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It’s about time someone offered a real alternative on TF :).

Much appreciated!

Awesome is all I can think of!

Looks awesome…Is a user able to add a listing from the front end?

Great theme! I’ve been looking for a solution like this for a client with a golf car business. Perfect! Do you do support questions elsewhere? I’ve changed the skin/background but it’s not working.

Thanks for your purchase, I’ll respond to your ticket on the support site.

One more thing… When submitting a request via the contact form, I get the error: NOT FOUND , Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

I just tried to submit a support request through and it’s currently down.

Thanks much!

Just gave the contact form a test and its working, also the support site is up.

Do you offer any custom solutions to this theme? I would like to customize the theme for a totally different industry. Do you offer this availability? Mainly it would be to change the fields of listings. Please let me know!

Great theme!


Absolutely, shoot me a message via my profile when you purchase and I can get you setup.

looks like a great theme! way to go!

Much appreciated!

I need in the field price use: dot and comma. Its possible?

Yes, very easily by editing a single line of code. When you purchase I can help ya out,

Hey ContempoInc.. On first view, it looks like a winner..!! Can’t wait until the weekend to dig a little deeper :-)

Good Luck (& I think you’ll do well outa this one…!!)


Much appreciated! Let me know if you have any pre-purchase questions.

I sure will…

Cheers Buddy :-)

Great theme. Is it possible to set expiry date for the listings that are added from the frond end?

Definitely, would just require some code tweaking.


5/23/12 — View complete changelog here

is it possible to remove/edit some of the elements from the search? I only want the following to be searchable

Car Manufacutuer Car Type Fuel Type Monthly Budget

Definitely you’ll want to edit two files:

automotive > includes > advanced-search.php


automotive > includes > widgets > ct-widget-listingssearch.php

Thanks will try this out – also I want to edit the loan calc as its got the dollar and i need the pound which file do i edit for this?

automotive > includes > widgets > ct-widget-loancalc.php

Just for future please submit all support requests through:


5/24/12 — View complete changelog here

Hello, I love the template, but in IE9 he gets all mangled. = ( There is already a solution for this?

What are you seeing in IE9 ?

Sorry, there has been an error. The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

Make sure you’re only uploading the and not the entire main zip, if you’re still getting the error you’ll need to contact your host and have them increase your upload limit.