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Thanks. The new widgets.php works perfectly!

FYI – the bottom logo is still not working. I even tried renaming my logo file to match your original (paramount-logo.png), but no matter what I do, it will not show.


Okay, I figured out the issue with the bottom logo. The footer code is not set to take the logo from the Admin settings like the top logo is. I hard coded it into the footer and it now works fine.

You might want to fix that for future users.




I the template WP3x ready? So can i use the new menu feature? And did i have the latest version of the template? I purchased it 13 Jun 09.



It is compatible with 3.0, however the Custom Menu feature hasn’t been enabled yet.

okay, and when will that be?


Replace your functions.php with this:

And your header.php with this:

Then you should be good to go

Yes! It is working, thank you very much. At the menu part at the admin is says: “Your theme supports 0 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.”



You’ll need to add/create a menu

I have done that. It is working. But at the menu part at the admin panel it says “Your theme supports 0 menus. Select which menu appears in each location. At other WP3 .0 themes it says for instance “Your theme supports 1 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.”



With regards to you previous “malicious site” warnings.

The domain I have installed this theme on ( is blocked by Websense at my office for malicious code. None of my other Wordpress blogs are blocked. I don’t really think the theme has malicious code, but there must be something in there that is setting it off – maybe some reference to your site that it is picking up on and connecting the dots.

Can you tell me where to look for any code that might trigger a malicious code warning?


There’s definitely nothing in the theme, it was my actually server that got attacked (which is completely clean now). There’s been a ton of malware attacks going around lately for WordPress. I would recommend doing a free scan using, one of my colleagues runs it.

I submitted an email to Websense requesting that they unblock it, and they did. No malware found.

Apparently, they often flag new domains, just ‘cause. Nice, huh?

On the upside (if anyone else ever has this problem), I sent an email to about it and they responded and cleared the block in less than 24 hours.



BTW – theme is working great. Definitely the best one I have gotten from Themesforest to date. Thanks for the great work!

Good to hear, glad ya got it sorted. Thanks for the kind words as well!

Edited – Never mind, I figured this one out.

Suggestion – regarding the slideshow on each post page, while totally cool, occasionally it doesn’t really work for a post. For instance, I am doing one with an embedded video – in this case, the slideshow is really redundant.

Perhaps a way to set a particular post to not use the slideshow? I don’t know how hard that would be, but it would be helpful.

Just a suggestion for future development.


Does this theme crop uploaded images (for blog posts) or stretch them, if an image is not the exact dimensions? If it crops them, is there any way to manage how it is cropped (without resizing the image personally before I upload it)?

Does the internal editor include customization for the slider? adjust the size/height of the slider, speed of transitions, etc.?


How do you setup sebmenu items like in your demo? There is still no support for WP 3 .0 menus?

Not at the moment no, you’ll need to use Parent/Child relationships through your post categories to get the dropdowns.

Did you purchase the theme on another account?

Thankyou, but then, how can I link to a ‘page’ off the main menu instead of a category?

We purchased the theme under Here’s the problem:

thankyou for the help

Just create a page and it will be automatically added to the main nav.

hi… does this theme has po and mo files for translation? thanx

No, unfortunately not at this point in time.

Hi, how can I help?

Oh! Wow, that’s interesting. Sorry i went trough 49 pages of templates and your is the oldest on portfolio category, i saw the last update was in 2011 so i was not waiting for a reply, i was just saying hi to the next person visiting, sorry to bother and keep up the great support :)

Ah, gotcha yeah I still support all my themes — cheers!