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Love the search feature. Good luck with sales bud!


cudazi Envato Team

Looks great and very powerful, good work!

Awesome stuff :)

Thanks guys!

One of the best real estate theme.

Thank ya sir!

Just bought it.. great stuff.. however.. any docs? i need to change Google Maps API key. Thanks!

Thanks for your purchase, you’ll find the documentation in the main zip under help_documentation > index.html

You’ll find the API Key under WP Pro Real Estate 2 Options > Contact > Info Block & Map > API Key

Thanks for reply.. i dont seem to have that folder.. or any PSD ’s Help?

Thanks for swift reply!

Regards, Skooz.

Just checked and it looks like PSD and documentation folders have been left out, shoot me an email and I’ll get them over to ya.

Just a heads up for any buyers the PSD & documentation folders were left out by mistake, the item is being updated but in the meantime shoot me an email via my profile and I can get them over to you ASAP .

Updated files are up!

Quick and easy setup, awesome feature set. Best real estate theme, bar none.

Does this have MLS support?

Not out of the box currently, but can be easily integrated with something like

This is something I’m looking into for an upcoming update though.

Hey ! This seem looks great, but if I were to buy it, I would need to make it multilingual. Is theme localized ? Otherwise it will be hard to make it multilingual ;).


Yes, it’s completely localized and ready for translation. It’s also very easy to change the currency through the admin options panel.

Was looking to use the demo data but the xml file doesn’t seem to be included. Help!

Shoot me an email and I can give the XML for the demo content.

This is one of the best real estate themes that I have come across. Kudos!

I just have one question/suggestion. Is it possible to add a date search function to search for when a rental item is available? This would be a great feature for visitors.

Thanks, not out of the box but this is something I can look into adding for a future update.

Hi Contempoinc,

I have a question. Are we able to setup the Map manually or does it pickup address data? I would like to use out of the country and most addresses do not work automatically.


It uses the full address to map

example: 350 Camino de la Reina, San Diego, CA 92108

You might need to make some slight modifications to reflect your countries address format

Nice theme but beware; the sample data mentioned in the documentation is missing so you’ll have to contact the designer if you want to set up the theme with data.

Would not have bought if I knew that…

I’ve updated the theme files to include the demo data.

Great theme.

I love the theme that is used as the example, but I’ve found it to be incredibly difficult to get my page looking anything like the one displayed here. Your instructions are great for getting it up and running but are lacking in description on how to get the various pages looking like yours.

Here are the major issues I experienced trying to get this up and running, I would appreciate your help:

1. The instructional videos listed are for a different wordpress theme you made and although similar to this blog, really don’t help a whole lot.

2. The instructions included don’t mention anything about how to get the plugins on the right hand side of all the pages working.

It would be really helpful if you made a screencast video of THIS theme so that it’s easier to follow. I’ve had a very difficult time trying to figure out how to edit the contact page, how to add a property to the featured homepage. Don’t mean to complain, just have had a very frustrating few hours trying to get this awesome theme running.

I’m actually working on some new screencasts, should be ready mid-next week. There’s no plugins involved (I’m guessing you’re referring to the widgets), on the single listing page in the demo you’re seeing the following widgets:

  • Agents Other Listings
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Request More Info Form

If you need any help setting it up, let me know.

That would be great. I figured out the widget section, two other easy questions.

1. Where do I fill in info for the “Presented by” section that is included in each listing? I want to add a photo and a little info but am not seeing where to add that.

2. How do I make a certain listing “featured” to show up on the homepage? I’ve looked all over the place but can’t seem to find where I can enable a listing. Right now there’s empty space separating the logo and the “find a listing” section.

Appreciate the help.

1. That’s in User > Your Profile or whichever User Profile you’re updating.

2. All you need to do is add a taxonomy of “Featured” in the Status taxonomy box on the listing edit/post page, and you’re good to go.

Hi. Are you only able to feature one property or multiple?

And Where do you show your link to your BLOG on the top menu bar?


Yes, with the current homepage setup. But you could feature more with some modifications.

You just use the Appearance > Menus to build out your navigation items.

How would I remove the admin widget from the admin panel? I bought this theme for the design and don’t want to use it for a real estate site so the Listing menu in the admin is confusing.



Open up functions.php and remove lines 60 & 61

// Custom Post Types
require_once ($functions_path . 'custom_posts.php');