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Thank you for a wonderful theme. I am missing something. I have tried to set up a blog page (other than the front page). I don’t see any instructions for that. So I said the portfolio page will suffice. I don’t see instructions for that either. I know I must be overlooking something.

I’ve reread the documentation and repeatedly reviewed the screencasts. I know I must be looking right past the solution.

I just want specific categories of posts to display on the blog page.

Thank you!

You’ll use Appearance > Menus > Add your main blog category > Save

Is this a responsive theme? Reason for my question it’s not responding when the browser is resized and I found it under WordPress Responsive themes category! :)


Unfortunately its not.

Would have been great if it was a Responsive one. You think it would be a good idea to move it in an appropriate listing? Its sitting in the Responsive Themes listings and someone would end up buying thinking it’s a responsive one and come looking for refund. It can be a negative customer experience.

Hi there, will you be releasing any necessary updates for the theme when WordPress 3.4 comes out this summer?

Thank You!

I don’t believe its going to require any actually, but if it does then yes.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

How do I get a piece of the text on the slider. It shows the title and the [...] read more, but not the text? Is there a trick I am missing?

Please open a ticket on the support site,

It seems I can not edit the post_excerpt field on posts. It is not there. :( 3.4.1

Please open a ticket on the support site,

When sending a mail from the form, i receive 4 times the same mail. Even sometime more. Is it because of the ajax call too slow and people click multiple time on the send button?

Theme support is only offered to verified customers, through — any other method will be redirected back there. Please search the knowledge base before submitting a ticket.

Hi, this theme not mobile friendly responive yet?

This theme was released quite while back in 2010 so its not a responsive design and there aren’t any plans to update it to responsive at this point in time. Thanks!