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Hello, we’re interested in purchasing this theme but I need to know about the integrated map. We are IMPORTING property listings and we are only entering the full property address. Therefore we are not entering latitude and longitude. Will the map still work on the listings? Thanks

Yes, latitude/longitude is optional (used for properties that aren’t on the map, etc…) the full address is the preferred method for mapping.

Hi – all of a sudden – photos that are added to a listing are not being displayed on the listing slide show at the top, or on the main page for featured properties—any help would be appreciated.

Please change the status of the ticket back to Pending.

Done – thank you

Hi, I’m interested to buy this template but i’m not sure that Firefox is compatible because i don’t open the demo with firefox ? And The template is compatible only with wordpress 4.1 or more ? Thanks

ok i understand but i dislike this theme (WP Pro7) i search a real estate portal more specific . Thanks

No worries, I have four other real estate themes as well in my portfolio you can take a look at

ok but for the others , the software version is Wordpress 4.1 only

@contempoinc… ajax category filter is not working.. On your plugin demo filter works without page refresh.. but on my site when I click on category filters page will get refreshed.. for cross check I install fresh wordpress on local machine but still face the same problem.. please provide me the solution

This theme doesn’t have any “ajax category filtering” not sure what you’re referring to? Are you talking about the standard listings search?

I’ve been trying to get “support” that I paid for and I don’t get ANY response. Been waiting for 4 days for a response. Nothing… This sucks.

Whats the ticket number? Keep in mind we receive quite a lot of tickets daily all are answered in the order recieved, thanks for your patience and understanding.


Hello I want to ask several questions before purchasing: 1. Can I have 2 login systems one for persons and one for organizations? Or in login there can be checkbox if you are organization you will have additional fields name of organization etc. 2. Can I have different offers and different prices for example if you want to have your property on first page you pay different price or something like that? 3. I don’t want to have PayPal. Can there be automatically generated invoice sent to their mails, for bank transfer and I should have the opportunity to accept placement of add on web.

Duplicate, see previous reply.

I have purchased support and am now waiting for over three weeks to get a response to my tickets. Still nothing.

By the way, found the root cause of the disappearing widgets. It was a plug-in that made the menu bar sticky. Very very bizzare. But Inalso discovered that a lot of the current widgets are no longer coded to WordPress standards and generate errors in debug mode. Such as this:

Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in ct_BlogAuthorInfo is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use
instead. in /home/wp_muuwc7/ on line 3891

Ah, gotcha — glad you got that sorted out!

I’m aware of the deprecated WP_Widget however its nothing to worry about just a warning and won’t cause any issues with how the theme works.

The issue came back or never left. I’ve updated the ticket: #1071073 I am all out of ideas at this point. Save except a full re-deploy.

Is this theme suitable for newer wordpress versions?

Yes, the demo is running the latest version of WP, v4.7.2 — just a heads up for anything in the future you’ll need to purchase an extended support pack, thanks!

Hi there, I’ve used the theme since the 2013 and now I’m having an issue on the photos slider on the single listing page, it’s disappeared the ‘insert to this post’ feature in wp uploading system , this is causing that the pics are not showing. Thanks for your help

Apologize for the delay but I’ve been working on massive new feature updates for my Real Estate 7 theme so support response time has been affected, I’ve got a queue of 104 tickets I’m working through thanks for your patience.

Disable any non-required plugins and test them one by one, something is causing a conflict. First thing checkout  If that doesn’t show whats causing the error then contact your hosting provider and checkout the raw server error logs. 

Hi Chris

We have tried the wp-debug he gave us the issue

Uncaught ReferenceError: InfoBubble is not defined line 34

But we don’t know how to solve it


Make sure that mapping.js is being loaded within the source code sounds like its not OR someone has made modifications to the file and removed the code. If that’s the case just grab the original files from your area unzip the theme folder and overwrite it via FTP.

Manual Theme Installation

If for some reason your host has low upload limits on your server, use the steps below to manually install the theme.

  1. Unzip the main download > unzip the file
  2. Connect to your server via FTP, I use for my client its a free download
  3. Upload the theme folder into wp-content > themes
  4. That’s all she wrote, enjoy!

Our website is using WP Pro Real Estate 3 theme. A few days ago the home page of our website started to freeze. In Firefox it times out after trying to access map scripts so I THINK I have the problem narrowed down to the same one, I see in the comments, that your other pro real estate themes (6 and 7) seem to have – the google map apis? Do you have a fix for this or can you tell me how to fix this?


Replace your realestate_3 > admin > theme-functions.php with and you’ll be all set.

Also I’m not seeing your purchased or supported badges did you buy the theme on another account?

The person who owns the website purchased it and I am helping her troubleshoot the problem.

Ok, not a problem.

Hi! The The themeforest-1763306-wp-pro-real-estate-3-responsive-wordpress-theme-wordpress_theme doesn’t work correctly! This is a clean wordpress with a last version of template:

Slideshow images doesn’t appeare and the page it’s like blocked… Can i have a solution? Thank you!!

Hello.I recently purchased this and the theme isn’t up to date, so it didn’t work. My developer had to remove the Google Maps function to get it working, however there are still errors being shown in the Console. is the URL. Please take a look. I would like to request a refund. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your purchase use this plugin to add your API key