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Been battling a bit with trying to echo out outside custom fields. I found an error in my code and fixed that and I took your advice and followed the above url, and found another snippet of code:

So using this example:

I have added:

<h5><a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;">&lt;?php if((get_post_meta($post?&gt;ID, "id_value", true))) { ?&gt;<p>&lt;?php echo get_post_meta($post?&gt;ID, "id_value", $single = true); ?&gt;</p>&lt;?php } ?&gt;</a></h5>

in widgets.php in ‘other agents listings’, and have added:

&lt;?php $GLOBALS['current_id'] = $post?&gt;ID; ?&gt;


&lt;?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?&gt;

in ‘other agents listings’

And in my footer have added:

<?php echo get_post_meta($GLOBALS['current_id'], "custom-field-name", true); ?>

Am I going wrong by not changing custom-field-name in the above code to my own unique field name?

Any help would be much appreciated and compensation will be made if required.

Kind regards,


nb: sorry some brackets in the above code are not showing up properly, even though encased in ‘code ’ html suggested below.

I have tried to replace custom-field-name with id_value (as this is the name of my custom field) and it does not work. Any chance you could help out? Am I placing all the code I mentioned in the correct php files?

I’m sorry since this is more of a customization request I can only help out so much, but take a look at this:

Looks like a much simpler solution.


Hi Chris,

No worries, I understand that it is outside the scope of support offered however I am willing to compensate you for any customisations..

BUT right now, I am doing a little jig because the suggested code worked. Wohoooo!

Thanks mate!


Also having issues with ‘Request more info’. I have tested the form and it does not display a success message. Tried to send myself a test message.. nothing. User email currently set to my email address.



Shorten up your success message and remove the line break and your forms will be good to go.

I am having an awesome day today – thanks – it works!

Good deal, glad I could help!

Hi Karin, I am having the same issue with ‘Request more info’. Who is doing your hosting? I am with WHen I tested this with them, they saw no error off of the server…maybe problem with php or formail or Javascript. Well see what Chris says…)

Chris, I want to change the dynamic linking of the featured image on front page to the page with all properties. How do I do that. Another option would be to turn off the linking of the slider images altogether.

You’ll need to open up realestate2 > admin.php > theme_functions.php > and change <?php the_permalink(); ?> on line 579

This might be dumb on my part, but how do I setup a blog page? On the demo it looks like it’s linked to different categories, but can I setup a regular blog page that shows posts separate from the property listings?

Yes, all you need to do is use the normal Posts & Categories for your blog.

What I’m asking is how do I create a page with all blog posts… Is that possible, or do I need to link to individual categories? I would prefer to have a page with all posts in categories if possible?

You would just make a parent category for all your blog posts, like I have in my demo:

That shows all the blog posts assigned under the Articles category, then you can drill down from there into your child categories (ie. Web Design, Graphic Design, etc…)


My employer purchased this theme 2days ago. I am having all sorts of trouble with it. I have sent tweets to the author, but no response …

1) So the support is not top notch … that is a lie … I love this website (Themeforest), but authors cannot lie and say they provide top notch support when they do not … It is bad for paying clients …

2) While I am new to WP, I am not a total idiot when it comes to CMS … I cannot find the slider / setting for the property slider…I cannot find the file to edit to customise the advanced search area …

3) The documentation that comes with the template is not only incomplete, but it is light on details. I would rather rummage through a lot of information than be given scant and light information after spending money …

So the author must come to the party and provide direction or he must not claim this theme to have top notch support.

Woah, woah, I responded to your first tweet and the last one was sent 9 hrs ago while I was asleep. Please before you bad mouth the theme and my support give me some time to respond, and also try the normal avenues comment here or sending me a message via my profile.

The advanced search file is located in realestate_2 > layouts > includes > advanced_search.php

All the settings for the slider are located in WP Real Estate 2 Options > Featured/Single Sliders.

The documentation was actually updated last night, along with the theme please make sure you re-download.

Let me start off by apologising if it sounds like I am unhappy with the theme – that is not the case. The theme is awesome. That is why we bought it.

Where do I start?

- where is this documentation? in the zip file? if so, all I found in a zip file was 1 index.html file with less than 1000 words of instructions.

- the video that you run is perfect, but it does not guide me on how to get the slider (the most important feature for my client’s site)

- why is all of this so difficult to find / get? If i have to hard code certain things, no problem, but it should be mentioned. Do i have to download any other plugins – slider or anything else?

- where is the Google maps? do I have to download it and install it?

I have used other WP themes, and things were in their right places and i did not even have to send anything to anyone in terms of support …I am from a Joomla background, but I have worked with WP before on a number of projects, but this is slightly frustrating …

If you say er-download, what do I redownload – the whole theme? then reinstall? is that what you mean …

I do not mean to be rude or disrespectful about your awesome theme, but i think better and more clear directions, it could avoid so many things …

Once more, thanks for an awesome theme …


Nanu Media Johannesburg, RSA

The slider options are located in WP Pro Real Estate 2 Options > Featured/Single sliders

The Google maps are automatic, there’s no plugins needed

New Update Released!

View the changelog here, if you’ve already purchased make sure you re-download!




Thanks for the new update :-)




Hi Chris,

Would like to change the status ‘open house’ to ‘new listing’. Which file can I locate these in?



Its in admin > theme_functions.php lines 669 & 675


Thanks Chris.


You also need to change the style.css file – line 892, 893 & 897.


Would like also the option to change or add the listing status that creates a badge on the listing thumb.

Any update on making the url’s of the listing pages a little cleaner?

To enable permalinks, replace your admin > custom_posts.php with the below and you’ll be good to go:

Then go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and set them up as you like.


Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for this URL fix. Just one question, how hard is it to change the /listings/ part of the url? Do I just edit the customs_posts.php page?



You would need to change the listings name everywhere it’s used/referred to.

Thanks Chris, will leave as is then..

Fantastic!!! I bought this theme a week ago and have been very pleased with the documentation and customer support…..even when it was a mistake I had made.

If you think this is just good, let me state that this is GREAT .

Chris has gone above my expectations with support to me..(I am a WP hack)

Thanks Chris for your help and your on going development of a Fantastic WP theme.

I look forward to what your next theme will be!!!! i will buy it!



Much appreciated!


Thanks Chris. One more thing, I am customising the Request More Info form. I have found the contact form in Widgets.php and would like to know where to edit the validation code for ‘email’ etc. e.g.

class="validate[required,custom[email]] text-input"

Many thanks,



No worries, I found it.




Hi Chris,

Request More Information form validating okay :-) But in the confirmation email that I receive, there are no form details attached. There must be another file that I need to edit to make it write to the email?

Many thanks,


My images are still not showing up. If you could help that would be super! The feature images show but the NEW and Actives do not. I don’t know what else to do…tried several options including the ones you have listed. THANKS !

Post a link to your site and I’ll take a look

Just awesome work!



You need to add the images to your gallery for them to show up. I have replicated the error showing on your site. Take a look at my home page..

I have not added any images for property “No. 16”.

To add images :

Click on ‘Listings’ and select the property you wish to add images to.

Just below the title and permalink structure of the property listing that you selected, you will see ‘Upload / Insert’ and then a couple of icons.

Click on the first one (Add an image) and this will pop up a window for you to load your images. I normally use ‘upload from computer’. Once the image is uploaded, it will show under ‘From Computer’ tab and ‘Gallery’ tab. If you click on the Gallery tab, you can rearrange your images to whatever order you need them in.

Hope this helps..



Thanks for helping out Karin!

Anytime.. you have helped me so much!

i have a page called “Agents” where I have a short bio of each agent at the brokerage. I’d like to have a link at the end of each bio, “See all of Sue’s listings” which would show the listing search results of all the listings for, in this case, Sue. How would I do this?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Chris,

Sorry to bug you, I am aware that you are busy..

Just needing some help with ‘Request more information’ form.

I have customised my Request More Information form and it is validating okay :-) But in the confirmation email that I receive, there are no ‘form details’ attached. There must be another file that I need to edit to make these details appear in the email?

Many thanks,


ps: Got a ‘buy me a beer button’ or paypal button? Happy to donate.. :-)