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Please let me know when updated, I cannot use the theme until now, thanks.


My client purchased this theme and wanted me to replace the slider with Revolution Slider. However, when I embedded the revolution slideshow I created, the slideshow will not appear. I have ran into this issue before, and solved the issue by removing one line of java.

Is there any insight you could lend to help me to get this slider working?

I do on my support site:

You’ll need your clients item purchase code to gain access to open a ticket.

I have the purchase code, but it’s saying it’s invalid. I would post it here, but I don’t think that would be best. What should I do?

You’ll need to contact

I have a few questions.

I want to make a page called Inventory, and I would like to display all the cars that I list up. How can I do that?

Also theres no documentations on how the to add the products to the slider and the featured listing.

Can you please explain?


Can you please also check ticket id 5514.



Does each individual vehicle listing have the option to add video ?


Definitely you can embed video into the listing body content.

ok thanks . I have purchased this. lol now another 2 questions.

1/ My images or slider wont appear, checked permissions as suggested but no luck?

2/ How do you change the settings on the vehicle search ?

Hello, I want to buy your theme, but I have questions :

Is the theme allow other user (dealer) to login and post their listings into the website? Do you have paypal support for accepting payments from these dealers?

Please let me know.

It uses the standard user system so you can have unlimited logins, for more control and payments I’d recommend a plugin like s2member

G’day mate,

I have a client who likes this theme. However his business sells Guard Rails and mining safety gear, rather then Cars or the like.

I’m just wondering how flexible this theme is, for example that list of cars can I have it list like all different types of Excavators for instance?

Is that (i’m guessing widget??) customizable?

Cheers, Steve

No probs, lemme know if ya have anymore questions.

G’day again,

I have purchased this theme, but the shortcodes do not work properly. When I click on the “add one third” button it does this:

just shows the code, as if there is missing information from the shortcode.

That is very confusing, why does it do that?


Please open a ticket on the support site.

Trying to get some help on my website. Left a comment yesterday in the support section, but yet to receive a reply :(

Ok,thanks. Still waiting for a response :-(

Hi there.Still waiting on a reply,and my client’s still waiting. Do you know how much longer it’s going to take?

Post the link to your ticket.

I love this theme. But, when I add a listing and view it, the map shows an arbitrary location in Raleigh, NC. I see an entry for “Street Address”, but I do not see one for “City,State,ZIP. If I add a good street address, or a street address which includes City, State, ZIP, the listing map does not change.

What can I do to change the default map location for all listings so no entry is needed with each listing?

Title: Street Address, then enter the city, state, zip in the custom taxonomies on the right hand side.

Thanks, but this doesn’t work for a car dealer where all the cars are ALWAYS located at the same address. We needed the “Title” to be something like “2013 Honda Civic EX-L”.

I would up hard coding line 366 of theme-functions.php to set the map address to a fixed one. Perhaps you might consider making it easy to set a fixed address in a future update. It would make a nice addition to an awesome theme!

Great theme and so close to the ideal theme for me bur I have two major concerns:

1. WooCommerce ready or at least compatible. I will have car accesories for sales in my website.

2. How can I let registered users register their own single car for sale and Dealers to post their car inventory for sale. This one is a must for me because it will be the top site feature for my visitors.

Thank you!!

1. There’s no custom styles built into the theme for WooCommerce but it will still definitely work. You would just have the default styling that comes with the plugin.

2. I’d recommend a plugin like s2Member for something like that.

the Css is no working on the demo

It’s a 100% up and working.

installed the theme and nothing but a block of text, no slider or anything. I need this up and running asap so any help would be appreciated

Go into WP Pro Automotive Options > Homepage

images will not load, nothing is showing.

Sorry but images are not displaying and seems to be a tin thumb issue. When I look at the URL they are not loading the images. The folders have correct permissions. I really need to figure this out asap

I did all of this, when I look at the link to my image in firebug it says “file not found” so something is not correct. The images will not display, permissions are correct and the cache file exist. None of the other options pertain to my site.

reinstalled wordpress, reinstalled theme and replaced tinthumb.php with newest version and all is working.

Right on, glad you got it sorted. Thanks for your purchase!

I want widgets to take up more than one space, how would I change the width of the widget area? I have text which I want more than one column long.

Unfortunately this isn’t an quick and easy customization to explain as it requires modifying a few files along with the overall layout of the theme.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

how would I add rental option to the menu and have only rentals come up?

sorry but I cannot seem to edit nor change the vehicle images. I am following your instructions but there is no “attach to post” option in wordpress 3.7.1 and only “attach to page” if I am suppose to be using the default media button. I only can insert it into the actual post and not change the default images in the slideshow.

Unfortunately that won’t work the image needs to be attached to the post itself and at this point in time WordPress doesn’t offer a way to attach an image to a post that already exists in the image library.

yeah that sucks, the only way I found to do it is to insert right into post then delete to associate it with the post.

How do I add a rep to a vehicle? Its nowhere on the listings page and on my cars search it says “Sales rep”. How would I enter this and if I wanted it removed what is the best solution?

Whomever the logged in user is that creates the listing is the rep, or you can change that by editing the listing author.

You can enter user information under Admin > Users > User

getting this in my newest listing

$ Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /home/content/57/12032657/html/wp-content/themes/automotive/admin/theme-functions.php on line 697

Make sure you’re not entering anything but numerals into the price field, if no price enter a 0

map on individual cars is incorrect. The map shows the wrong address yet the map on the contact page is correct. We are in Brooklyn 11218 but the address is a random wrong address. any way to fix this so that the address it the same as on the contact page?

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

Hi there I’ve just put an image onto the ‘featured images section’ of the site, but for some reason it’s come out as a different size to the other ones on the homepage

Is there anyway of fixing it?

The address is

Many thanks, Matthew