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Noice! runs super smooth from my end, great job.

Good luck with sales guys!

Thank ya sir! (I actually fly solo ;) btw)

Nice theme Chris!

beautiful work as always…

Can you explain how the ‘retina display’ works with images? Mostly I am curious if you are using the built in wp media manager to serve up different image sizes automatically using the foresight.js.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to accomplish this myself and was debating about building a simple admin option where the admin can set different image sizes and then apply those image sizes to different devices. That way everything is 100% automated.

Is this how you are doing it?

I was hoping to hear that it was automated through the built-in media manager. That is awesome. The reason I was asking more about how it actually works behind the scenes, is that I wanted to understand if you built it where I can manually set some function options where I personally get to determine the image size ‘x’ being sent to device size ‘y’.

That way I can set very small images sent to mobile >480, normal images screens >720, large images screens >1080, and then full-size to retina displays.

Do I have that type of control with your setup? *I don’t mind having to add code to my master site ‘plugin’ file manually in order to do this, just want the ability to assign specific image sizes to specific devices is all.

In the long run if this is the case, I don’t actually plan on using the theme at all, but rather just want to add that logic to my existing site. I am good enough to dig through the code and turn it into a plugin instead of a theme function once I see how it works. Basically spending $35 to solve a problem I have been trying to solve for a few weeks now :)

That’s the whole thing with Foresight, it decides what the device is and if the bandwidth is sufficient then sends the correct image size — no need to upload multiple sizes.

I understand foresight, but what I was talking about was a little more. When you upload an image via the media manager, wp creates multiple sizes of the image, and of course you can add additional sizes via a custom function.

Now that wp has multiple image sizes automatically available, I was thinking of using those images as the source images sent to the browser via foresight.

Foresight has to have high-res, med-res, and low-res images available to begin with, so are you using the images generated by WP for that?

*I’d love to take this conversation offline somewhere if you are interested as I have many ideas/questions on using foresight to its full potential.

Thanks for all the kind words guys!

This theme looks fantastic and ideal for my next project. A few questions before buying;

Can a custom background image be used in place of the patterns?

Are post images auto resized to the full 700px post width and the 220px for the index as shown on the demo homepage?

Are Cufon fonts used?



  1. Yes, take a look at!prettyPhoto[framework]/4/
  2. Yes
  3. No, but the theme does support Google fonts

Really nice theme! Excellent work.

Two questions:

1) can you post screenshots of your admin pages? It makes it easier for me to see what kind of modding possibilities you’ve built into the theme, vs. what I’d have to dive into the code myself to change. (NEVER MIND ! just realized you already posted these under Features > Advanced Framework in the demo.)

2) My current WP site is constructed in such a way that each post = 1 project I worked on (with a featured image). How easy is it to get all the posts (80+) to show up in the Portfolio? And then get the Portfolio to sort the projects by categories (all, category A, category B, etc…)

I’m not clear on what the “Articles” tab in the demo leads to…posts? (If so, how are those posts different from the ones that show up in portfolio?) Pages? Etc…

  2. The portfolio uses a custom post type, so you would need to transfer those over somehow if you’re using regular posts at the moment. You would also need to add a tag to each post for the filtering functionality.
  3. Yes, those are just regular posts under a category of Articles

Thanks for your reply. Any idea how to transfer those over? By “custom post type” do you mean a regular post with a custom field checked in it, or have you created an entirely new class of posts?

(I would have to find some automated way of transferring them across because the thought of having to manually transfer 80+ complex posts would be a ton of work.)

Small additional question: all my featured images are square. I’m assuming it would be fairly simple to mod your template to display square images? (Your images are rectangles that aren’t too far off from squares.)

Its an entirely new class of post, take a look at I’m unsure of any automated way of transferring them over, you might try a quick google search for “transferring posts to custom post type wordpress”.

You can definitely change the image dimensions by using one of the many column classes the grid provides.


4/10/12 — View complete changelog here

nice work…

hello Contempo,

love your theme, but i have two questions: Can you open a portfolio item direct in fancybox or lightbox ? And do al the images resize automatic or must you do that by manually ? ( like blogpost single view, sorry that i have to ask but by some theme’s thats the case ) :).

thank you for your work !!

greetz, Dominic

Yes, you’ll just need to make some simple code modifications to change the links.

All the images are resized automatically.

Hi. This seems like a great theme, but after seeing the preview site I was left with a couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to disable the sidebar and have a full-width page, namely on the homepage? I’d expect so, but in the “General Settings” framework image there are only two options displayed – left sidebar or three column – so I wanted to check.

2) I see you provide some customized widgets, but the theme is marked as not allowing widgets. What does this mean? That no widgets besides the predefined set are allowed? I hope not.

3) can the images on the slideshow be linked to internal or external pages?

I’ll be looking forward for your reply. Cheers.

  1. The left sidebar can’t be disabled from the admin options, however you could remove it from the template, then change a few classes to rearrange the grid.
  2. My mistake, thats been fixed. It is Widget Ready.
  3. Yes, they can be linked to anything you like.

Thank ya sir!

shortcodes for columns aren’t working; 1/3 works for for 2/3 last it shows the shortcode text

Looks like a small bug, I’ll get an update released today.

any update on this issue?

Yes, this was resolved Friday with the v1.1.8, you can grab it from your TF Downloads panel.

I can’t get any of the style settings to work either..

ok – i just realized the link color is only for body text links, not the navigation

Great theme and he’ll support you.. he answered my e-mails asap. I really appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Much appreciated!

Hello, I just purchased Lattice. I’m attempting to make some customizations and I’m a bit confused.

When you use the the Contact panel with in the Lattice admin section, this is to publish a Contact page with google map, contact, form etc – correct? However, I have no idea where this link publishes to, so I can’t seem to find my contact page after I populate it with info.

Which brings me to my second question, which is how do I add my own links to the sidebar. When I created started creating my portfolio, I figured out that the directory was /port so I made a page called Portfolio to add a link to the side bar, but then I pointed it at the directory where Portfolio pages were being published so I was able to make that link work. However, since I have no idea where the Contact page URL is, I can’t seem to link to it.

Here’s a link to my staging server.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. I’m sure this is super simple, but some how this is eluding me.


Thanks for your purchase.

You’ll need to create a new Page > apply the Contact template, and you’ll be good to go. Take a look at:

You can add any widget you like to the sidebars via Appearance > Widgets

Got it, thank you so much! now it all kind is starting to make sense :)

Good deal, glad to help.

Great Theme!

Just a small issue: the “back to top” link does not work in the demo.

Thanks for the heads up.