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Ok sorry for bombarding you with all these questions on one day but I asked the designer of that lightbox file I showed you the link of earlier if I could use his with yours and he said this.

“Ask the author of the theme if you can disable “prettyphoto” and use this plugin instead without loosing functionality”.


You can definitely remove the PrettyPhoto CSS /JS and replace it with whatever you like.

You’ll need to go into realestate_3 > admin > theme-functions.php > remove line 139 > wp_enqueue_style(‘prettyPhoto’); > and 154 > wp_enqueue_script(‘prettyPhoto’); > and you’ll be good to go.

To buyers: don’t just look at the responsive feature, this theme has so much to offer – simply one of the best ever. Great job Chris!

Thank ya sir!

The demo does not work well in IE8 . The photos for the featured listings and custom listings widget are not sized correctly (they are WAY too big).

Also, when removing the frame from the top, the CSS degrades and all formatting is lost – no menus, nada.

Everything works fine in FF

Demo don’t work: Website Offline, No Cached Version Available

Just checked and its definitely up, try a shift+refresh

What a beautifully designed theme. Now just need to find myself a reason to buy!



3/8/11 — View complete changelog here

Was wondering if you have a .psd file for elements used in the theme, interested in changing markers, etc.

Definitely, shoot me a message via my profile and I can send ya the marker PSD .

I gave this a look and it sure is nice. Very well thought-out. I think it’s the first responsive real estate theme I’ve seen too.

Thank ya!


3/8/11 — View complete changelog here

Hi, Have ya heard from dsIDXpress? They have been nonresponsive to 2 email inquiries I have made in the last 2 weeks.

Your changlog links do not work.

Happy trails, Mike

I have just a couple of questions. First off very nice theme.

1. I am using this for my personal rental properties and don’t need to associate a price. Is there a way that I can have the Map/Listing display “Rental” instead of a price.

2. Similar question. I notice several references to rentals in the documentation, however I am not seeing those options in the listing menu. What I am missing.

3. Where would I need to go to adjust the google map main index zoom. My properties are so close that the map looks like a street. I am wanting to pull it back a bit.

Thank you in advance.

  1. Yes, actually if you tag a listing with Rental under the status the price will be replace with the cost – Rental
  2. See above
  3. You can adjust that in realestate_3 > js > mapping.js > line 109, Note the map will auto adjust the zoom level depending on the pins that are visible.

Hello contempoinc,

First of all thank you for this great real estate theme! This is one of the best on the market I can say.

I am having problem to get the same look on the demo page. I have downloaded the latest version of WP which is 3.3.1 and installed your theme. + sample data through XML .

But i think i am having problem with widgets? My homepage doesn’t look allright. Here is the screenshot:

What i am doing wrong? Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,


Widgets aren’t auto added with the XML unfortunately WordPress doesn’t support this yet. However here’s my widgets setup for the demo:

How do property listings get integrated? – all realtors pull from MLS or a rival. How do property listings get integrated so that they look like theme demo with map and property at top in background.

I’ve had many, many buyers use the IDX plugin below on my other real estate themes:

I actually have an email out to them, so I can possibly get native integration built into the theme for a future update.

I wish dsidxpess would respond. Maybe they have gone to crap since they got bought by Zillow. :(

Same here…wasn’t aware of that, could be a possibility.

Do you think this template would be compatible with

Happy trails, Mike

Haven’t tested it personally, but it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

I had a question that you answered a few posts above about marking the property as a rental. Thanks for getting back to me. The main problem I am having (still) is the home index map will still display the property as a sales price.

Example: If I tag it as a rental and add the price as $2,000 (or 2000 in the price field), on the actual listing page or widgets it displays rental $2,000 (perfect), however on the map it shows the marker as 200k.

Is there a way that I can edit something to either make the map point show the price or even just say Rental or some arbitrary text instead of of the $200k?

Thanks in advance.

Try replacing your realestate_3 > includes > widgets > ct-widget-listings.php, with the below and you’ll be good to go:

I keep getting error messages trying to access

“A server with the specified hostname could not be found.”

Developer seems to think everything is fine with his website.. Anyone else encountering this issue ?

My main site is: is used for my WordPress demo sites, so you won’t see anything going to the index of that sub-domain.

Purchased and installed and imported XML file but, in my admin when I select WP Pro Real Estate 3 Options, I do not see any options to configure. The interface is there with the menu on the left with “General Settings”, “Social”, “Homepage”, etc, but I cannot select any and my options area is empty.

Any suggestions? Is this where I start or am I missing something?

Try disabeling and plugins and testing, sounds like a JS conflict. Also make sure your wp-config.php > line 81 is set to false

Thanks for the response. Yes, it is set to false and no plugins are currently active. I had to install the wordpress importer plugin to import the xml file but I have now deactivated it. Still no luck. Tried different browsers, tried restarting Firefox.

I’m on an 27” iMac, running Snow Leopard and haven’t had any problems with other themes. I can try deleting and reinstalling the theme unless I can give you my login and you can take a look.

I would try deleting and re-installing, if that doesn’t work shoot me your login info via my profile and I’ll take a look.

If my client only has one listing it zooms in all the way, i’ve played with the zoom level in MAPPING .JS but have no luck with results. The client only does one area of the country how can i make the zoom out more to look nice. ?

From what im understanding by catching up on Maps JS v3 is it has something to do with; ‘self.bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();’ on line 117 in mapping.js

I guess im going to fool around with it until you get back to me.

Ok i hacked it a little bit to make it work on mapping.js i added:

Line 40 ||;

this seemed to work for me, now the only issue is to get “Featured Listings” working.

See previous reply.