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Great work.. GLWS ;)


Clean and Looks awesome! GLWS :)

Much appreciated!

Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Thanks, cheers!

Good job!Good luck :)

Nice Work..! GLWS :)



hi – looks wonderful. Couple of questions: 1. I would like my background picture to be the homepage and remain the background picture for all other pages. Is that possible? 2. Is it possible to resize the pages that come in front of the background picture? So they would be a semi-transparent tile in front of the background picture? 3. And is it possible to have a new colour for each page? Many thanks.


  1. Yes, you can upload a custom background image via the create a skin panel in the admin options
  2. Yes, anything is possible with some CSS modifications
  3. If you’re referring to posts not currently no.

Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, it is possible for each page to be a different colour and semi transparent?

You would need to write up some CSS for each page to achieve that.

Please help me. I have tried everything but somehow it doesn’t work that I have a full size image on the home page. Like on your demo home page.

Thank you very much.

My support staff just had a death in the family, he’ll be getting to you soon.

I’m sorry, heartfelt condolences. But business is business. I can not tell my client, “Hey let’s talk I have to feed 4 children”

For this reason, it remains in my last post. Theme does not work, money back, no negative reviews and the matter is forgotten.

Agree? If not I’ll send you the failed payment from my lawyer. Agree? If not I’ll let my legal department send you the failed payment of my client order.

The same I have also written to the Envato Support.

I did get my money back. Thanks to the envato support.

My condolences and sorry for my bad english. But I also have this error and I can not use the theme. How can it be, where is the problem?

If you’re seeing errors with aqua resizer, you’ll need to raise an issue on the authors github: I personally haven’t ever seen that before and have tested the theme both locally and on the demo site and I’m not seeing any issues.

Thanks – but there I’ve already asked. Will no answer. The installation on another server brings no change. So the theme for me is probably useless.

Are the errors causing the images not to show, or?

Helllo there! How do I set up slider on the home page like yours?

WP Hyperion Options > Homepage > Slides

Your answer didn’t help. There’s no such an option “Homepage > Slides”

I apologize you’ll use the slider block in the page builder

How can I integrate images to the slider? The slider shows on the page, but no images.

Go into WP Hyperion Options > Homepage > Slides

Hello Guys,

How do I arrange for a credit for this theme? I find this theme very clunky in the way it is structured. I installed the theme and uploaded the dummy content and yet I can not get the homepage slider image to display.

I have spent two days on this now and am over it, the images for the slider are in the media library and displaying fine within wordpress backend, I have even tried to upload my own images to get the slider working and it just displays the black background area.

How does the slider block know which images to display. or in other words, how do I assign images to the slider block? Thanks!

It looks like I need to add slides manually to the slider block, it does not pick them up from the uploaded images to the post. Right now I am having another issue:

Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in wp-includes/media.php on line 2323

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Image_Editor_GD could not be converted to string in wp-content/themes/hyperion/admin/aq-resizer/aq_resizer-1x.php on line 57

Adding quotes around the url to the images in the slide makes the error go away, but no images are displayed.

Images are now displaying by adding “img” tag in the custom html part. but they are way too big. by using custom html it is not using the slider hight anymore. even if I use smaller images or add height to the img tag, it still scales them up.

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Hi, Is there a french .PO for this extension ?! Thanks

Sorry, only English is provided you’ll need to do the translation or hire a company like Wish I knew French I’d definitely provide it ;)