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Hi there, I would like to check if there is a way to categorise base on the listings that belongs to a building. E.g, a building name ABC have many listings.

I intend to search base on the buildings name and display them in the map. Upon clicking the building name Pin, they will then show the listings within the building. Possible?

Hello jlowrealty

Thank you for the comment.

I understand the request is to organize and search by name (building and sub-units)

We don’t have 2 separate categories.

We have parent child category support – http://prntscr.com/mpmgto

You can attach the property to child – http://prntscr.com/mpmgzo (in admin or in front) and then in search parent will show properties attached to all child categories (and child will allow to filter by the child name) http://prntscr.com/mpmhjn

On the map we have cluster support – properties that are in the same location will show in spiderfy on click so users can be able o check all pins.

For further support please contact us through client support http://support.wpestate.org/

Thank you

Theme is buggy. Plese open your demo in chrome: https://berlin.wpestatetheme.org/properties/stunning-villa-to-rent/ After click on advanced filters on the map panel is slide up and filters are disappear. And button on right of “My location” is purple. How are you tested your theme? :?/

Hello anikitin35 , Thank you for the comment. We have 400 options. We test everything very thoroughly I assure you. The color in berlin is managed from custom colors in theme options and the search position is already solved. Thank you

Pre sale question: Can you add more sections? i.e. “address” “details” “features” Can you add more sections after these? Thank you

Hello haydaniel , Thank you for the comment.

You need custom development to add more sections.

Thank you

Another pre-sale question: Can one add banner ads anywhere in the main section (not the side bar or footer sections) Can one also add banner ads inn the header s section? Than you again

Will using the Google map cost money with a third-party service? Or is it a direct connection to Google’s API for FREE?

Hello haydaniel

Thank you for the comments. Please see below

Another pre-sale question: Can one add banner ads anywhere in the main section (not the side bar or footer sections) Can one also add banner ads inn the header s section? Than you again

—> We don’t have ads banner in header. You can use the widget area or you can insert ads in PHP template in the places where you wish to show ads – evenetually style that area. But this needs custom development.

One more questions: Are you able to charge $ per posting? Can you setup different upload options per membership package? Thank you

For submission we have

PAID SUBMISSION Enable Paid Submission and set your own price for a single property submission. You can also add an additional price for making that listing featured (always first in lists). Paid submission doesn’t expire.


MEMBERSHIP SUBMISSION Create your own paid membership packages and set how many listings are included, what price and how long the package is active. Set also how many free membership listings are given to new accounts.

Only in WP residence we have something extra for membership – how many images are allowed per listing for each package – https://demo.wpresidence.net/

Will using the Google map cost money with a third-party service? Or is it a direct connection to Google’s API for FREE?

—> Google API is free WITHIN a $200 monthly credit limit. Google demands you add a CC on account before you get this API and the $200 monthly credit.

-> In WP Residence we have Open Street Map alternative which is still free now.

Thank you

Thank you for your attention. Cheers


Our company seeks atheme with relationship between agency -> agent -> property.

Looking at your demos and reading documentation I can not find that feature. Only in the details of the property can the agents be related to a property, but how can the agent be related to an agency?

So far I did not find in the video or in the documentation how to do it


Hello Richardmaximun

Thank you for the comment.

We don’t have Agency -> Agent in Wp Estate.

We only have this in Wp Residence theme – https://demo.wpresidence.net/

You can test a new registration as agency in main demo http://wpresidence.net/ but new agencies, agents and developers registrations are set to manual approval and we don’t approve these accounts here.

If you wish to test the same but also see what an approved agency can do – you can send me a message from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate

Thank you

any luck with the mobile app .. please drop me a link if you have any

Hello ayanmalik

Thank you for the comment.

We don’t have mobile app.

Thank you


2 Questions before i buy the theme : 1. can in home page has field to search by property ID ??? (NOT in advance search. In simple search). For example id miami demo search add extra search field “search by id” 2. can i use the “clouds” move on my site, on my photos????? it is theme feature ?

Hi hhatziioannou

The clouds from the demo are included in a slider we created with Revolution slider. The slider can be imported and used for header same as in demo.

For the ID search – my previous answer applies here too.

I don’t know exactly how you want to make the search by ID work. Show me an example and send me a message from here with the details to check https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate. If it’s something we can do will help set a backend test to check.

Thank you

Hi Estate theme not worked please give me new folders

Hello serdarpozan0606, Please open a ticket in support to understand how we can help http://support.wpestate.org/ If you need help to enter support please contact me here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate Thank you

Hi, is there another way to import the demo? it’s okay if there is .sql to import because I’m struggling with importing right now!

Hi, I only have the xml. I can help install the demo for you. If the limits for hosting are set to recommended size should work out of the box. Send me the site details here please https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate Thank you

I’m trying to update two plugins (WPBakery Visual Composer & Revolution Slider) and every time I get this error message “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”. The other plugins updated successfully.

Hi KhaledBawz , The zip is the original one from Envato Market (Code Canyon). I don’t have that problem on my end, so I cannot advise why it’s happening for your installation. Try to install the zip directly from plugins – Add New and find the zip in wpestate/libs/plugins/js_composer.zip

If you need my help please write from the page I sent above.

Thank you

Hi, I would be very interested in this thema, but I need more information. Is it possible to put in the home a map with the pointers houses as in the pages dedicated to the properties? The page with the properties is editable? For example, is it possible to reduce the size of the slide and put the textual description of the apartment next to it? Thanks very much Elisa

Hi, thanks for the answer, I meant you can change the property page, instead of having the agent space to the right of the slide, is it possible to put the property description?

Thanks Elisa

Hi Elisa, I understand now. That would need custom development. By default we don’t have description on the right side. Thank you

Hey guys. I’ve got a question for you. I’ll be launching a website similar to loopnet.com. It will be a website where people will be able to find, sell and buy their businesses and commercial real estate. The question is, loopnet.com offers an API (https://www.loopnet.com/locations/api/listings/), and I was wondering if your theme offers an intergration of such API or is there a different API for business listings that you guys offer?

Hello cersheibel , Thank you for the comment. We don’t have something like this. I don’t have a solution to recommend either. Thank you

Do you think with custom coding it could be done or would it be best to invest in a different theme? If so, then how much work do you think it would require to do custom integration.


I cannot know the costs without proper research as it’s a new item for us, and in general we cannot recommend any client to do or not to do changes, as the costs depend from developer to developer and from the details of the changes.

You can ask a developer before if they can quote this to be sure you have a proper estimation, but we’re not available for custom development I am afraid.

Thank you


I am already using your “WP Residence” theme and I am currently looking for a solution to use a seasonality and booking display system. I saw that “WP Rentals” did this, however my agency manages rentals as well as sales. Is migration between the two themes easy? What do you recommend?


Hello myidea

Thank you for the interest in our theme and for already being our client.

Bookings is not an option in this theme. Only in Rentals – but that theme has search – properties – submit around rental properties.

If you need to separate listings – have different search forms – we don’t have such a system I am afraid.

Migration between residence and rentals should be easy – but they are different themes in terms of submit form – property management and there may be some manual settings for owner assignment you have to do.

If you wish to do some tests with rentals (even if it cannot support sales) you can send me a message from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate

Thank you

Thank you for your response,

For the sales, I’m gonna use two custom fields (thank you a lot, this is a very nice functionnality) and the convert rate with a little single property page template modification via the child theme.

Thank you for your job, Regards

Hi, Thank you for the follow up. I am not sure I understand the solution. If you wish to test the theme before you can write me from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate and will help. Thank you

Hi, I have seen you have a few property rental themes and I am confused as to which will be the best solution for my business.

I have a property rental business and I am looking for a theme that will allow me to advertise the accommodation at a monthly rate (for example £300/month with a minimum of 2 months stay).

Most importantly I need to be able to not just enquire about the property but actually pay a deposit via the website at checkout. Does this theme allow website visitors to book accommodation and pay a deposit via the site?


Hello CTSkills

Thank you for the comment.

At the moment there is one theme we have for booking is WP Rentals – https://themeforest.net/item/wp-rentals-booking-accommodation-wordpress-theme/12921802

The theme has price by day or by hour. We do not support monthly booking and minimum months.

We have min days and price per night and price per night for 30d+ booking

Let’s say you have price for night for 30d+ $1 and 60 minim nights

User books min 60 days (but can book 61, 62 etc)

And price would be number of days x price per night for 30d+ bookings (or price per night simple if you don’t want to add a different price per night for 30d+)

The admin can put a deposit value which will be mandatory to be paid before booking is confirmed. The deposit value is set globally for all bookings. Money go to admin account.

We have different help chapters with exact steps. If you wish more details even if we don’t support monthly price please let me know.

Thank you

SO I got this theme for about 3 years ago, and in tried to use it then, but faced so many difficulties installing and setting up, so i abandoned it and got another theme to use. Now i like the new updates you have dont on the theme and i have been able to install it with ease. I have also started editing it to suit my needs, however, im stuck with creating or editing listings. For e.g, the cities/neighborhood listing on the home page showing 3 listing, on when i installed the theme, the list is showing but without images, how do i work that pls?

Hello peaceedotcom

Thank you for the comment.

We can help in client support.

Please send me the site details here http://support.wpestate.org/ – and confirm the ticket ID to check asap.

If you need help to create a support account please write from here – https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate

Thank you

I have created it now. Hoping to hear from you soon. tnx.

Hello, Thank you. My colleagues will assist in support. Thank you

With this theme, can i actually remove the Agents profile and the agents icon on the listing? Because i am making a website that only the company admin will post the listings, not any other agents or agency. And how

Also, i used a theme before, there are developer, agency, agents category of the memberships, can i remove developer, agency? In the future if i really want to show who is the contact person of the listings. I dont to hv developer and agency exists, because it may confuse the admin.

Also, can i have the two or three appointed Agents links to a listings?

Also can agents contact detail show on the property detail page?

Hi Belvin, Only Residence as additional agent support. Thank you


So may i know WP Estate has what kind of extra features comparing to WP residence?

Hi Belvin

We don’t have a specific list of changes as we didn’t aim to make the themes identical. 

—> There is a different design first of all, the search options are different in Estate – from options, to design. 

—> For example, the fundamental differences are:  In residence we have different search options (like geolocation + radius search in half map). We have splash page and video header.  In residence we have some specific options exclusively for this theme (custom template for property, custom unit card for property, and some design elements etc), including user types (agent, agency and developer) for front end submission, Elementor support. These will always stay just in residence. the features we continue to add will be different, so it’s important you tell me what you need to guide you to which theme can support (or if any theme can support).

Thank you

Hi Team,

Kindly see the below message

IMPORTANT: WpEstate 4.0 is not 100% compatible with the older theme version. Rental Module has been removed entirely and cannot be used starting 4.0 update. Pages with custom shortcodes will need to be redone with the new shortcodes available and Visual Composer, features and amenities may have to be re-saved for old properties, new theme options are available and have to be set in the new settings interface. For support please contact us at http://support.wpestate.org/

Hello digitalseocompany – Thank you for buying the theme. This is a standard message we offered for clients who updated. I understand you need help to update the theme. Please create a support account here http://support.wpestate.org/ or send me a message from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate Thank you

Hi Team,

One more thing, I am trying to install WpEstate Core. but we can’t. kindly see the below error message:

The following recommended plugin is currently inactive: WpEstate Core “This plugin requires WpEstate Theme 5.0 or higher.”

Hi digitalseocompany – Seems the theme version is not correct (or maybe child theme or parent theme name was modified). We need to see the backend to advise and help. Please create a support account here http://support.wpestate.org/ or send me a message from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate with your full site details to check. Thank you

I have issues changing my picture on my website even though i have already changed the settings on the wprental options

Hi, Please send me a message here with your site details to be able to check and help https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate Thank you

Please also reset my password on support.wpestate.org

Hi, I answered in email. Thank you


ecopeweb Purchased

Hi, I’m interested in the template but I have a question. Can it be used without the MEMBERSHIP option? I as an administrator add properties simply

Hi ecopeweb

Yes, you can use is for your personal use only and disable front submission and membership.

If you wish to test you can write from here https://themeforest.net/user/wpestate

Thank you