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Hi Anna, I am interesting to buy your theme, but i have some pre purchase Questions:- 1) i want to display property listing in three view, user have option to change gried view to LIST VIEW or MAP VIEW.

2) And also i want to some change in search option for price filter to price selecter slider and add one more filter in search optoion for property built up area.

3) Is it possible to custom coding in your framework for add- built up AREA UNIT converter and PRICE converter in each single property that can convert currency and area unit of particular post eg-

Please reply ASAP. Thanks Ram

Hi Ram,

Thanks for the email.

All 3 items require custom development. We don’t have these features in our theme.

If interested in a custom development quote,please email me the details at

We will send you an offer in 1-2 days, as we’re currently busy with the v1.03 update.

Thank you, Anna


Great theme! This is the site I am building – As you can see the advanced search button that normally goes over the map is showing up over the revolution slider. How can I disable this?

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

The option to turn off Advanced Search over Slider/Image is in Theme Options – Google Maps Setting –

It’s “Show Advanced Search over header Image/Slider?” – Select NO and save.

Thank you Anna

Hello, i would like to enlarge the map on all pages. Can you explain me where can i found this on code ?

Regards David

Hi David,

Thank you very much for the question. I am afraid that this requires extensive JS change. In WPESTATE the map is full – open only on homepage. Internal maps are different. They open only on click. That’s the original design.

The change is very complex. Requires advanced JS knowledge. We can help with this, but as custom development, if interested. Please email me at if you wish to discuss this further.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna,

Just notice you have updated the theme, nice to see that you have addressed the HTML errors in this version, it came down from over 46 to 7 which is amazing, tried to debug myself but give up.

Good to see the prompt response to the Google OpenID changes too. Now I will have to go and update the theme and add it back probably redo half of the changes that I done on this website:

Any plan in getting a new search field as region ( functionality like city -> Area; region -> area)

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for the feedback. I appreciate all your comments.

About Search Field (adding 2 more dependent custom taxonomies) – we have no plans for that I am afraid (in core that is). It’s still an item we can quote for custom development only.

I noticed you have some HTML changes in header, but mostly are CSS. Have you considered using a child theme for HTML and CSS changes? This is the help

The minimum required to start a child theme is in the theme pack. With some instructions.

Thank you again! Anna

Hi Anna, thanks for your reply. I already use child themes, but some changes had to be done in the theme core files. I might come over for some custom development when the website will pick up and bring some business.

For now we want to leave it completely free for 6 month to a year to win the market

Hi Alex

Thank you for the follow up. I hope the move is smooth then.

One note. After you update to 2.05 – save in Appearance the header. We added header types and this is required.

I am sure the website will be a success :)

Talk soon and thanks again for your feedback!


Hi Anna,

I noticed on WP Estate theme you have a shortcode to move the search filter and place anywhere on the page. Do you have something I can do with this theme for the same thing to move or place the horizontal search filter on a page in any location I like?

Although I have this theme, I was about to start using it, but have only just seen your other one, so am just weighing up my options right now before I start the build.

- Ciaran

Hi Ciaran,

We I just emailed to the list of questions posted on WPRESIDENCE, including this one.

We have the same shortcode in both themes.

If you need more help, please let me know.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna How can i change the name of any default page. Example : i want to change to the name of “list a property” to “Post Property”. Thanks

Hi Ejazulhaq,

Thank you very much for the comment.

The easiest way to modify the text in English that’s included in code is POEDIT. This forum will help explain

If you need more help please let me know.

Thank you Anna

Hi. Interested in this theme but need to understand what you get as is without subscribing to the dsIDXPress. Do you get all visible functionality inc the mapping?

Hi bandicootltd,

Thank you very much for your interest in our theme.

All visible functions work without dsIDXpress plugin. You don’t need any plugin to use the theme as it is in demo.

Thank you, Anna

Hello! I need to create 2 different search forms, is this possible? One of them would be for industrial buildings and other search fields for particular properties like homes or apartments. Search fields between these 2 forms are different.

I hope your news, thaks!

Hi chcaballero,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

The theme has and works with 1 advanced search.

If you need a 2nd one, if needs to be coded (and it’s not something we can guide you to do). You need custom development.

If you are interested in us helping with custom development, send me the detailed information about the searches you need (what fields, what places) with screenshots if you have any and I will ask my partners to help with a quote for you.

My email is

Thank you Anna

Hello Anna,

I’ll have my agents plus other agents using the website but I only want the external agents to show up on to their own property listings – not the agents list, etc. Is this possible?

Also, does the inquiry form on the property pages send a note directly to the agent/advertiser stating which property the inquiry was for?

Thank you.

Hi Jimmy,

Please see my reply below:

1. Need to be able to search as follows COUNTRY > STATE > REGION > SUBURB

—> You can do that, BUT country is text input field and STATE as well. I can show you on a test domain as demo, if you wish.

2. The lower categories should be able to be pre-filled and update accordingly. I don’t want to enter New Zealand and still have to wade through every suburb in the world to select Auckland. I think your them does this – yes?

—> Only for City and Area. If you need this for all 4 – custom development is required.

Also, is it possible to generate a discount code that could be used for property submissions. I could then charge $150 per listing but promote discount coupons such as 50% OFF, etc on twitter, email, etc to generate more sign-ups.

-> PayPal REST API, what we use for PAID LISTING and non-recurring membership doesn’t offer coupon discounts.

-> At this moment we only support PayPal as merchant, and this is not possible I am afraid.

-> With a different merchant it may be possible, depends on merchant. But it’s also custom development I am afraid and you need to tell me what merchant/documentation to merchant in order to advise on a quote for you (if interested, of course).

Thank you, Anna

Yes pls show me on a test domain.

Hi Troy,

I emailed you a few minutes ago and I will keep you updated by email on progress for pending items.

Thank you Anna

I bought the theme. I need to know how to put more options in “Property Details”? I need to put more fields. And in the listing, I need to put the amount of living room and kitchen with your icons. How can I do this?

Hi Juanes,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

To add new property fields go to Admin – Theme Options – Listing Custom Fields –

To add new icons, you would need to modify the php, html and css – to add new icons in the code, than connect them to the fields, and then style the new icons in CSS same as the current icons.

If you wish to modify the code yourself, you can start by following the code for one of the fields already in the icon list – infobath (which is the class for bathroom icon).

If you wish us to help customizing this, please email me at

Thank you Anna

What are the files should I change? property.php?

Hi Juanes

I did the search by infobath

These are the results

2 shortcodes: westate/libs/shortcodes.php (line 391) westate/libs/shortcodes.php (line 1288)

prop-listing.php (line 97) prop-listing-ajax.php (line 95)

Thank you Anna

Hi there, is there a limit to how many property pins appear on the homepage map? I have 9 properties and only 5 are showing. thx

Hi Bernard,

As long as you have google maps caching on in google maps settings page, new pins are added every 3 hours.

I set that to no for now. Now all your pins show –

Thank you :) Anna

Hi, great theme!

What would be the best way to make this page full width and remove the google map?

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much for purchasing the theme.

Do you need to remove the map from the entire website? You can try this forum suggestions

About changing the page width to full width, you would need to edit multiple css elements. Start with

.row { width: 100%; max-width: 940px; min-width: 720px; margin: 0 auto; }

There can be multiple places to edit . If you’re comfortable modifying CSS, I am sure you will find this easy.

And you can work in child theme for this, so you can easily revert to original theme. Child theme instructions are in the theme pack, a read me file.

Hope it helps.

Thank you Anna

Hi, great job

i have a problem with yahoo how to configure yahoo connection?

thnks you

Hi zaouifahd,

Thank you very much!

For yahoo login (i assume that is yahoo connection) you just need to go to Admin – Theme Options – Social Settings – Allow login via Yahoo ? – YES and save. It’s the last option on that page.

If you need more help please let me know.

Thank you, Anna

This is a pre-purchase question. A client of mine is looking to have a portal for their Tenants & Landlords log in area where they can submit maintenance and requests Rental payment gateway for tenants is there something you could recommend in terms of a plugin that would work nicely with your themes?

Hi Aimzter,

Thank you very much for the message.

Unfortunately I don’t know any plugin.

And as far as Tenants & Landlords website, from what you describe you need a different feature list than what we have. I can look at an example website, if you have any to show me and advise if we could customize the theme for you. You can email me these details at

Thank you Anna

HI Annapx!

Is there anyway to change State to Province and ZIP to Postal Code? I tried changing them in the .PHP but I kept getting line errors. Any help would be great!

Hi meijer45,

Thank you very much for the comment, for purchasing the theme and for the rating :)

The easiest way (no stress during updates) is to use a POEDIT trick. Please see this forum

If you need my help, send me an email at

Thank you Anna

Many thanks, worked like a dream!

Wonderful :) You’re very welcome.

Hi, is it hard to change paypal for another payment gateway? we cannot accept paypal because of our country policies.

Hi texoLab,

In next version we are adding STRIPE. But I recommend to wait until the version is launched to see if this is ok with you.

It takes time to add another merchant. And that requires custom development.

The next version is with booking features, which is still in tests. It’s a massive update release date depends on tests progress/help manual updates. But we’re working hard to release soon.

Thank you and stay in touch.


Hi, I have a few issues:

1- when accesing from my android with chrome, the main menu collapse by itself once it is opened for 5 / 10 seconds.

2- When I scroll down and reach the main map from mobile, the map starts scrolling instead of the site, and I cannot go down or up, and I have to close the site…

3- When entering openstreetview mode in main map, I cannot exit because the close button remains behind the slider buttons

If these issues are solved, I’ll be glad to buy the theme

Hi Texo,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I test all reported issues immediately. Here is my feedback based on my test with chrome on my iPhone (i’ll test chrome – android too, but over weekend).

I am testing, not the theme forest preview version.

1. Menu is working for me. I kept it open and browsed up and down for more than 10 seconds.

2. There is a tap on the map, to activate zoom and scroll in the map. So if you tap on the map, scroll in map is activated. If you tap again, it is de-activated. I re-tested and that is how it works.

3. For me the X works to close the street view. And there are no slider buttons. So I am a little confused. In mobile view the thumbs are listed below the map, below the street view.

I will test on android, but for item 3 for sure i need a screenshot from your test. You can email me that at

Thank you Anna

Hi , Is it possible to show the Agents on the map(not the property,just the agent location and profile snapshot). Is it possible to set up a custom search for agent profiles(for eg by location/sublocation) etc.

I am asking this as my website is more Agent-centric then property-centric.

Hi sameer5316 ,

Thank you very much for the comment. Please see my reply below.

Is it possible to show the Agents on the map(not the property,just the agent location and profile snapshot).

—> Unfortunately we don’t have map for agents. The theme focuses on properties search and map control. It would be a complex modification to add that.

Is it possible to set up a custom search for agent profiles(for eg by location/sublocation) etc.

—> We don’t have this either. Agents functionality is to be added to properties and to be easy for people to contact agents responsible for properties published on the website. But we didn’t create the functionality to search for agents. Just for properties.

I am asking this as my website is more Agent-centric then property-centric.

—> I understand the business model. Unfortunately the features we have now would not be enough to build the website as you describe.

We offer custom development, and if interested, we can evaluate the project and send you an estimation based on your details. We can discuss about this at

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna,thanks for the response.Will drop a message on the personal email.

Does this theme have the ability to add custom property fields?

Hi Metura,

Thank you very much for the comment. We have custom property fields management in admin – Theme Options. This helps explains what kind of fields you can add, how you order them and how you name the labels

There are some default fields as well (Address fields, Bedrooms, Rooms, Bathrooms, Size, Property Size).

If you need more questions please contact me.

Thank you Anna