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Hi Anna,

About screen size, the screen size rule at width around 940px. How can i expand to full width screen.

Thanks Anna :)

Thank you :)

You’re very welcome :)

Hey :) Nice to hear from you. Go to single-estate_property.php and add // in front of

print '<li><span class="title_feature_listing">'.__('Listing Id','wpestate').': </span> LST-'.$post->ID.'</li>';


// print '<li><span class="title_feature_listing">'.__('Listing Id','wpestate').': </span> LST-'.$post->ID.'</li>';

Thanks, Anna

Hello everyone,

This is an update on v 2.05 status

We have decided (last minute) to add different header style in v 2.05 update and because of that we’re delaying the update with 1-2 days tops.

Thank you! Anna

That’s great. Do you have a demo ready? I am looking forward to see what you have in store .

Hello! V 2.05 is now live :) It’s ready for download as well.

Thank you! Anna

Cool. Thx Anna ????

You’re welcome :)

Hi Anna

I’m Suesh from India.. i’m planing to start a Real Estate website.. i’ve seen your Theme and its awesome and which met all my requirements and added more features as well.. But problem is i dont know Wordpress at all.. is there an setup Guide for me… please respond ASAP.. this weekend i’ve to show it one of client so that he will invest on this business..

Thanks & Regards Suresh

Hi Suresh,

Thank you very much for your interest in our theme. I am happy you like it.

At this moment we offer demo content and a very detailed manual for each feature –

Video Tutorials will be added as well, but these require extra time.

And of course, I am available to answer any feature related question.

Thank you and good luck at the meeting :)


Hi Anna, Thanks for your prompt response… so is that URL contains details for on this theme.. right.. i will go through and come to you if i’ve any doubts.. pls be there.. i’m new to wordpress.. no idea at all..

Hi Suresh,

The link has details about the theme.

If you have questions, please ask.

Thank you anna

Hi Anna, Just a quick question. Can we change the currencies to other, eg: USD to GBP

Hi snidhesh,

Thank you for the comment.

Yes, you can change currency. You can type the currency in theme options and it applies globally.

Thank you, Anna

Hello everyone,

Version 2.05 for WPESTATE has been approved. These are the list of new modifications

WP ESTATE v2.05 - released on June 18 2014:
NEW: 4 Header Styles (different positions for logo, menu and social icons)
NEW: Margin Top control for header logon
NEW: Font Subsets control (for cyrilic and other subsets available)
NEW: Added icons for bedrooms, bathrooms, size in property uni (properties list and properties shortcode)
NEW: Left Widget Area in User Menu 
NEW: Pagination for Advanced Search results, My Properties (dashboard), My Listings (Agent Post)
NEW: Font Awesome shortcode
NEW: WPML functions for custom fields 
NEW: Tags for properties (can be used in tag cloud)
NEW: Pin effect on google maps
NEW: Russian, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian .po (these are received from clients)
EDIT: Google Login requires you create an APP (new changes from Google) 
EDIT: Removed Google Maps shortcode (latest Google Maps API works only if you use the embed code from Google Maps directly)
EDIT: Update Rev Slider to latest version
EDIT: Social Icons updated to larger size
EDIT: Slider max height changed to 590px (for large resolutions)
EDIT: CSS for images in full slider (ideal size 1600 * 590)
EDIT: added Address label for Address in property page
EDIT: removed Listing ID because assigned by WordPress because it could not be used in Custom Search. 
EDIT: removed from email sent header
EDIT: added link on thumb for properties list in responsive
EDIT: Google Maps in Admin Property panel to show only the last pin clicked on the map
EDIT: ON/OFF for Agent Post title in admin 
EDIT: POEDIT updates for missing terms
FIX: added after label for Recent Listings shortcode
FIX: allowed characters such as "?" in advanced search custom fields labels
FIX: advanced search type 1 not show categories and actions with no properties
FIX: breadcrumbs text for search page 
FIX: HTML validation errors
FIX: floating bar start point
FIX: small slider option not saving when submitting property
FIX: Rev Slider on contact page
FIX: missing shortcode images in editor
FIX: CSS updates 
FIX: removed sticky header on resolutions below 1024 (loading too abruptly)
FIX: Select featured image in EDIT not working - front end submission

Thank you Anna

Thank you Anna for the awesome update ! Quick q: how can i make my previously uploaded images full screen again ? (it got changed)

Hi Tyuriev,

Thank you very much :)

The images in full slider CSS was changed a little, because what we had before looked stretched and we wished to avoid that (didn’t look professional)

I’m looking at the website now and images show for me. What screen resolution should I look at?

You can also email me this and I’ll help right away.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna,

I’m evaluating various Real Estate themes for a client at present, and really like your product. A general question, if selecting a home page style that includes a slider, is it possible for the slider to display the featured image, title and short description from featured properties?

Thanks in advance.


Yep :) It has all WPESTATE has, and a little more :) Plus a different design.

Very nice! I think we have a winner! :D I also have another client looking at customisable Real Estate themes to use for an industry specific business sales website, and with the ability to turn on / off fields in the search, and add custom fields, it may work there too.

I don’t suppose it’s possible to turn off the standard fields in the input? Or change their titles? (Probably could with a custom language file I suppose?)

Thanks again for your very prompt replies!

Hi Steve,

The custom Property Fields can be used in Advanced Search and you can replace the 8 default fields with other fields.

But we have specific fields – look here!/advsearchfields

Titles for Action, Category, City, Area – can be edited with language files easily.

Hope it helps. Good luck with the clients!


Hello Anna, how about are you? a year ago I use this template and every day I am happier.

My page is

I really liked this update, but I need you to help me on these things: 1) what is the best size for the logo (header / footer)? 2) how I can remove or change the symbol ft2? 3) I want to have on the phone and email header bar to login / register. I want to appear as in the example.

Thank you very much for everything and greetings from Madrid.

Hi Antonio

I missed one question :

2) how I can remove or change the symbol ft2?

-> Can you please advise what you mean? Do you wish to change the icon? Or something else?

Thank you, Anna

I want to change the symbol square feet (ft2) to square meter (m2). I live in Spain.

I have encountered a problem when I browse the internet explorer browser. On the main page, if I click on the picture of the property gives me error (page not found). It only happens in internet explorer, chrome is in good.

Thank you very much, you are my angel.

Hi Antonio,

Go to General Settings – select the measurement system to Square Meters and save. That should show m2 next to the Icon :)

About IE – i think it’s related to something you have on your domain (a plugin, I guess). It’s not core as I just opened in IE our demo and it works.

So please re-send me wp-admin access to take a look at your plugins.

Thank you and thank you :)


I just purchased the template and would like to have this map (link to view on google maps) similar to here on the property details page.

How can I achieve that?

Thank you


Thank you for this comment as well.

The Property Maps are different than internal maps. I am not sure how you’d like the to work on Property Page maps. Do you wish to have the maps closed by default? That would have to be done by customizing the theme.

Or perhaps you need something else and I am not understanding correctly. In this case, please send me a screenshot and your website at

I will take a look and advise if we can help you and if that requires custom development.

Thank you Anna

How to put the share icon ( for Facebook or other social shares link ) in the property listing and property details page similar to wpresidence theme?

Hi Sambs,

We do not have the sharing in WPESTATE property listing – that would have to be added with custom development. We haven’t made any plans about this yet, but after we release the booking plugin for wpestate (that is the next update we’re working on right now) we will schedule other new features and we will consider this one as a possible add-on.

For Property Details – you can use a plugin, such as shareaholic (or something else you like).

Thank you, Anna

Hi Anna,

I am very interested in purchasing your theme – great work!

My only issue is that I’m a little confused about the integration of dsIDXPress. If I purchase this theme WP Estate, do I need to install this plugin? Without this plugin installed which elements will not be available on your theme?

Thank you so much.

Hi Louise,

Thank you very much for your interest in our theme.

dsIDXpress is totally optional.It’s just for people who wish to have this plugin on their website, but it works separately from any feature we offer in out product.

So you don’t need it at all.

Thank you again and hope to have you as our client soon.


I can feel that this was build with a lot of love.. dedication inspiration , IQ

The most balanced beautiful theme I have seen… beautiful details.. May your inspiration Continue…to be a blessing..


Hi Lioncement,

This is a comment that went to my heart. Thank you very much for the kind words. You’re right. We did invest a lot of passion and care into our themes. And we keep doing that :)

Thank you again for making my day a wonderful one.

Take care, Anna

Hi Anna,

How can i remove the Listing ID? I’d like to add ID by custom field only.

Thank you Anna :)

Hey :)

Nice to hear from you. Go to single-estate_property.php and add // in front of

print '<li><span class="title_feature_listing">'.__('Listing Id','wpestate').': </span> LST-'.$post->ID.'</li>';


// print '<li><span class="title_feature_listing">'.__('Listing Id','wpestate').': </span> LST-'.$post->ID.'</li>';

Thanks, Anna

Thank you for quick support. This many help :)

You’re very welcome :)

Hello, I’m interested in buying both of your themes. They are really awesome.

I need the theme to be in Italian, how can i do that? For example, the search buttons and words are in English.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the email.

Both themes can be translate to any language, including ITALIAN with POEDIT. A plugin called Codestyle Localization helps you create and manage the italina poedit from wp-admin. It’s really easy.

For WPESTATE there is an italian.po in the theme pack, sent by a client. And you can use that as start base.

Thank you, Anna


I might be interested in the theme but how do you handle subscriptions or plans for:

agents agencies private owners



Hi Roger,

Thank you very much.

In our themes we have 1 user level. And all memberships are available to that user level, if membership is enabled as option.

You can create packages and make them not visible to users, but those packages can be only manually added to users by admin.

If I understand right, we don’t have what you need. But I do hope you find the project you need.

Thank you Anna

Hey Anna,

so if i understand correctly, you can make packages but not make a difference in user groups?

Hi Roger, Yes, correct. You can’t make a difference by user groups because we don’t have user groups. We have 1 group.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna, I’m creating a real estate website for my friend and this is my 1st time touching on real estate website. Below are the pre-purchase question from me: 1. He is the only agent in the website, so i can disable the agent listing in the backend, right? And if he would to expand the business in future, we can still activate this Agent listing section, right? 2. I read from one of the comments on the MLS. Not really sure what’s that. But can i just insert my own icon on the google map in my website on those location where the properties are?

Thank you.

Hi Suetan,

Thank you very much for the message. Please see my reply below:

1. He is the only agent in the website, so i can disable the agent listing in the backend, right?

—> You can disable register and have properties published from admin and assigned only to the agent you create in admin.

And if he would to expand the business in future, we can still activate this Agent listing section, right?

-> You can expand and let people register in front end to become user and agents post automatically anytime.

2. I read from one of the comments on the MLS. Not really sure what’s that.

-> MLS is real estate related term ( But if your friend doesn’t work with MLS in your country, you don’t have to spend time on this.

But can i just insert my own icon on the google map in my website on those location where the properties are?

-> By icon, you man map pins? Then yes, you can add your own map pins, and your own categories/actions.

If you need more help please let me know.

Thank you, Anna

The updates to the theme look good. I have a couple questions.

1, The multiple image uploading works well, But how can a user sort the images in the order they would like? Will you consider adding a sort feature? 2, I’ve seen this on other themes as well, the city and neighborhood are drop-downs – this would require the admin to pre-populate the city and neighborhood options. It doesn’t work for a site where you invite users to subscribe to post listings. You would need to pre-populate every city and every neighborhood in your country to make it useful. Can I recommend grabbing this info from Google’s Map api? That way it’s much more practical.

Hi kristopher,

Thank you for the follow up.

About question 1 – it’s an idea that has been sent to us several times. It’s a good idea, and we have it on our list, but we just haven’t had the chance to get to this point, since we have been focused on other updates.

About question 2 – the dropdowns are useful for search. That is why you will see it in all real estate themes. A search needs data to be attached to the property.

We had a text input field at one time and clients asked us to remove that because people tend to type the same city/area in different ways. So you end up with a list of cities, where you can have many duplicates.

City and Area – pre-populated from Google Api – that must work in front end submission and in search – is technically a challenge and we could not guarantee results at this point.

Thank you Anna

Hi This is a pre-purchase question. Can a search be based on distance from a postcode? Thanks :D

Hello autotradervideo,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

We don’t have search based on distance from a postcode. We don’t have any plans for this one at this moment. Really sorry I can’t help more.

Thanks again, Anna

Hi, thanks for the reply. Are you able to customise? I have this link . This script calculates distance between two postcodes using an external database. This would require integrating within search results on frontend such as an extra ‘distance’ box and ‘postcode’ box or search ‘postcode area’. When theme search results are displayed, the distance is displayed for each property. Wordpress search/taxonomy structure enables easy search of the results from the script. Are you able to do this? Thanks


Sorry for the delay. It’s been a busy day. Please email me these details at

I will forward them to the technical team to review, and then we’ll follow up with a custom development offer, if possible and if interested, of course. Will take 1-2 days to reply though, as we’re very busy these days with the 1.03 update.

Thanks Anna

Hello annapx, awesome theme. I have some questions. 1) I have to change name Agent to User.Is it possible. 2) Register user can be post property as a Owner or as a Agent.That means register user can post one property as agent and another property as owner. 3) Need 2 types for price per listing.That means user can choose option from these types. i) First type ‘Post as a Agent’ and ii) Second type ‘Post as a Owner’ Both types should have different price. 4)And also set a validity for per listing.That means per post property should have a validity instead of membership.

Thanks in advance

Hi whitecode,

Thank you very much for purchasing WPESTATE.

All the features in this list are new features, which means new development is needed. We can review and send you a custom development quote, if interested.

Please email me at for more details.

Thank you again, Anna