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I install the theme just as instructed in the documentation, and activate it, and it does redirect me to the theme options, BUT I CAN ’T SEE ANY OPTIONS . It’s just blank, with the tabs on the side, that I can not click on. So far this theme has been a dud for me. I can’t do anything with it.. I’d love to be able to.. But I can’t without being able to customize ANYTHING ! I emailed you yesterday with a screenshot of my problem. But I really need this site up and running asap. Please let me know what I can do.

It’s an issue with your host blocking lattice > admin > js > jquery.cookie., contact your hosting provider and they can get you sorted out.

I’ve forwarded the email my hosting provider sent me to your email.

I’ll take a look in the AM

Hello, nice theme. How can I remove the ‘resize me’ handle?

Thanks, another (big) issue: the slider doesn’t display any image, just a broken link icon. And the cache folder is set to 777, anche the server is running the latest php.

Whats the URL to your site?

I solved by myself. With Aruba hosting you should set both cache folder and timthum.php to 755! Now it works!


Updated – 4/16/12 — View complete changelog here


i am trying to change the custom Logo on top of the page. The Logo is 320px width and 100px height. But it won’t show correctly. At Desktop Browser Size the Logo will show very small and at iPad or Mobile Size the Logo have the correct size but is slide to the right outside the center. ?

Is your site up live where I can take a look?

Hi, I´m having trouble with the post images. I´ve followed the documentation and the steps, and also checked the permissions, but still nothing. Also slider problems with the browsers. I’ve emailed you with pics. Help is appreciated.

Email replied.

All resolved : downloaded the theme again, new version to domain, and permissions again, and now it works. Thanks anyway.

Good deal, glad ya got it sorted!

When i filter my portfolio items, only projects with one tag show. For example, all of my projects show up when “All” is filtered, but if i click on “Print” only projects with 1 tag show up. I’m not able to have a project show up under multiple filters.

Also, when i embed a video, it shows blank. Whether i have picture in the gallery or not.

Thank you.

I’ll check into this. Thanks for the fast replies. It’s a super slick theme by the way.

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

A pre-sale question! There’s a blurb about removing the call to action, which I believe is the “A Responsive & Feature Rich Portfolio Theme for WordPress! Buy It Now!” line. Does the content shift up so that it’s even with the logo?

If not, is it easy to do so?

If the call to action is disabled the content does shift up.

Hi contempoinc, beautiful theme – thanks!!! But I can´t get the blog section to work. I get the same content like the homepage. Can you please help me?

If you’ve enabled custom permalinks switch back to default then to custom again, and you should be good to go.

I solved the problem! Best regards

great theme…. any chance you could make the top logo retina compatible too?

You would need to create a x2 logo size and use an if statement to serve up a retina logo.

In the homepage i guess under the slider are post… correct me if im wrong

Can i use pages there ? i like to use it for a future project..

Great job i will purchased after your reply

Yes, if you purchase I can send you a modified loop.php file that you can swap out.

thanks great job and fantastic support!

No probs, thanks again for your purchase!

Hi contempoinc, I got a little problem with the contact form and german umlauts like “äöüß”. The email looks like this “äöäüßßü” – do you have an idea?

Not quite sure could be an issue with the validation script not recognizing the German characters.


4/24/12 — View complete changelog here

Okay, I just activate the theme and i can’t access to the option panel… ;( All items are grey and inactive I try to change some permissions but nothing happen ;( ;( ;(

It’s due to your host blocking jquery.cookie.js, give your host a call and ask for your domain to be white listed and you’ll be good to go.

Hi, I am trying to add jquery masonry to my blog on the homepage, and everything seems fine except when it loads the infinite scroll the masonry does not call back. Which file do I edit to add the callback to infinite scroll?


Its located in lattice > admin > ct-ajax-load-posts > js > load-posts.js

Ok thanx, i’ll try to mail us… So i have to wait to install your nice template… ;)

Hi. Nice theme. One question though: is it possible to have an (thumbnail)image on the homepage for each post, but not have it show up in the actual post. I’m not sure how to do this. Thanks.

Replace your lattice > includes > post-lead.php > with and you’ll be good to go.

okay my host say to use the allow_url_fopen command… but if i’m buying a theme it’s because i’m not a php developer ; So can you help me to configure correctly this php setting because i simply can’t use your theme at this time…