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Is there a set of instructions (besides those included in the zip file and the Contempo support FAQ) that will show me, step by step, how to set up the homepage exactly like in the demo? I’m building a site to sell boats and liked your Db but I’m trying to get to a start point so I can tweak graphics before I hack PHP. Forgive my ignorance but the instructions seem a bit brief and the supplied vids are for a different theme (but I assume the same framework).

Try installing the demo XML file, the only other thing to setup is the widget area via Appearance > Widgets > Homepage sidebar. Nothing to complicated.

I did exactly that but no joy, plus nothing’s showing on the home page. It’s probably something simple. I’ll PM you access… is that cool? I just need it to look exactly like your site demo and the XML file didn’t do that.

Please open a ticket on the support site,

Question: Can i use your theme to rental boats and jetski’s, for 2hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1day, 3 days?

(If not, can you change this for me. (I will pay for the changes!))

Best Regards, Rox

Yes, that can be done with a few small modifications. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

I’m looking forward to change the Agents order by Position not by Alphabetical order. Can you help me out?

Please open a ticket on the support site,

Considering this theme, but need to better understand how the property listings are created.

Are listings created manually, or can you just plugin connection details for MLS and have listings automatically generated? Or do you have to actually manually enter the listing information?

Thanks in advance.

They’re created manually via a custom post type. I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

I have one simple question only. is this theme compatible with 3.5.1 WPMS, cause wpms change blogs.dir folder to uploads now and would search work ???

i need it property listing theme to work with wpms, try others premium theme, they fail me big time

Yes, its 100% compatible.

Is there a way to also have Real Estate 2 theme in German? :sunglasses:

hi guys – I’m a bit confused on the procedure now for uploading (more editing) the slideshow images for particular listing, since WP has been upgraded to the latest version.

I still can create a new listing, upload my images, close the image upload box, save and my listing shows with the slideshow of those images.

HOWEVER – what I cannot work out how to do, it to manage to edit that slideshow, eg. add more images to that listing (from images already exising in the media section [not new uploads] – or removing an image from a listing – OR basically reordering the order of how they show…. I just cannot seem to be able to do this

Is there any chance you have a screencast or something to show people?? I don’t want to have to basically reupload new images in every situation, then have to delete them all to reupload a new order etc.

Any help v much appreciated – thanks!

Open up a listing

Click Add Media button

Click Upload

Select all your files you wish to upload

Once uploaded, click Save all Changes at the bottom

That’s it! You can close the window, click Publish or Update and view your listing.

Now if you would like to select a different first image or re-order the other images for the slider:

Open up a listing

Click Add Media button

Click the Media Library tab

Select Attached to post

Now you can click and drag your images around to sort them, the first image in the list will always be your main image.

thats great thanks!! didn’t see the drop down box that shows only the images attached to the listing/post :)

Glad to help

Can this theme be used for something other than real estate, like for a clothing store with national locations or a anything other than real estate?

Yes, anything is possible with some modifications.

Hi i’m considering to buy the theme, i have just 2 questions:

- is it possible change and edit the search fields independently? Because i need to change several fields for selling wheels instead houses :D - is there the possibility to delete the map in the bottom of the every article?

Thanks in advance

1. Yes, by editing a single file.

2. Yes, it can be removed.

hi Contempo,

bought your theme some time ago,

just recently discovered something happened in my root folder, some random named file generated many folders with files within them. could that be theme issue? haven’t updated to the latest version yet

Definitely not a theme issue

hi contempoinc,

we’d like to update the theme to the newest version. however, when we checked the change log we noticed that on version 1.5.9 you mention realestate_3 instead of realestate_2. is this a typo? if not, what does it mean. our website currently runs on version 1.5.8



How can I change remove the m (square) in the featured listing area and how can I translate the PROPERTY FEATURES text (I’ve translated everything else).


hi, can this theme be used for yacht rentals as well?

Yes, with some simple taxonomy and custom field modifications.

Notice! If you opened a ticket on my support site in the past few days and its gone please re-open we had some database issues.


I installed Wordpress 3.5.1 + theme Real Estate 2, following the instructions. Then I imported the XML file “wpprorealestate2.wordpress.2011-08-03.xml”. There has been no ruling on the theme but I lack almost all plugins, both in the home and in the inside pages.

You can see everything that’s missing from the theme in Pray give me a solution.

A greeting.

Ok, but the author widget such that it is within the page that gives the details. Where is? What is the name exactly? This is not there.

You’ll need to fill out the users/agent details via Admin > Users > User

Thank you very much!

Hi, Advanced search box does not show on the archived pages for individual cities , like . Is there any fix for that ? And also is there any way to translate word “city” in that URL ?

Thank you in advance

I upgraded to Version 1.6.0 (WP Pro Real Estate 2) and my images disappeared. The site is and when I go to listings, I cannot seem to attach the image. It ONLY gives me option to insert into the post. Not sure what happened..please assist. It used to work just fine.

Can someone tell me how to attach an image to a listing instead of inserting into a post? I do NOT see this option with Wordpress 3.5.1. The whole new image uploader seems to be very confusing.

Tried these steps already..1) The images do not appear on the slideshow even though in the media library I have all the images uploaded from my PC. 2) The listings view does NOT show the first image.

There used to be a button called attached to post..that’s gone with the new media builder…there used to be save button..that’s gone..the only button I see is the “Insert into Post”. Clicking the X on the top right just closes the screen. It does NOT save the images uploaded.

Its under the dropdown, only images uploaded directly to that listing can be used.

I really like your theme, but I am having an issue. The slider on the homepage has suddenly stopped working after an update. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I am almost finish with my site and ready to go live, however, my map on the listing page only if I put Latitude and Longitud woks. Here is an example.. ‘ Any ideas.


Make sure you’re formatting the address information correctly. Listing Title = Street Address and the rest of the info is entered in the taxonomy boxes on the right side.