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Hi Chris,

No worries, got the ‘Request form’ problem sorted.



Loving the theme just one issue, my images are not showing up on the homepage. Inner pages are fine.

Thanks in advance.

Managed to sort out my issue by replacing the code with the one on the Google site:

Hi Chris

Any chance of an update in order to be able to search by price range?



Its currently in the works


Your work is fantastic, what a brilliant website and concept

Thank you for all your help.



Not a problem, thanks again for your purchase


11/24/10 — View complete changelog here, make sure to download if you’ve already purchased.




Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update!

FYI , something went wrong with the styling of your preview theme page (home page only).




If you haven’t already found a solution to add a link to agents individual properties from your Agents page, here’s how to achieve this:

If you have set up the agents correctly (under Admin, Users, Your Profile) you should be able to get the links for each agent by clicking on the agents name in the property listing. Note, if you have more than one agent, just create as many as you need in Admin, Users, Add new.

If I were to create a link for my agent, it would look like this.

<a href="">Richard Dunbar</a>

To assign an agent to a Property Listing (once you have set up their profiles), edit the property listing by scrolling down to ‘Author’ and assign the correct agent to the listing.



I just installed this theme and it broke my entire website. It says this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /wp-content/themes/realestate_2/admin/query-taxonomies/scb/load.php on line 12

Any ideas?

Simple fix just upgrade your server from PHP4 to PHP5 and you’ll be good to go, if you’re unsure on how to do this contact your hosting provider and they’ll be able to help you out.


I have emailed you and commented about the fact that my website isn’t being translated although I did everything mentionned in the documents. It’s been more than a day that my questions have been left unanswered.

- I have a localised Wordpress with wp_config.php: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’)

- I have thwo and fr_FR.po in the lang folder in the theme.

I am with hostgator, they have gettext enabled as well.

I am hoping to get an answer fairly soon. Support was suposed to be topnotch. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but it’s been more than a day now…

Please help.

Email replied, sorry it was just Thanksgiving over here in the states.

I purchased your theme and it’s awsome but I am wondering if there is away for the front page slide show to show the first image of several properties marked with Feature. Instead on one property and all it’s images.

Yes, you would just need to change the query on line 11, however you’re going to need to modify the entire featured area into a slider of sorts since the map and other info on the right would need to change along with the photos.

Great theme you have here!

I would like to use it for one of my websites, but have a question about the search options.

I have a hostel and holiday home website what has listings all over the world, it would be good to sort automaticly the cities after choosing a country.

As example Canada as first choise, there will no cities from other countries at the other options in the search panel. I don’t want to have the complete listings of cities all over the world listed on my site.

I hope I explained it clear enough.


This is definitely possible with some modifications

i have question before i buy.I have two sections Residential and Commercial, in each section i will have 3 subsections (eg. Residential i will have – sites – homes – apartments ) in ( eg. Commercial i will have – office – retail – industrial ) so my question is can i change bedrooms or bathrooms to Residential and Commercial and in the property type below the section will change to (eg. Residential i will have – sites – homes – apartments ) and the search function will work properly in the back end, hope this make sense ?

also will there be a search by price add to this template some time soon, great work by the way !!

This is definitely possible with a few easy mods, you’ll use Residential and Commercial in the Property Type taxonomy, then in the templates you’ll add an if statement around the Beds, Bath, something like the below:

<?php if(has_status('residential')) { ?>
<?php beds(); ?> <?php _e('Bed', 'theme_textdomain'); ?>, <?php baths(); ?> <?php _e('Bath', 'theme_textdomain'); ?>
<?php } ?>

You can do the same with the Commercial status

I’m working on getting the search by price added soon.


Hi Chris,

I am doing some cross browser testing and noticed that IE takes a while to load timthumb images before showing the website. Any ideas on speeding this up?

I have only used one widget on my home page and have reduced the ‘New listings’ to 3 to see if this would help. Still very slow..



my url:

There was actually just a recent update to timthumb, might want to replace yours with the latest below:

Thanks, I have already.. Much faster, will continue to look for updates – heaps better than older version.

If I bought this theme could I take the property search ability and apply it to another website theme?

Yes, any of the PHP that relies on WordPress core is under the GPL .


How to make it multi-language ? both french and english. Installing the multi-language plugin then what ?

Thank you.

I’m not familiar with the multi-language plugin unfortunately. There’s instructions on how to translate to a single language in the documentation.

New Update Released!

View the changelog here, if you’ve already purchased make sure you re-download!




Can you tell me where I can edit the text on the home page quick search box? I am using the theme for holiday rentals only and need to change a few things, any other stuff you can think of would be great. Thanks and great script.


Its OK, found it.

The support I received from Chris after purchasing his real estate 2 theme was fantastic. I have had many experiences with many other website designers and none have been as accommodating as Chris. After buying the theme, I had to customize a few things. Even though this change was not part of the theme, which I knew prior to purchase, Chris was willing to help me with my request. Not only did he fulfill my request, but I didn’t have to do anything! He took the time to make the necessary changes to a couple files, and sent the new ones to me! All I had to do was upload and overwrite. Thanks Chris!

Much appreciated!