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Can’t seem to find the “Request More Info” widget in the widget area. Am I missing something?

Its definitely in there,

Indeed it is. Missed it by looking for a widget called “request more info. Thank you so much for the support

No probs

i can not log in your theme support, i know my password but as soon as i hit the login button nothing happens.

i want to know something about the frontmap…but i know your answer possible….ask tweaky…....but i did not buy this theme to be send of to tweaky all the time

Please try it again.

Hi, nice work!

I need this theme only in spanish, is possible to have frontend, backend and search module in this language?

Thank you

Hello again! Can I switched off responsivenes as a setting?

The installation is like demo site? Thank you

There isn’t an option to turn the responsiveness off at this point in time.

This is getting nowhere, like i said before, u send all your paying clients to Tweaky, do u own tweaky or what??? why should a paying costumer pay tweaky to resolve theme questions, this service is really bad!!!

No, I don’t own tweaky. I cover all default theme questions, like installation, setup, template questions, etc… Anything that falls under customizations isn’t covered in my support, some very small customizations I’ll point you in the right direction, file, line number but anything over a few minutes I have to refer out.

I try my best to accomodate and help my buyers as much as I can but some things are outside the scope of my support like customizations, which I would have to charge for my time — hope you understand.

If you’re having issue please open a ticket on the support site.

Yes i do understand…u are actual saying to buying clients…dont questions…pay tweaky for any thing u dont like…in other words…we do not give any service but we would like u to pay!!!

Question: if I was to try and apply this to commercial real estate (as opposed to residential), how easy would it be to change ‘Beds’ to ‘Units’ in all the search forms and other related fields? What all would I have to change in the code to reflect the difference to the end-user?

Very easy just by editing a single file.

Hello, is there a front end that allows users to add their own properties for a price?

Listings are entered through the standard WordPress admin.

Thats a shame. I’ve only seen one theme with a decent user interface for users to enter in details without going through the back end.

Good Day. 1. The sitemap template page is only showing pages and categories. Why is it showing categories, and not the custom fields? This is our sitemap page:

2. Is there a way to add a date-picker to the “Listing Agent Contact”?

1. Its just a basic sitemap. 2. Yes, with some modification I’d recommend

Hi, this is one of the great themes I have found on here and I just will like to ask a few questions before I purchase. Is it possible to sell user accounts and let them create their own property profile and manage their account after making payment? Also, is there any personalized email or SMS text alert options for users something like for the sale part, which is very important for people who search a house to be alerted when the property that meet their criteria is on the market?? Thanks


I’d recommend using a membership plugin like:

Does this work with idx for MLS?

I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

Why on God’s good earth is there no Share to Facebook button on the blog posts / articles?!!

How can this be added? (what code and where must I paste it)

Lastly, is there a way to make the Google map ‘fixed’ to an area at a certain zoom level?

Please advise ASAP.

PS: Also, have you heard of Facebook? ;)

The zoom level on the homepage map is set automatically based on the radius of pins/listings shown it can’t be set manually.


I love this theme, but being a novice in some regards even following your simple instructions to get a listing to come up on the map isn’t working. I have tried setting it as a feature and the slug seems to match. What the hell am I doing wrong? Thanks.

The tag in the status taxonomy needs to be “Featured” exactly and you’ll be good to go.

If I use dxIDXPress with Pro Real Estate 3, can I get all the MLS listings in my area to appear on the map on the home page?

With some modifications its possible.

I still can not find a place where a user can enter his own property into the site with out going through the admin. Please tell me where this multiply access level is located?

The user still has to log into the admin, you can add the a plugin like to add a user login widget to any of the available areas. If you’re looking for a full fledged frontend submission you would need to use something like

Why do not we get same theme in different languages, especially in Asian languages from right to left. I have seen many. Best among all is

The theme is fully localized and ready for translation, I have buyers using this theme from all over the world.

Chris, Love this theme. Purchased it through the store here but can’t locate my license number. Would love to poke around the knowledge-base on the Contempo site before I ask any questions. Help? Thanks! R

Is there a reason why the mobile select menu (ct_nav) duplicates the menu items?

The items are only displayed once:

Hi I am interested in this theme, can you please let me know if it is possible to change the following:

1. Take the map out from the front page, so the banner pushes up? 2. Take out one or two options from the listing search form?

Please let me know ASAP, as I need to start on the project. Kind regards

  1. Yes, you can disable the map from the admin options panel.
  2. Yes, by editing a single file.

Will I be able to pull in MLS listings?

I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

Good Day

Is the prettyPhoto gallery only for the listings? I can’t get the same effect on pages. I followed the same steps for a page, but it isn’t showing at all.

Two Questions:

One: I need to ad a custom background, but,when I upload it the template doesn’t show up.

Two: Is there a way to integrate my IDX Broker Platinum Featured listings into the existing maps set up. If so can you direct me to how to do this? Thanks

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

I have a regular license and can’ t find the purchase code. Or at least its not letting me use what i thought was the purchase code.

I’d recommend contacting they can help you out with getting your purchase code.