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Hey again,

Another questions: When I remove “another wordpress blahblah” the search field is the search field disappear (half of the field).

When I post more photos, and I choose the align to center, it’s still stay left-align.

Can you help me?


Hey again,

Sorry, but I found something: when I post 3 photos the footer is ended, like here: http://cl.ly/2T3g0S002o2g272E0N1T. I set up the width what you suggested before, but it’s still not okay. Can you help me with this?


Try adding:

<div class="clear" />

into your post after all the content.

How do I limit the number of posts on the blog page/homepage?

Admin > Settings > Reading

for whatever reason this theme won’t show up in firefox, it defaults to my old theme. any ideas?

Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com

Hey contempoinc, I wanna buy the theme, but i need one question answered frist. Do the pictures in your standard post show on the rss feed? I need to make sure it is in a format that support visibility in an rss feed. I need to buy this like yesterday. Can i get a feedback as soon as possible?

Yes, I would recommend using a plugin like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-rss-images/

For some reason on the home page, images do not load inside of post excerpts. Please advise.


You have quite a few script errors, disable any plugins and test.

I’ve disabled all plugins. There were only a few running. Problem still exists. Is it possible timthumb requires a different version of PHP than this server is running?

Great theme.

How do I make the sidebar available on all posts and pages?


Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Thank you for your response.

I did, thank you. :)

Hi, I bought this theme a couple years ago and I am having issues with woocommerce. There seems to be a jquery issue happening on the add to cart page and the button for it isn’t showing up when the size is chosen, it’s not allowed to be visible. When I removed the display:none from the div, the plugin doesn’t know the size has been selected and “choose product option” shows. Is there a way to make the theme work with woocommerce?

We have since had changed to our web team and the person that bought the theme is no longer here so I do not have the license number but I do have the purchase confirmation otherwise I would have put this question in your support forum.

Unfortunately I can’t provide support for third-party plugins, the theme was never intended or tested with woocommerce. Hope you understand.