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Is there a way to create and setup an automated XML feed of my listings to Trulia, Zillow and some of the other known Sites?

Thanks! Liz

Anything is possible but that’s going to require a custom plugin as I’m not aware of any that are out there currently unfortunately.

Can such plugin be added to your road-map of new development?

Sorry that’s much to big of an undertaking, that would basically be another product in itself.

Your original Demo has the Slider overlapping into the map. (Which I love) and a smaller header. How did you do that?

Go into WP Pro Real Estate 3 Options > Homepage > Slides > Add your content > Save Changes

How do you find and modify the 1.3 topography? Unable to scroll down until finding the appropriate style that needs to be edited as you say in your directions about the Style Sheet. The style sheet is only an outline and there is nothing to scroll to; i.e., 1.3 Typography. Thanks very much.

Nevermind, I found the base css file on the server to change the typography. Thanks again.

Hrm. None of my maps work, any thoughts? Nevermind, found why in the docs!

Glad you got it sorted.

Two questions….

1- Does the theme come with a styled print style sheet for listings / window cards?

2- Can you input custom info boxes that only agents who are logged in can see? Client telephone numbers / agent info etc….


1. It does include a print stylesheet 2. I’d recommend using a membership plugin like:

I have a listing that has a status tag of ‘Featured’ as I wanted to appear under the featured listings. But as this property has sold, I removed the featured tag and added the Sold tag, but the listing is still showing up under the featured listing widget, any idea?

If you’ve truly deleted the tag it won’t show in the widget. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

Is there a way to include the alt tag everywhere there is an image used? For example, I have a featured listing widget on the main page, and all the thumbnail pictures do not have alt tag? Same for the Broker Info widget picture and the Agent Info widget picture. Thanks.

admin > theme-functions.php > you’ll see the image functions start at line 970

When I make a call $attachment_meta = wp_get_attachment(your_attachment_id); What should be the ‘your_attachment_id’?

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

It seems there is a maximum of 10 properties than can be featured on the map? I am using the map on my search page now and would like to include all properties (100+). How do I do this?


WP Pro Real Estate 3 Options > Homepage >

I´m sorry I didnt make myself clear. I am entering numbers from 25-100 and only 10 properties are showing up on the map. I have about 17 properties with a FEATURED status. I am using a child theme.

Hi, can the main map be populated with IDX MLS listings and not just a few of our own personal listings? If so, how can I do this to make sure the main map is properly populated with my boards (TREB) MLS listings.

Thank you

Yes, however this would require some major modifications and isn’t something easily explained. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Also, the map is not working on it’s own when we change the latitude/longitude to reflect our area (Toronto, Canada). Our URL is Please help us lol… thank you!

That is correct the lat/long is only used on initial load, however you must have atleast one listing tagged as Featured in order for the map to come up. This is by design, also see:

HELP! Category Search Widget nor “category” pages are working. They all get only one same listing.

Listings don’t use categories they use taxonomies, please review:

I am NOT talking about listings, I’m referring to a WIDGET called “Category Widget”. Please look at the URL and see the broken widget and tell me how to fix. I hope I don’t have to uninstall and start over.

Thanks very much

Thats a core WordPress widget and isn’t part of the theme.


Does this theme work with a UK map and UK postcodes???

Yes, I have buyers using this theme from all over the world.

Hi, i like your them, but in my country, Argentina, Properties or rents can be use U$S dollars or $ Pesos. So i need the possibility to choose if the seller want to sell or rent his properties in one money or the other money. So i need a new field to use. Can be this possible? Thanks

Responded to your email.


5/30/13 — View complete changelog here

hi ,

I have 4 listings that are featured, but the map icon on the home page is still spinning. The slug is also called “featured” as you recommend on the KB page. What else am i missing?


Disable any plugins and test.

Thanks. However, the plugin that is causing the spinning icon is the dsIDXpress plugin. Any suggestions?

Must be a script conflict, I’d recommend using the console under the browsers developer tools and see what file is causing the issue. I unfortunately can’t provide support for third party plugins, hope you understand.

When we plugin our longitude/latitude it doesn’t work and nothing ends up showing up. Could you kindly guide us in fixing this issue. Thank you

That’s only used for initial load you need to add atleast one listing and mark it with featured under the status taxonomy then the map will load.

Why is it so difficult to add a listing to the home page? I had two working, posted a few more, and now they’re all missing from the home page.

If you’re referring to the map, its quite easy — Create a listing tag it with Featured under the Status taxonomy > Publish and you’re good to go.

i don’t know why my map not show with your template

is template have a problem with some plugin?

my used plugin list -White Label Branding for WordPress -New RoyalSlider -qTranslate -Quform Form Builder -WP125 -WP Bannerize

If you’ve added your lat/long on your listing that’s all you need to do.

i insert correct data into latitude/longitude field, expand more pls.

Please open a ticket with the listing in question and your login details:

Agent Page isn’t working..How do I get the agent page to show the agents!

The agent page will show all users that aren’t admin level. You can enter their info via Admin > Users > User, then create page and apply the agents template.