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I have bought this theme, but does not work “MORTGAGE CALCULATOR”. I beg provide the functional code to replace the one that fails. It could also directly file I should replace.

I wait response.

Hi, really nice theme ! I just would like to know how i could order the search results by price.

I’ve focused on the search.php file but nothing have worked, you talked about a jQuery plugin like, could you give more information please ?


Its not an easy modification to explain as it requires editing a few files, hope you understand. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Hi thank you for your reply, i’m sure I can understand so could you please just give me few information to fix it ?

I think i have to edit the function category_filter_orderby() in /library/functions/listing_filters.php or/and the function get_property_info_li() in /library/functions/custom_functions.php

Is it right ?

Those are core files not theme files, its much to involved to even explain the jist of it and is out of the scope of my support, hope you understand thats why I recommended Tweaky.

Hi, Im getting this message after I just updated:

There is a new version of the WP Pro Real Estate 2 theme available. You have version 1.5.4 installed. Update to version 1.5.9.

pls advise

you can include an online booking manager?

Yes, I’d recommend a plugin for that.

how do you set a thumbnail for a listing? and also, how to add photos correctly? mine a just in the body of the page, not the slider area or homepage thumbnails

Open up a listing Click Add Media button Click Upload Select all your files you wish to upload Once uploaded, click the X (top right) That’s it! You can close the window, click Publish or Update and view your listing. Now if you would like to select a different first image or re-order the other images for the slider: Open up a listing Click Add Media button Click the Media Library tab Select Attached to post Now you can click and drag your images around to sort them, the first image in the list will always be your main image. Blog: Blog postings work the same way as above however they only support one main image.

i click on submit form button, nothing happens


5/8/13 — View complete changelog here

Hi there, I am looking to purchase this theme.

Can I:

1) Change the pricing to £ not $? 2) Change the search options to include such things as for for auction instead of lets say for rent?

I am using this site in the UK you see.

All the best.

1. Yes via the admin options panel. 2. Yes, by editing a couple files.

I purchase Automotive Theme for a Commercial Real Estate Company—may I swap themes? also, we need to know where/how in the theme to change field labels, such as to add fields relevant to commercial real estate.

Sorry you’ll need to purchase this theme, Envato doesn’t offer swaps. Once you purchase I can point you to the right files.

i want buy this theme, buy i can not pay with paypal

You can pay via credit card as well.

I am trying to figure out the knowledge base, specifically the badges on the listings. Could you post the link here please.

Thanks! Jessica

I want buy this theme, but i have one question before buying, be added to the home page Slide ? Thanks

There can only be one featured listing at a time.

I want buy this theme, but i have one question before buying, be added to the home page Slide ? Thanks

Hi, does is_property_category() exist ?


Currently the theme doesn’t include a function like that.

I am very interested in your topic, but I have a question… is it possible to extend the search form? I’d like to add the field operation with a seri of individual property specifications Is this possible?

Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of terms to the search by editing a few files.


I have 2 locations and 7 categories, when I import my csv (220 lines), some results for some categories are not displayed for one of the locations.

Have you ever seen that problem and do you know how to fix it ?

Thanks :)

Sorry I can’t offer support for CSV imports as its outside of the theme, just a heads up listings don’t use categories they use custom fields and taxonomies for organization.

Other question, is it possible to forbid the search if no choice was made ?

If nothing is selected all results will be displayed, if you wanted to lock that out you would need to do some custom javascript.

The 2nd two thumbnail images on the homepage are not loading. Could you please tell me how to fix this? My page:


Looks like you a JS conflict, disable any plugins and test.

contempoinc dont not find autor-widget

Not quite sure I’m following, whats the question?

I Buy Real Estate 2 WordPress Theme, but i dont not find author-widget

The theme doesn’t come with an author widget, it features eight custom widgets — Ajax Contact, Mortgage Calculator, Agents Other Listings Widget, Popular Posts, Latest Posts, Twitter, Flickr and 125×125 Ads.

Hi, your theme looks nice but before to buy it, i need to know if it’s possible to rewrite the search results’ url in something more clean ?


Definitely, you can use pretty permalinks for everything except the search queries. You can see this in action on the demo site.