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How are inventory imported .. can we schedule inventory feed? Thank you

You can manually add them or use CSV or XML and WP All Import with the option to automatically schedule said import, check out

I’m actually doing two buyer/client sites with CSV imports right now. Thanks in advance for your purchase!

I can not install the following plugins. I want to uninstall. that will not do

Contempo Automotive Custom Posts (External Link)

Envato WordPress Toolkit

Symple Shortcodes Contempo Auto Loan Calculator Widget

I can do the installation however it’ll be more than using someone from Envato Studio to do it for you they’re only $50 dollars see

You can send me demo template as an xml file. What else could be the problem I did everything.

The demo xml is included keep in mind this theme doesn’t use a 1-click demo importer it uses the older methods.

Hello, I can not install demo. I have asked several times but have not received an answer yet. I’ve done everything as in the video. Unfortunately it does not work.

I ask for fast answer, otherwise I have to evaluate badly.

You’ll need to contact your hosting provider and have them up your PHP memory limits in php.ini to at least 512MB and increase your max execution time Once they’ve done that go back to your site and run the importer and you should be good to go!

  1. Increase your max execution time, try 40000 I know its high but trust me
  2. Increase your PHP memory limit, try 512MB

I have increased it. It does not work. I also wrote as a private ticket, but nobody answers.

I can send my data, can not you make it for me? define(‘ONECOM_WP_ADDONS_API’, ‘');


define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’ );

ini_set( ‘max_execution_time’, 40000);

/That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */


Replied to your other thread.

Hi. Purchased the theme – but seems that there is no support for some plugin´s, because of missing or wrong code. See below the comments from plugin developer:

the_content filter is missing

If WP QUADS detects that the_content filter is missing on posts and pages you need to fix this first before WP QUAD is able to inject ads into your website.

This filter is used by WordPress and by many other plugins to modify the post content before output. Even though this filter is essential some WordPress developers tend to forget this or use the get_the_content() and not the_content() to output any content.

If you can not fix this on your own ask your theme developer to solve this.

My personal advice:

Switch the theme! If such essential function is missing in a WordPress theme it’s highly likely that this theme will lead to other serious issues and makes you more trouble with other plugins

The themes single.php, page.php, single-listings.php all use the_content() as standard and not get_the_content() if the ads plugin you’re using requires that which is very odd, you would need to create a child heme and modify the files to suit the plugins requirements. Things like this are outside the scope of my support, hope you understand, thanks for your purchase!

Thx. for replying. Odd thing is, that it works with the standard WP-themes, but not the Automotive2 theme? Also – I saw that you have defined this: $content = get_the_content(); in template_edit_listing.php. Anyway . I cannot get it to work?


Dentlet Purchased


We have your automotive theme installed and runs most of the functionality we need. But one very important thing is missing – we cant get the listings page showed on front end..

Do you have a manual or a screen cast on how to do this – it is critical to get value out of the theme in our case :).

Best Regards, Mikael

Hi, just use this URL and that’ll show all your listings. Just a heads up your support has expired and you’ll need to purchase an extended pack, thanks!


Dentlet Purchased


Thanks for helping out – unfortunately not, that just shows my home page:

What comes closest is that I am able to show “My Listings”, but that seems like an internal page, as “pending, Published” etc. are visible and edit button as well..

Can you advise me how to get only the public showing and ability to click entry in the list to open detail page about the listing?

About the support – I have not used support before? And I think this is the only issue we do have :).

Best Regards, Mikael

If that’s just showing the homepage then you don’t have your Settings > Reading > Front page displays > set to Home (and that page has the page template Home) assigned to it, otherwise the search-listings.php template won’t be included and the search will just redirect.


Dentlet Purchased

Sorry, I think we misunderstand each other.. This is the page: I dont want this to be editable for visitors on the site – I only want to show my listings :)? Br Mikael

Remove the ID from WP Automotive 2 Options > Front End Submission > Front End Submission View Page and you’ll be all set.

Just a heads up your support has expired and you’ll need to purchase an extended pack, thanks!

presales question?, we want to autoexport our inventory to 3rd party sites, like car gurus, carsforsale,, cariglist, facebook store, google merchant, can we do that?


heaford Purchased

Hi, I bought this today, can you please help with how I remove the section:

“A Responsive & Feature Rich Automotive Theme for WordPress! Chock full of awesomeness, this is one you can’t afford to pass up, Buy It Today!”

from the home page?

Go into Real Estate 7 Options > Homepage > disable the CTA block > Save Settings and you’ll be all set, thanks for your purchase!


heaford Purchased

Thanks for that. That worked! What I can not find is the ‘Find a Vehicle’ page, the one, that is linked to from the top menu bar. I want a way to be able to display all the cars we have for sale.


romanzy Purchased

The theme’s body width is 1100px. Is it easy to make it wider, maybe via theme options or the customizer? And is it correct that your theme didn’t get an update since 18 August 15, more than 2 years ago?

You could with CSS modifications via a child theme, that’s correct as an update hasn’t been required.


romanzy Purchased

Chris, I bought your theme, but need some help, so I wil write via the support function. Thx


romanzy Purchased

You received Chris?


romanzy Purchased

Is there any chance that I might get feedback from you today Chris? Thank you.


Front end submission does not work. Every time I click on the front end buttons it takes me to blog posts>??

That’s a simple htaccess/permalink error, just need to resave your permalinks and you’ll be all set check out this KB article but if you’ve already tried all that you’ll need to connect to your server via FTP and delete the .htaccess file > test with plain > then go back into your WordPress admin and set your permalinks again.

I am having trouble with theme regarding the front end submission system. The top bar, “Submit listing” etc buttons navigate to the latest post rather to submission page.

If I click on the option to edit a listing it just navigates to the normal listing view.

How can I fix this?

See previous reply.

Thanks. That worked perfectly

Sure thing! If you haven’t already please be sure to rate the theme and my support in your area, 5 stars is always very, very much appreciated and helps immensely!

If I submit a new listing, I want it to be published immediately instead of pending. How would I change the settings to do this?

Sorry confused it with my real estate 7 theme, the above doesn’t apply apologize for the confusion. This theme actually doesn’t have an option to auto publish it’ll require a child theme and digging into some code by copying over the template-submit-listing.php

Is there any way you guys might be able to assist me? Like coding snippits to insert ? Thanks. This matter is time sensitive

Unfortunately, in-depth modifications like this are outside the scope of my support. Hope you understand, thanks for your purchase!

If you’d like for me to do them, shoot me a message via my profile with a detailed outline of what you’d like to accomplish and I’ll get you a quote and turnaround time.

instantly publish

See previous reply.

how can I change aqua page builder to visual composer in the home page?

Also if its not possible, how can I embed a revolution slider with aqua builder? shortcodes doesn’t seem to be working?

Is there any shortcodes for featured listings and listing search?

  1. Just deactivate and delete Aqua and add Visual Composer simple as that.
  2. Sorry at this point in time there are no shortcodes for the featured listings or search.

Thanks for your purchase!

Two issues.

1. Google maps issue (Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.)

2. Entire site crashes when attempting to install plugin (Envato WordPress Toolkit)

Thank you for your time.

  1. You need to generate an API key and add via Real Estate 7 Options > Google Maps.
  2. The Envato Toolkit plugin was developed by Themeforest/Envato so unfortunately, I can’t help much in that way but its 100% optional and not required you can update the theme via FTP

Thanks for your purchase!

Hi, how could i change the zoom level for the google map section?

The mapping zoom level is automatically set by doing some math based on the pins shown and radius of said pins, this is the way I developed it so unfortunately without recoding its not possible to manually set it, hope you understand. Thanks for your purchase!

How can i get the contact form to work? I have the destination email and everything else filled out in the Contact section of the WP Pro Automotive Options.

Disable any non-required plugins and test them one by one, something is causing a conflict. Also see your browser developer tools > console and check for errors. Thanks for your purchase!

Hello, This is a presales question regarding wp-pro-automotive-2 theme:

I am building a car dealer marketplace in my website. Is it possible for a user to book an appointment with each individual car dealer in my web site using this theme?

If so, how difficult this implementation could be?

Thanks, Miguel

They can enquire about a vehicle on its individual page via the contact form to book an appointment, if you wanted an actual booking system one would need to be implemented and modifications would need to be made. I would just keep the simple contact form a booking plugin is pretty much overkill for an automotive site.

Thanks in advance for your purchase!

Thanks for your prompt reply on this subject. :) Additionally, how difficult would it be ceating a car dealers finder using this theme? Would the user be possible to select a car and then the site can pinppoint in the map the nearer dealers based on a ZIP Code location? From them can they fill the form for an appointment?

Would it be possible for the user to easily compare prices of the same car offered by the different dealers?



Hi! How do install the Google Maps API in the WP pro Automotive 2?