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these are pre-purchase questions: is possible to have single pages, without any comments or blog or social option? is it possible to set a single page as homepage?

Also, on the demo site you have a few issues with Opera browser (hover of the logo and social icons, bad sized image in the blog part, portfolio part)

Except this, very nice design!

Yes, you would just use Pages instead of Posts. Pages don’t include comments or social links. Yes, you would create a page add whatever content you like or use the page builder for a custom template, then go into Settings > Reading > Front page displays > Select your page and Save.

Everything alright, thank’s!

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

Hello I have purchased but now how do I create a MENU as seen in the sample. Also I attempted to insert the FOLLOW us WIDGET but it is not n the list of available widgets. All i see is the SOCIAL widget… Have I not installed somethng correctly?

Also I am attempting to change the colors of the buttons and menu from the BLUE to a color of my choice…what css files do I edit or image files? Thanks

Appearance > Widgets > CT Social

AWESOME THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!! And you are right.. with a bit of initiative you can get things going… But as far as the icons in the menu… NO LUCK… I create the menu and see no field where I can expand anything or insert any type of icon code…. HELP

OMG… i just found out how to do it… THANKS!! for the awesome theme…

Okay Almost got everything as I want it…except that when I initiate the SOCIAL WIDGET…what exactly do I put in the empty fields? I put my EMAIL address in the EMAIL field and that one worked perfectly. But when I add my facebook URL or my instagram URL it put my URL infront of the social URL. For example And assistance would be highly appreciated. Thanks..

You need to add the full URL to your social profile including http://

Good looking theme! What font did you use for the logo?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, want to purchase but had a few questions first.

1. Can the main menu be made to scroll down with the page as it is moved downward? 2. Do you provide dummy content xml file with the site template?

Thank you! :)

1. Yes, but that would require some custom coding.

2. Yes, it comes with the dummy content XML

Hi, Pre purchase questions. really like your theme for looking robust and easy to customise with some css. I would need to have: a) slider on the home page. Do I need to buy revolution slider plugin for this – would it be compatible? b) gallery images pop up in lightbox. Is lightbox (or similar) included? CHEERS!

  1. Yes, you would need to use a plugin for that.
  2. I’d recommend the PrettyPhoto plugin for the lightbox functionality.

Hey there – I have a quick question about this theme (how to turn off the “bounce” effect) and I went to your support site but there’s no category/forum for this one there. Where should my question go?

Please open a ticket on the support site.

Although I cannot find anything about a mobile version in your description, I take it from the images on the purchase page that you have incorporated a mobile version of the theme. Can you please verify that this is the case. Thanks!

Its a responsive design, resize your browser to see it in action.

Hi there,

I like your theme and might use it for one of my clients. I have a few pre purchase questions:

  1. In your demo, when you click in the menu on templates, the submenu is being clicked open. Once you click a submenu page, the submenu is being closed again and you’d have to click on templates again to open the submenu again. Is it possible (via theme options) to keep the submenu open and only close it once you go to another main menu page?
  2. Can the left menu bar also be placed on the right?
  3. Is there a custom css field in the theme options? Or do css changes require changing codes in the base files?

Thanks & regards, Monique

  1. Yes, by modifying the JS this can be acheived.
  2. Yes, with modifications
  3. Yes there is in the create a skin area of the admin options

Hey simple pre-purchase question. Can I lock items in blog to Homepage?

Yes, I’d just recommend marking the post as sticky and it’ll take precedence.

Pre purchase question.

Am I able to use WooCommerce with your themes? I want to sell digital downloads.

Thanks, Jennifer

Definitely, WooCommerce will basically work with any theme out there its just a matter of it will use the plugins standard layouts and CSS.

Is the Neuehaus 1.0.4 theme compatible with the WordPress 4.0 update?

Yes, its 100% compatible.

Great. Thank you!

No probs, thanks for your purchase don’t forget to rate the theme!