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I have purchased your theme. The theme is installed. But when i am adding any image or video on the blog post, the image nor the video is showing. But the demo image and the video that we got when we import the demo content it is showing. Can you please take a look into that.

Below is the link of the website


Thanks for your purchase, if you could please open a ticket on the support site.


I have already open a ticket but it is almost 3 days gone and i have not received any reply from that end.

Whats the ticket number?

Actually site is using timthumb script to resize images and even if I optimize(as per suggestion of Google Page Insights) images, still it is not picking fresh version. Also timthumb is outdated and it should be replaced with some other function. How to removed timthumb ? Pl help.

Hi, Does this have integrated automatic recurring paypal and/or stripe payments for packages without the use of third party plugins?

Looks like a duplicate post but here’s my reply from the previous:

“Hi, yes I’m just wrapping up development & testing for my membership and packages plugin that does have recurring payments with Stripe & PayPal, along with Bank/Wire Transfer. Its being released in my v2.7.0 update which are always free! You can see a preview video of it in action in one of my previous comments I made yesterday in this panel.”

Thanks in advance for your purchase!

please i not liking this theme since it does not fit my desire but prefer the 7 new version if possible i can top up

but i have not got the refund for this purchase yet

Thats all handled by Themeforest.

Hi – I have been using this theme for a client for a while. When I went to add a listing for them, the featured image element is not available which means I can’t add the large image to the listing. I am using v 1.6.3 with WP 4.9.4. Please advise how to get that back – thanks.