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Frame work crached needed to add the featured pannel it is not possible anymore

If you have any plugins enabled deactivate and test, also I would recommend re-uploading the original files.

Please update theme with IE8 issues fixed, please make cross browser!!

I’m making a release today, it will include the IE8 fix.

Hi. Your page.php is buggy (its a 404) – just to let you know

Also, is there a way to have the marker go to the address, and not to the town, without needing to enter lat and long?

Are you talking about one of the links in the demo navigation?

You could try just entering the City, State and Zip then using the Listing title area for something else, otherwise you would need to use lat/long.

Lat and long don’t work properly, I copied them from google maps

Problems when uploading photos – photos just don’t show in the gallery ( i use latest chrome the property has the thumbnail but details page is just empty )

Problems with jetpack

Problems with IE8

Please include the markers in a psd and for us who rent properties how can we modify the price marker so it doesn’t show 100k, i tried the fix written a few pages ago but didn’t worked.

Yes i uploaded them correctly and there are 7 photos, i also checked the page source and they appear in the source but they’re not visible in chrome

regarding the marker psd i was referring to that little house on the google map

I actually don’t have the PSD for the house marker it was unfortunately lost on an old computer.

Is it possible for you to give us a download link for demo page (all wordpress file & db ) ? That will solve most of the problems i think.


Shoot me a message via my profile and I can give you a DB backup from the demo site.

When I “activate” this theme I get error messages at the top of the screen and the empty fields are not lined up correctly (overlapping one another).

The error message reads

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /usr/www/virtual/dannyy08/ on line 420

and continues on with more similar error messages. I am using WordPress 3.3.1

Any assistance will help. Looking forward to activating this theme!

Open up wp-config.php and turn WP_DEBUG to false and you’ll be good to go.


3/13/11 — View complete changelog here

I didn’t see any notes on cooperation with an IDX provider like Diverse Solutions or IDX Broker for real estate listing information. Is the featured listing data, property search data all manually entered or is there a way to partner with one of these firms so the real estate listings are automatically fed in?

Yes all the listing data is manually entered, although you can use a plugin like dsIDXpress for listing data as well.

Hi, I would like to know if it possible to have the same features as the WPpro real estates 2: On the listing page: The more listing with the arrow on the top right corners. On the description of the property features separate like it is from the property information. Thanks again

Yes, you would need to modify single-listings.php and add the below where ever you would like the links to show up.

<?php previous_post_link('%link','<span>Previous</span>'); ?>
<?php next_post_link('%link','<span>Next</span>'); ?>
Would you thing that this plugin can be added to the website for some listing to allow customer to book directly their rental from the website. If yes how can that be done? Thanks

I haven’t personally tested it, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

i trie to instaathe plugin i got this error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare extra_user_profile_fields() (previously declared in /home/nycshort/public_html/wp-content/themes/realestate_3/admin/profile-fields.php:11) in /home/nycshort/public_html/wp-content/plugins/js-multihotel/admin/wpbooking_admin.php on line 7415

The extra_user_profile_fields in my theme are used for User/Agent information I wouldn’t recommend removing them, you might contact the author of the plugin and see if you can deactivate that portion of it.

How do i remove the ones of the theme just to test out the plugin

You can comment out line 126 in functions.php


3/14/11 — View complete changelog here

I created a child theme and it says: Warning- This options panel will not work properly without javascript! Am I supposed to be activating something for Java? At this stage i am not yet changing anything, just getting started playing with the theme. But, I am having problems: Contact page info-i filled in the info on the Child Theme options section, saved changes, but it never shows up-only the default info! Also, i was unable to upload logo. And, when you make changes as indicated in change log, how do i get those changes activated onto the site i am working on (keeping in mind that i am using CT version). Thanks in advance!

Shoot me your login details via my profile and I’ll take a look at the options panel issue.

In regards to the updates you can grab the latest version of the theme from your ThemeForest account > Downloads panel.

Do you have a user manual for this theme? I am having difficulty getting the featured listings to appear on the home page. I am also unable to create a drop down menu (I tried by attaching it to a parent page). Lastly, when using the “default template” in the “page attributes” section the pages error reads (Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.) Only when I select a template other than default will the page show up properly. Also, there is no “right sidebar”, only left. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Documentation can be found via Wp Pro Real Estate 3 Options 3 > Documentation towards the top left

your search function does not seem to find any listings i have tried every price range and it still comes with no results…

It definitely works, you can test it on the demo site. Have you made any modifications, if so I’d recommend re-downloading the original theme files and re-uploading. Are there any plugins installed? If so I’d recommend deactivating and testing.


I see on the dash board you can opt to have the map show or not on the home pg. Can that be replaced with a slide show? What does it end up like without the map showing?

Yes, the map can be turned on/off. You definitely could replace it with whatever you like, slideshow, static image, etc…

Screencast isn’t loading for me? What issues are you seeing so I can get a fix released?

I’ll take a look and get a fixed released as soon as I can.

it is possible to have on the map the navigation function that google offer.This will help people with no scrolling mouse zoom in and out and navigate on the home page map.

Yes, go into realestate_3 > js > mapping.js > change line 126 to false and you’ll be good to go.

info regarding localization support as I’m interested in buying but working in Italy, I saw the intruction for language change, what does exactly mean support for localization? thanks

That means the theme is translation ready via .mo and .po files, full documentation on translating the theme is provided:

Can you disable the map on the homepage and use an image or slider?

Yes the map can be turned on/off via the options panel, then you’ll need to modify header.php with your slider or image code.