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Nice neat theme. I’ve been using it for the past 45 days.

Here are few issues I’ve noticed.

The tags doesn’t work, when I click on them > nothing populates The contact page, the form doesn’t work either. I’ve tried all the settings and tweaks but its useless. The image what you post on the blog, won’t display in the blog list view.

And there is the issue of menu item strikeout.

It would be nice if you can help me fix these issues.

Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com


9/11/14 — View complete changelog here

Pre purchase questions. With this Longshore theme, is it possible to have a different homepage than the portfolio?

Sure, you could build a custom page template and set that under Settings > Reading > Front page displays instead of using the standard Home template.

Good day please I need this kind of wordpress theme: www.design4space.com.au please where or can i get it. Thanks

Looks like they’re using a custom theme, I’d suggest searching for a full screen using the utility to the upper right.

HI, Great template, I have one issue and two questions :-)

Issue: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘ct_post_thumb’ in /home/srevername/public_html/Domanname.com/wp-content/themes/longshore/admin/theme-functions.php on line 287

Question 1: Can I dellet the (View project) button from the portfolio?

Question 2: Is it posible to make the picture from the portfolio to call a link directly with out going in to a second screen ?

Thanks for the help.. Kinde Regards Sam

Thanks for your purchase!

  1. Yes, add this to your child theme CSS figure.portfolio-item .view-btn { display: none !important;}
  2. I’m assuming you’re talking about images inserted into the post body, you’ll need to use a lightbox plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/

demo not working guys

Yes, seems good now
have one more suggestion ;) don’t you think there is no need of “filter options” except home page.
let’s say we are on about-us page or on contact us page then there is no work of filter options :)

The theme wasn’t really meant for that as the portfolio is only displayed on the homepage so that’s why the filter isn’t included anywhere else in the theme.

yes I knew that’s why I wrote that options doesn’t need to be anywhere else in sidebar except home page. :) Thanks


Will you be able to support on the following if theme is purchased, 1. Grayscale effect on the portfolio thumbnails. 2. Currently, portfolio category filtering only works on portfolio thumbnails page. Possible to change it in such a way that, in other pages, selection on particular portfolio category will bring visitors to a filtered portfolio thumbnails page? 3. On single portfolio page, possible to have a row of image thumbnails if it has more than one images? Upon selection of particular image thumbnail, the slide image changes to it.


  1. I’d recommend using something like http://www.codicode.com/art/image_color_up_jquery_plugin.aspx
  2. That would require adding conditionals along with making another custom filtering widget. At this point in time its not something I’m considering adding but it can be done.
  3. Yes, you could modify single-portfolio.php by removing the if statement for the slider and just outputting all the images stacked.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this great looking theme but have two questions- Does the theme support dropdowns, and does it support blog categories? Thanks! Christa

Yes, it supports both.

Very interesting theme. So far, I only have one issue with it. When I am specifying tags for portfolio items, the filter is only displaying the first tag of the post. So if I tag a portfolio item with the tags “A”, “B”, and “C” the portfolio item will only show up if I click “All” or “A”. “B” and “C” will not have the item listed.

Did you purchase on another account?

sidebar fixed is possible, like this? http://que-demo2.elasticbuilder.com/


6/13/2015 — View complete changelog here

For some of my Portfolio posts, I would like to have a single slider image, with additional images that only appear within the post body as thumbnails. Currently when I attempt this, all of the images get added to the slider. Am I doing something wrong?

Any images attached/uploaded to a post will automatically be pulled into the slider of there’s more than one. To get around this you can just upload your images via the Media Manager outside of the post, then insert them.

The demo is down. :(

The demo is down. :(

Still working getting the domain situation figured out, possibly tomorrow. If you purchase the theme and don’t find it suits your needs — which I’m sure it will but I’ll refund ya not a problem if it doesn’t.

Is there a way to check if another website is using your theme?

Unfortunately I don’t have any completed buyer sites to share.


How do i install the theme with the demo content as the same with all the portfolio pictures?