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also i cannot get my featured listings to show up on the top…

The “top” where? Do you mean the featured listing block?

yes, i’ve tried adding both featured, and Featured yet nothing is showing up, ill enable it back so you can view it live @

Looks like you got it sorted as I’m seeing a listing on your map.

Chris, can a person add unlimted fields, waterfront, schools, year uilt, subdivision, property id, home owner’s fees, parking type etc, for example?

Is there a limit w/ regard to the numbers of photos per property for display?

Can the property photo display tool be adjusted to show thumbnails of the photos?

For changes to the code do you recommend making a child theme and making all the changes in it so that upgrades of your theme go smoothly?

I like the large/deep footers with widgets would that be a difficult adjustment to make?

Is the menu in this theme capable of going multiple levels deep like your HTML5 /CSS3 Drop Down Menu?

Would you consider customizing the theme so that a flexi-slider could be put on the main page like what is found here?

Thank you for your time and consideration Chris. Happy trails, Mike

  1. Yes, you can modify/add as many custom fields or taxonomies as you like
  2. No, there is no limit
  3. No, Flexslider doesn’t currently support thumbnails unfortunately
  4. Yes
  5. No it would be a pretty simple mod, depending on your coding skills
  6. The theme actually uses my HTML5 /CSS3 Dropdowns from CodeCanyon
  7. I’m actually booked up for the next 6+ months but I can recommend a colleague and his team for customizations

How do the agents register? Can’t find that option on the demo. Thanks!

They register though the standard WordPress admin.

This looks really cool! I’m sure you’re familiar with AgentPress. I was wondering if you could give us a little sales pitch and give us a few reasons why this theme might be better. I’m considering purchasing.

For one this theme is responsive AgentPress isn’t, two the theme is much, much more powerful take my word for it.

Just bought the template yesterday, and somewhat disappointing.

Tried the theme from the fresh 3.3.1 WP install, and it seems I can not get the Google map pointing to the right spot/location. By the way I am using the long/lat values. How do I find out the values for long/lat? @ google map website, I picked location that I like to appear on listing. By right clicking, I chose the option of “What Is This?”, Google gave me the long/late values inside the search field. Just FYI , I am using the competitor theme (Templatic) as well, I used the same values the I entered in Real Estate Pro 3 and it shows the right location on the map of theme but not in Real Estate Pro theme.

The other thing that I found out in RE Pro 3, If you put other than Address in Listing Title, the Google Map’s window disappears from listing page regardless you entered the long/lat values.

I am pulling my hair again with this Pro 3 theme. I tried to import the “contempodesign.wordpress.2012-02-22.xml” which was included in the download stuff so that I can understand how the me work, and keep getting the “Failed to Import Media” for all media that supposed to be imported. With the same wordpress importer plugin, I used different xml from your competitor, and It works just fine. Please looking into your xml file for importing the demo.

Please help me on this. I purchased the Version 2 from u as well. I remember it took months to rectify the Agent’s listing pagination problem.

Please help me. Please help me

I’d suggest using the physical address of the location rather than the long/lat values, I haven’t had anyone else with issues importing the dummy data — I’d give it another shot.

Reinstalled from fresh wordpress and still cant import from provided xml.

I need to put on the Long/Lat values because google up to this point, cant recognize addresses in Lombok or Bali Islands in particular or else where in Indonesia.

Have you tried just inputting your own listings? The dummy data XML isn’t required.

I also did the import and it did not work, but i really did not need it. I still dig the theme alot, just wish answers were quicker.

Oh thanks for all your “Top Notch” support (or lack there of) dude… I had to hack your code to get it right, and I figured out that when i imported the contempodesign.wordpress.2012-02-22.xml everything failed expect it placed a featured-2 slug in the category about a 4 hour head ache for a $40 theme. I’ll stick with the better developers from now on.

Apologize if you were having troubles, I was out of town. See previous replies.

Hi, was this theme made for Internet Explorer or is it just my web browser? My website, shows up fine in chrome but breaks in IE? Please advise. Thanks

It supports IE8 and above.

if you can add a video or tutorial showing how to set this up to get the same looking on the demo! Because i have tried everything but cant do it. ?

Its fairly easy, the homepage is widget driven. See the screenshot below:

I’m interested in converting this to an auto theme but need to add custom fields that are searchable, i.e. if they enter a specific search: 2008 Ford Fusion, and there’s a 2008 Ford F150 listed, I don’t want the the search to show the Fusion. Is this possible? Thanks.

If the F150 and Fusion share the same taxonomy of Ford both will show up if that’s being searched on, I’m not quite sure what all you’ve customized so its a little hard to diagnose the issue.

Bought the theme and installed it (on a multisite install, dont know if that makes a difference)

I’m getting 404s for all pages ( )

I have not done any mods to the theme – any idea what could be causing this?

Also, do i understand correctly that the markers on the map or only for the city, without a way to enter the full address?

Thanks in advance for the help

Try resetting your permalinks back to default then back to custom sounds like a .htaccess issue.

If i set this up for somebody else can they content manage it with ease?

Yes, it uses all the standard WordPress admin features. It’s been coded and setup with ease of use in mind.

All 404 for me also after a fresh install and import … problems with jetpack

Try disabling Jetpack and testing, also go into Permalinks > reset to default > Save > Then back to Custom > could also be a .htaccess issue.

yes i disabled jetpack and then it works, however you might wanna check the issue. Property gallery doesn’t appear in the listing

I did exactly as instructed: Click Select Files Select all your files you wish to upload Once uploaded, click Save all Changes at the bottom That’s it! You can close the window, click Publish or Update and view your listing.

Are you available for custom modifications?

I’m currently booked up for the next 6+ months however I can recommend a colleague and his team at Just The Web,

Hi, I just purchased the theme. I would like to know why when i have a property for rent going at 9000 it is pinned in the map at $900k. On the single listing page the price is not displayed.

The map pins will only display up to three digits, which is useful for larger prices. However you can customize this via realestate_3 > admin > theme-functions.php > line 383

price: ”<?php currency(); ?><?php echo substr(get_post_meta($post->ID, “_ct_price”, true), 0, 10);?>, i change to this line it make the map not load.Is there a mistakes if so can you tell me what should i do to replace it.

If the map isn’t loading you have an error in your code, I’d suggest uploading the original file then trying your edit again.
ok grat did will be good to implement as well this plugin into the map

I haven’t personally used that plugin, however it shouldn’t be a problem since it uses the Google Maps API .

Looks really nice! But is it possible to make the search-field on the front page into a mailform insted?

Yes, the search form can be turned off and a contact widget can be added.

Quick question: When uploading pictures that are differents size the slider keep the bigger size and leave a blank space between the description and the pictures.Is there a way that the picture get resize automatically?

Because the theme is responsive all images are set to 100% width, there’s no way around that, so portrait and landscape photos will leave spaces around them if they’re combined into the same listing.

Any way to change the slider plugin to a better and stable one with thumbnail ?I think there is many people requesting this.Will be very help full!

There’s currently no responsive sliders out there that support thumbnails to my knowledge at the moment FlexSlider is the best option. I know it was just purchased by WooThemes and I’ve heard they’re working on some major updates so hopefully that includes thumbnail support.

Also I would like to know why is the price not appearing in a single listing? How many featured property needs to be tagged as featured to have them on the home page?

If a price is entered it will show, if a listing is tagged with Featured under the Status taxonomy it will show on the homepage. Make sure that the Featured tags slug is featured and not anything else otherwise it won’t be pulled in.

Sorry for mi describing the issue,when you cick on a listing that you are interested the price is not shown anywhere making it confusing for the clients. An example of how it is done on right corner in blue in this page:

Looks like an error on my part, apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll get an update released as soon as possible. For the time being replace your single-listings.php with the below and you’ll be good to go:

on IE8 the theme doesn’t work -

Message: Syntax error Line: 54 Char: 22 Code: 0 URI : property listing

Message: ‘component’ is undefined Line: 231 Char: 3 Code: 0 URI : property listing

I have tried to install the theme and the installation failed, I got the following message from Wordpress, please advise on what I should do. Thanks

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed”

Sounds like you’re uploading the entire main zip from ThemeForest. Take a look at: