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Great Work!

This theme is close to what I need on my project.

Awesome stuff Chris! cool concept with the google map :)

Thank ya sir!

Really excellent job on this. To give a Wordpress Theme with so many cool features shows off Wordpress to non believers like me.

Will you be releasing a non WP version?

If so Would it be possible for you to add either an infobox on the video slides here:

Or a lightbox feature like this file (click the lightbox example):

so that we could add details like 360 virtuals tours or videos for a property.

If you had a lightbox then people could browse properties faster and not have to keep moving to a different page.

Think of how video has revolutionised the Realtor Market. I’d even pay 100 for file like that.

Great Job Chris!!

Thanks! However I currently don’t have any plans to release a non-WP version. If there’s enough demand I could release an update with different slider versions for the listings detail page, only issue is there’s not a ton of great responsive sliders out there, especially ones with effects like your examples.

It is possible however to add virtual tours and video to listings out of the box.

Can we make our own custom home page using a page with out the breadcrumbs or title showing?

Sure anything is possible, just depends on your coding knowledge. The theme is coded to be very flexible and easy to customize.

Nice theme however do you have plans to have a registration section for agents to sign up with the ability for the admin to create packages for agents? Also would like to see a member sign up so people can add listings to there fav list etc…

Since there’s tons of great membership plugins out there, that can be easily integrated if that’s what you’re looking for — I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel. But take a look in the repository:

Would be nice if Demo worked ? All I keep getting is this:

Website Offline, No Cached Version Available

The website you are trying to access is currently offline. The most likely causes are the server is down for maintenance, there may be a network problem, or the site may be experiencing excessive load.

The site uses CloudFlare in order to help keep it online when the server is down by serving cached copies of pages where they are available. Unfortunately, a cached copy of the page you requested is not available, but you may be able to reach other cached pages on the site.

If you continue to receive this error after you believe the site is back online, you can retry a live version of the site.

Try shift-refreshing, the demo is definitely up — just checked ;)

Bought the theme for future developments, one thing, in the pages the sidebar is overlapping onto the page content ? (using firefox)

Regards Steve

Pretty sure I got the issue resolved, try replacing your realestate_3 > admin > theme-functions.php with this and testing:

I’ll get an update released shortly.

No no, I mean when im looking at the demo here on TF in “articles” the sidebar overlaps the content on the left.


Looked again and seen its fixed :)


Updated – 3/6/11 — View complete changelog here

I can’t see the demo either (tried two computers), reloading, etc. When I view source, it ends abruptly after this part.

body { font-family: 'PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;}

Apologize about that, its back up.

Really interested in this Theme, however, no preview in Chrome or FF. Can you message when fixed?

Small error on my part demo is back up!

Thanks Contempoinc, Looks Amazing!

Thank ya!

Thanks for your quick reply and after I posted that to you I went and downloaded Wordpress.

Now can I ask you that as I want to impliment my idea with a lightbox and with no experience of Wordpress and with the absence of a lightbox effect in your theme….can I use a lightbox from another file to get me what I need?


That theme actually comes packaged with PrettyPhoto, as you can see here by clicking on the various admin screens:

Just need to add rel=”prettyPhoto” to your image links once you purchase.

awesome theme i looked for such file for further projects and to know its wordpress makes me more wistful till deposit next time :D


Well that answer was good enough for me.

Thanks to you and this file, I have finally delved into Wordpress.

5* File and I look forward to getting it working in the next week.

thanks !!!

Thanks very much for your purchase!

Looking to have this set up like on the demo, except.. the import fails.. all my directory’s are chmod 777 and when i select have big map on home page.. nothing displays..?

What error messages are you getting when you go through Admin > Settings > Import?

Hi I saw you said IDX express is workable solution to the IDX .. any IDX wordpress plugin will work for a simple MLS feed.. IDX broker express ect.. I see you mentioned out of the box possible update for more integration..Could that include IDX broker? How about a tie in to the main map? Or just do some integration and layout a path for developers to add more? That might be easier?.. I love this theme Im just asking about IDX make a understatement ..its not just the only responsive RE theme on TF its one of a few in all of Wordpress..:) Not to mention that in RE mobile is king..more potential buyers and sellers surf on a mobile phone each day…So let me just add..IDX or no this theme is a must purchase..:)

Thanks very much, I’ve currently got an email out to the guys at dsIDXpress as I know its one of the bigger ones I get requests for, however if there’s enough demand for IDX broker express I could look at doing an integration for that as well.

Love the map idea on the front page. I had an idea for a great feature.

It would be amazing if the site could pick up the users rough location / country when they visit. So the map on the front page is relevant to them. Is this possible.

Definitely possible, only issue would be if there’s content for that persons area. That could work really well for say a hyper local site where you know most of your visitors are coming from your area.

I like the idea though, if there’s enough requests I look into getting added. Looks like there’s two so far for it.

Love that idea by sliilvia, I second that request.

I’ve added it to the list for a possible future update.

Beautiful theme!

One quick small request… for us with sausage thumbs – can you pop a QR code on the ThemeForest ItemDetail page. Longer URL ’s on an iphone make me sweat.

QR code is up!

haha! that was fast. thanks for that.

No prob

This theme really gives a feeling of powerful. Good job!

Thank ya sir!