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Hi, is there a way to get an xml feed of the listings on my site? right now if I add the word /feed to the end of my domain name I only see blog posts and don’t see listings. Need to see a feed of the listings



I’ve purchased your Pro Real Estate 2 theme and love it!

I’ve customised it quite a bit and am on the final stages of editing it for a client, but I have one question that I hope you can help me with.

Under new listings on the home page I have changed it to a horizontal list rather than the default vertical one. I have edited the css etc… to align the images and text but I think this is to do with the timthumb script.

The thumbnails of the property are set to 118×68, how do I change this to different size?



admin > theme-functions.php > line 676


I actually found it on line 1361 but you pointed me in the right direction!

Glad to help!

Hi, How can I add tags to listings ?

Thank you

You’ll see all the taxonomies on the right hand side of the edit listing panel.

Thanks for reply, but I meant “tags” from posts . Is it possible to use thosse tags with listings ?

Listings don’t use the standard Tags type, they use custom taxonomies.

Does this theme support child themes?

how could i integrate the ability for users to have to PAY to setup listings?


I’d recommend using a membership plugin like:

Hi Chris,

Has anyone had problems with the submit button on the listings page? Every now and then I have a customer complaining that they are having issues sending through a query using the Request More Information sidebar (version 2.1.0 – WP Pro Real Estate).

Since the error occurs every now and then, it must have something to do with the users browser? Javascript disabled? I tried switching my javascript off and the Request more information sidebar does not work after that – it just gives me a 404 page after hitting the submit button.

Besides finding a solution that will work without Javascript, do you know what the issue is?

Many thanks,


ps: Website is

Definitely an issue with the users browser or the way they’re entering information

The information is validated with ajaxSubmit.php – which rules out your suggestion..

I got the browser details off one of my customers who was experiencing this problem : Safari 5.1.7 (MAC) JavaScript Enabled and fully updated Complaint : Clicking on the Submit button does nothing

How would you suggest I tackle this issue?

Many thanks,


As you can see from the demo site everything is working properly, the form uses JS and the PHP file for validation and processing. It sounds like an isolated issue with your client so there’s not much I can do from my end. I’ve tested the theme in FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE with no issues.

My request more info form on the listings pages doesn’t work. When you hit submit it takes you to a Page Not Found page. is my site.

You need to add a success message via WP Pro Real Estate 2 Options > Contact that is a single line, meaning no hard returns or line breaks.

Thanks for your interest!

That is my message. It is only one line, but I am still having the same problem.

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login information.


I have a pre-purchase question: I’ve notice that some property have a badge (Sold, Reduced, ecc.). Is this badge totally customizable?

There is a solution to give a specific badge to a property from the frontend, only for a specific registered user even acces to the administration area?

Thank you in advance for your support.


Image Now

Yes, you can edit/add as many badges as you like I have an article in my knowledgebase on how to do just that, accessible once you purchase.

Hi, can you do some help so can really integrated with your script? and is this theme has a mobile version?

Like this theme but want to make sure it can do what I need for a client. Many of their listings have non-traditional features and I want to make sure there is a way to list custom features.

Yes, you can add as many features as you like via the Additional Features taxonomy

Hi there!

Love your theme! Is there a way to allow decimals in “Price”.

Hope to hear from you!

Yes, by editing a single line.

I just opened a ticket at the contempo support desk. Hope to get a detailed description on how to achieve this. Thanks

I’ll get to ya shortly.

Dear theme support,

I have problem on Listing Menu. When add new listing, warning occur below of Price : Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /XXXXXXXXX/themes/realestate_2/admin/custom_fields.php on line 64. I have try to download the up-to-date theme and install again. But have same error. How to solve this issue?

Regarding some issue that using TimThumb is vulnerability security risk. This theme using TimThumb. How to make this theme become safe?

Need the fast respond and support. Thank you.

Please open a ticket on the support site,

@contempoinc : I’ve already submit a new ticket but nothing answer until now…

All tickets are answered in the order received, as you can imagine I get quite a few and I’m only one man. Thanks for your patience.

I am having an issue with the WP Real Estate 2 template regarding the taxonomy and the listings. When I do a search using the theme implemented taxonomy search box here: I get redirected to the home page with no results. When searching the taxonomy to build the navigation the url shows the query but again no results. I have classified the listings accordingly but they are not being recognized or the search.php is not displaying the results. Also the mortgage calculator does not function 100%. It does not display any results for me. I have found another solution for now but wanted to use the solution in the template purchased. Does this theme take extra configurations to work 100%? I apologize for the ignorance if I missed something in the directions.

Out of the box the theme uses index.php but it looks like you’ve setup a custom homepage template, go into Settings > Reading > front page displays is set to latest posts then you’ll be good to go.

That worked. Thank you. I guess I need to modify the template to get the results I desire. I would like the post to display on a different page and the home page to be one that is static. How do I accomplish this in a nut shell? I am proficient with wordpress and templates so a readers digest version would suffice if you have the time. Thanks again.

Nevermind, I figured it out. Change the form action path in the layouts/includes/advanced_search.php Thanks again for this very cool theme.

Hi there, i have bought a similar theme but i wanted a few simply tweaks but the guy couldnt give me the help i needed, now im deeply frustrated, im wondering if i buy your theme i will be able to use it like i want, these are some of the main points i need:

- The main page showing an easy horizontal search box like this one:

- Then after doing a search you get a more advanced searchbox like a sidebar:,2&co=339&re=13

- I need to be able to use 2 currencys, one for selling “UTF” and another for renting ”$”.

- I need to translate the front and backend to Spanish, it was easy with the last theme i bought but the backend i could only translate a few words making a few changes to the php code, i was lost to translate the rest, couldnt find which files to modify.

Im really sorry to say this but the guy was just eitherway clueless or just lazy to help me with that, and now ill have to buy a new theme.

Im new on wordpress and other CMS’s, i have only bought html templates in the past and im used to modify them in dreamweaver, but when it gets to modify CMS’s its a little bit harder and i need some help.

Please tell me this is the theme im looking for! im desperate! i need to finish this ASAP, if this is the theme and you can bring me the help i need then ill buy it right now and work all night long till i finish to tweak it like my client needs.



For the search you can see it in action on the demo site.

The theme only supports one currency out of the box, however anything is possible with some modifications.

I’d recommend the plugin.

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

The “Request More Info Form” widget doesn’t seem to be working. I do not receive an email when that is filled out.


The contact page works perfectly, it’s the widget a I’m having a problem with.

That article applies to both.

Love the walkthrough video you provide. It’s a great way to learn what WP elements power which features in the template. Thanks!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Hello, id like to make the posts go to a page that I named magazine for the users to be able to find them on a menu and not on the recent post list. How can I make the posts go to “magazine”

Thank you

Appearance > Menus > add you Magazine category and assign your posts.

How do I create the page Blog? there is no template on the pages section.

Appearance > Menus > add your blog category > save and apply to the primary position.

Hi- We’re very happy with the theme. I’ve set our sales page to display all listings with status ‘For Sale’ by commenting out the ct_new_listings_num option and replacing it with ‘status’ => ‘For Sale’. But we’re maxing out at 10 listings. I did double check that we have more than that!

Any idea how to display all active listings with a particular status? thanks for your help.

search-properties.php > line 30



I’ve been developing a Wordpress website based on Pro Real Estate 2 and have come across an oddity!

Its regarding bullet points… they will appear OK in a page based upon the default template but when I change the page to full width template the bullet points disappear!

The bullet points appear in the editor still but not when viewing the page… any ideas?

Presumably its to do with the CSS but it all seems OK.


Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.