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nasan Purchased

Any updates planned?

Not at this point in time none are required.


Alfani Purchased

menu for mobile does not work. Does not leave any button

Looks like you got this sorted I’m seeing the mobile menu button


Alfani Purchased

I resolved yesterday, thanks . It was my mistake

Glad you got it sorted, I’m guessing some sort of JS conflict caused it.

Hi. The breadcrumbs of the website clashes with the heading on mobile phone – something is not right there. How do I remove the breadcrumbs from the website?

You can use this bit of CSS ct-breadcrumbs { display: none;}, thanks for your purchase!

Where exactly do I add this bit of CSS?

You can use a plugin like that would be easiest for small snippets like this.


nasan Purchased

Hi there, I just have one question:

We are using a very high quality DSLR to take our vehicle images. I want to know if these images with high file sizes are added to a listing, will it slow down the page loading speed or will the theme compress the images?


Definitely will, I highly recommend optimizing and resizing your images down the listing images only need to be 820px wide or save at 1640px for high resolution displays and mobile devices. I’d also recommend using a caching plugin to speed things up, thanks for your purchase!


nasan Purchased

1. Can the slider on the home page be made bigger, meaning can the height be increased?

2. I would like to add Visual Composer to the theme. How will this work with the themes existing modules & elements?



nasan Purchased

3. Can the Map on the “Find A Vehicle” page be removed?

  1. Yes, the height is determined by the proportions of the images uploaded.
  2. A page builder isn’t required so none of the important “theme focused” elements would be affected, Visual Composer wouldn’t be a problem if you wanted to use it.
  3. Yes, with some simple CSS #map-wrap { display: none;}


Is the theme specific to cars only? Do you think we can use this theme for heavy construction equipment? What’s important is.. Can we modify the search filters?

Let me know


With modifications you can use it for any type of listing site, I’ve had buyers use it for anything from boats to tractors.

home page not showing in page builder :(

I’m assuming you meant the homepage isn’t showing the page builder contents? Please open a ticket on the support site with your admin information and we’ll take a look. Thanks for your purchase!

Hi, Just installed the theme and this is what came up straight away.

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘ct_mortgage_calc_scripts’ not found or invalid function name in /home/pristine/public_html/ on line 525

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘ct_mortgage_calc_css’ not found or invalid function name in /home/pristine/public_html/ on line 525

Delete the CT Auto Loan Calculator plugin and replace with this, thanks for your purchase!

I’m not a developer, and I do not intend to resell the theme. Can I use this theme to create my own auto trading site and charge for listings under general licence?

Duplicate, see previous response.

hi, I have sent them a ticket with a question, because the map location is not seen on the web template? does not the map, or by Javascript,?


rendell Purchased

I couldn’t submit ticket with purchase code.

I have 2 problem: 1. Grid Listing woocommerce page is not displaying properly for 3 product per rows 2. how to change miles to km?

I’ve had a couple buyers experience (however a ton of others dont have any issues) this it has to be an issue with Envatos API being down, I’d recommend trying to open one again. If not you’ll need to contact Envato support as that’s outside of my control,?_ga=1.9504497.570696827.1469818458, thanks for your understanding.

It’s been over 1 year since this theme was updated … Is there an update for this theme? Active support?

Okay, cool! Thank you … was curious about compatibility!

Is there an admin demo?

Sorry I don’t offer any admin demos due to security concerns, hope you understand. The theme works just like any other with a Listings Custom Post Type, custom fields & taxonomies along with an admin options panel.

hi there cant see any example of how the membership plans and submissions work – can membership plans be integrated with woocommerce too?

I’m currently working on a membership module for the theme specifically however you could use WooCommerce if you’d like.

Is there a tutorial available for this theme?

The documentation can be found at thanks for your purchase!

Hello, I have a client that is using your theme.

How do I setup the URLs so the Listings is on its own page and not generated out with my control? I need to setup custom HTML title and meta descriptions for SEO.

We also need to add a few paragraphs of content below the listings section for both SEO and usability reasons – how do we do this? I have had a look through the documentation on the settings page but can’t see anything relevant to these questions.

Thanks, Nathan

You’ll need to create custom page templates with specific queries for those say makes, or models only then you’ll be able to apply specific title and descriptions, the listing search itself is just that an engine to allow for anything in the listings to be queried depending on the users input so in regards to SEO it doesn’t apply as there aren’t any “pages” to index and cache.

my client is bugging me about this, and you are not answering my emails. How can I get some info prior purchase?

Sorry, didn’t see them. Responded.

I’m running WordPress 4.7.2 – installed your theme – and now cannot access my Media Library. Nothing shows up ? Also, “Add Media” on the individual listings (when edited in the dashboard) doesn’t work too.

You’ll need to post on the account you purchased the theme with and also make sure you’re supported, thanks!

Hey contemponic – I’ve sent in a support ticket and yes I have 6 months of support included.

Did you send it under another account?

How can I change “mileage” to “kilometres” ?

Hey contempoinc – no – it should be this account ?

TICKET #1057836

Thanks, I’ll get back to you shortly. Looks like my provider Ticksy is actually having server issues as I’m getting 500 errors when accessing my support site. Thanks for your patience.