.

Thank you! Anna

Thanks for answer so quick! Compare-prop.php is not upload in my server! I upload again and works! Thanks

Hi Frederico,

You’re welcome :) I’m happy I was able to help.

Talk soon, Anna


why in the property details doesn’t show the correct price when i insert million price (ex: when i insert 1000000000 or other million number the price text preview always shows 2,147,483,647)

what/where the file do i need to fix that ? thank you

sorry for my mistake again,

yes in need more than 2 thousand million as a price maybe max price 50 thousand million

thank you 3x

Hi Dadangh,

:) I see now. Please give me some time to consult with my partners. I don’t know if this limit can be raised by you, or we have to do this in the next release mandatory. I will reply later today with an update.

Thank you! Anna

Hi Dadangh,

I checked with the team. The limitation is not from the theme, but from the server operating system.

Please see this URL:

If you’re server is on a 32 bit system, the PHP max int val is 2147483647

The maximum signed integer value for 64 bit systems is 9223372036854775807. So you need a 64 bit system for sure. And this is a hosting related thing which you can discuss with your hosting.

Hope it helps :)

Thank you!


Hi Anna

Have had a good play and have the following questions:

  • When using action_ids to show recent property items, is it possible to exclude categories rather than specifying which ones to include? (much easier when there are lots of id’s and much easier to manage when adding new ones)
  • It appears that Featured properties take precedence over any other property irrespecitive of what categories or actions is specified. Is it possible to ‘disable’ this feature? Can you point me to query code to update.

The reason for this is that I have two recent property lists on a page, with one property list specifically for ‘Featured’ properties and the second list showing the “Latest” properties. Problem is that since featured properties take precedence, both lists are showing the same properties.


Hi Anna

When using the property_action_category to show all listings and combined with having the sidebar off and listing 4 properties per line, the spacing get messed up and the properties bunch together.


The listing on other pages using shortcodes is fine and it looks likes it to do with the container. Changing the listing_ajax_container to article_container fixes it for me, but is this ideal as I am not sure of the impact elsewhere.

Can you verify if this is an existing problem and not one I have introduced, as there is not an example page of this scenario on your demo site for me to check.

Thanks M

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the screenshot. That is a known behavior. We have a fix already which will be available in the next release. The fix is in style.css I can send the updated style.css by email today. Please email me at and I’ll send it to you.

Thank you Anna

Thanks Anna. Email on it way.

Cheers M.

Hi Anna,

First I would like to say amazing theme! Very well thought out and developed. :)

I have a few custom integration questions for you but don’t want to take up the whole comments forum for this. Can I message you privately?


Hi Jred,

Thank you very much for the comment. I’m really happy you like the theme :)

Of course you can email me in privately. My email is

Talk soon! Anna

Hi Anna – first of all reading thru all of the comments – you are amazing ! :) And second – I have a tiny little question: we are selling land and need to include polygons / shapes of these lands in google maps. How something like this would be possible with WP Estate theme?

Thank you in advance!

Something like this, but with 4 and up to 10 coordinates. I’ll msg you in email too. Thanks !

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the email. I got it yesterday.I need some time to research and send you a reply/offer. Will email you as soon as I have some news.

Thank you, Anna

Thanks Anna!