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Do you know if anyone has successfully used the “My Buying Buddy” IDX plugin with this theme?

I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

I know. If I buy one of your themes and use My Buying Buddy, I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully it works.

Ok, thanks!

Hi, will it be possible to move the google map another place to the site?


With some modifications yes anything is possible.

Hi, I don’t want to have listings on the front page. I want to have a separate page with sold and current listings. I have no clue how to do that. When I click on “Add listing” how do I feed that to a page that contains all my listings? My home page is just my logo, menu and a flex slider and I want to keep it like that.

What I need is when I post a link for a property listing to see that listing (Such as a small photo of the property, price etc) on the listings page. Right now, I just post a link and it shows as a link, not as a photo.

OK I figured it out. Thanks!

Glad you got it sorted.

I have one more question. In

how do I remove the map? I want to have 2 listings in one row instead of one per row. Is there a way to do that?

Please open a ticket on the support site,


4/15/13 — View complete changelog here

Hi There, I would like to set the homepage up to have an intro (text) about the company instead of featured listings etc. How can I do that?

You can use the CTA area or a text widget otherwise you’ll need to modify index.php, to include an intro text area if you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

The breadcrumbs are a very basic function if you require more control or deeper I’d recommend something like:

Hi. Purchased this this theme. Looks great as the demo, but looks nothing like what I purchased. I’m obviously doing something wrong? Can I get help with this please? Thank You!!

Please import the supplied dummy content XML, you’ll need to add widgets to the sidebars as well > appearance > widgets.

Hi: i purchased the theme and love it. one question: anyway to center align my logo image at top of page (too many menu items to fit beside logo).


What is MLS # ?

Multiple Listing Service, its an identifying number for a property used in the US.

How can I add new taxonomies? I just want to add parking lots just as I would add baths or beds without having to add them on additional features (quite important in my country). Thanks!

admin > custom-taxonomies.php

In the documentation, you have mentioned realestate-4 theme and in the download section I’m getting realestate-3 theme. Is there any difference in the versions.. then why realestate-3 theme is available to download.? Please help me, before I upload the files !

Thats a typo you have the correct theme.

Anyone fixed the problem with the featured listing not showing in the translated pages

You’ll need to make sure your translated featured tags slug is featured and not in another language. Otherwise you’re going to need to do a sort of if statement in the query to switch between the two. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

the slug is featured in English but when translate to other languages tells me already taken . and i don’t know how to use the if statement in query

Hi, where I can translate the custom menu in the admin area “Listings, Add New, Categories etc etc” ?


admin > custom-posts.php

I’m having problems with page titles appearing outside of the “box” on default pages. Is there an easy way to correct this?

Not sure I’m following do you have an example I can see?

I am considering purchasing this theme however, I wanted to make sure it easily integrated with IDX plugins and if so which one do you recommend?

I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

I have been playing around with the theme but I can not get the map data to load. Do I need to input the google API map key somewhere to get the map to display and pull listings? I am located in Spain and will be using this map to pull local listings.



First of all I really like your theme but I have a few important questions before buying this theme: - We want to make an English and Rusian website who is offering houses in Spain. First we will develop the English site and later on the Rusian website. Is it possible to translate all functionalities such as the advanced search bar etc etc to Rusian? - We really like the advanced search function but is it possible to add extra search fields?

I hope to hear from you soon thx Klif

Yes, everything is localized and ready for translation. Yes, you can add more by editing a couple files.

Hello, I was looking at the live preview of this theme and noticed it works fine in FireFox, but in IE the gray background disappears and the right sidebar with widgets seems to get narrow. Is there a bug that needs to be fixed?

Any update on this?

This is by design I got the layout as close as possible cross-browser, there’s always going to be small differences from browser to browser unfortunately nothing I can do.

Why not have CSS specific to Browser?

How are the new updates applied to the theme? Is there a built-in functionality or one needs to overwrite the Theme file each time there is newer version? Would it retain any modification made to the theme or would it overwrite everything?

I release the theme files which you can grab from your account downloads area, along with a changelog outlining the files updated.

I also provide an article on how to upgrade to the latest version:

Is this theme compatible with the WordPress plugin ‘Contact Form 7’? I have heard that all the text fields in contact form 7 get narrow. Somehow the theme is overwriting the Contact Form 7 CSS. Has this been addressed?

Yes, but you’ll need to remove some CSS pretty easy fix.

Here is my form: Can u tell me what CSS I need to remove or change please? Thx

You’ll need to modify css > base.css > lines 387-438 or add !important to the plugins styles that would be a better route to go.