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Hi there….

I´ve installed the very popular ´All In One Seo´ plug in, but google doesn´t seem to be reading from it. Any ideas why it isn´t working? Is there something obvious I´m missing?

Realise it´s a plug-in, but would appreciate some help on what is probably a very simple issue.


Sorry I can’t provide support for a third-party plugin, but I’d recommend contacting the developer directly they’ll be able to help you out.

If there is known compatibility issue with ´All In One Seo´ can you recommend another plug-in…

No known issues, but there’s also

Hi there, it´s still not working correctly. Surely it must be essential that either ´All In One´ or ´Yoast´ work perfectly with the theme? Really need your help here.


Is there any way to make it so that the homepage map shows pins by address and postcode. i.e a pin at number 4 and number 50 on the same road may be in different areas, but have the same postcode.

Also having great problems with the photo gallery on each listing. I’ve uploaded a few photos that I want in the text, but not the gallery. Is it possible to only have some photos in the gallery? See:

Both of these are real problems and holding back my website launch. Many thanks

You can have pins all over the world if you like, displaying on the homepage. Any images uploaded to that listing directly will be displayed in the slider. So I’d suggest uploading images via Media > Add new then inserting them into the body area.

Your plugins will not install. Please advise how to install. It won’t let me re-install the program so I’m dead in the water.

thank you do I need to install the shortcodes in order to find the accordians, toggles, and tags and the drag and drop boxes that you show on your demonstration in order to make a layout that looks like your demo?

WOW!!! Now it looks right!! I reset the default options and everything looks just like your demo (without the pictures and all the pretty stuff). THANKS A MILLION!!!!

No probs, glad you got it sorted. Thanks for your purchase!

Hi there,

Can you tell me how I can allow EDITORS to be able to edit the menu and widgets, but not have access to the themeoptions…. I know I need to add code to the Functions.php, but I don´t know exactly which files to target.

Also, how can I re-order the ´property type´ options in the main search dropdown. Currently it´s alphabetical, but I need to change it.


Plug in- ´Custom Taxonomy Sort´ I don´t know why you can´t put a bit more effort in with your clients. Especially with something so obvious, that should have the abilty to be sorted anyway.

Or do you want people to pay for money for modifications that are relatively simple?

That’s not my intentions at all, its not a basic customization you’ll need to copy the ct_search_form_select function in admin > theme-functions.php > modify it just for your property_type field and add the ordering in.

I’m not familiar with that plugin or its functionality but you could give it a shot.

My support only covers theme setup, and questions it doesn’t cover customizations otherwise I’d be running myself outta business working for free. When it comes to modifying files I can only point you in the right direction, I hope you understand.

Does this have the ability to have users post properties from the frontend?

Not out of the box, but there are many front end posting plugins you could use to achieve that functionality.

Hello, Sorry to use some of your time, but we’re considering purchasing this theme for a client…I’ve searched here, but could not find answers we need. Our IDX provider uses RETS, will this theme function with it?

I haven’t personally implemented RETS, but I do have many buyers using the plugin for IDX/MLS integration. Also found which uses RETS.


8/16/13 — View complete changelog here

Hello, I really like this theme and want to use it for my client. Unfortunately, dsIDXpress does not access my clients MLS. Will your theme work with the WordPress IDX Plugin found here?


Does the main map populate with IDX listings from the dsIDXpress plugin, or is the map strictly frontend/backend submission? Could you pull off a mod that would replace the main map with the auto-populated map from either Diverse Solutions’s dsIDXpress plugin or possibly their larger mapping IDX search service? ...either by swapping the maps….or by replacing the existing map with a box (or slider?) where the mapping idx search map code can be embedded?


The main map is strictly listings entered through the admin. The mapping for the IDX can be seen here. However anything is possible you could pull both IDX and manual listings into the homepage map, although it would require modifications.

Since you know this theme inside & out, would it be possible to pay you to do a mod like this? Thanks!

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.

Under Find your new home,

Can i change the “state” to district instead? I understand that “city” + “state” + “zipcode” are used to populate google map location. Would it be possible to use only city and zipode?

Yes, go into realestate_3 > admin > custom-taxonomies.php > lines 175-188 only and includes > advanced-search.php > line 29

pre sales question: my client is concerned with the mouse scroll zooming the map in and out as opposed to scrolling the page up and down. Is there an option to disable the scrolling activating zoom on the homepage?

Yes, the scroll wheel can be disabled via one line of code. I can provide the updated file when you purchase.

Is it possible to create a Contact Form Widget so that we can add it to the side bar?

That widget only works for the Listing page. If I add the widget to the Sidebar Page, the widget would appear but throws an error when I try to send a message.

That’s because it relies on listing information to work, like agent name, address, etc…

If you need a normal form I suggest using a plugin like

Question about Featured listing so that they show on the Homepage Map.

When adding ‘Featured’ to the Status, it switches into a ‘Featured @en’. No matter how often I go back to change it, it appends the ’@en’ to the end of it. Because of this, I can’t make the listing shown on the Homepage Map.

Sorry, wrong theme — index.php > line 33 > replace with ‘ct_status’ => ‘featured, featured-en, featured-sp’,

Thanks! Best Customer Service right here! ^

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

Can this theme be translated totally in spanish? Let me know, thanks.

Yes, its fully localized and ready for translation. Its also compatible the plugin.

Do the IDX listings show on the header map?

No, those are only featured listings the IDX plugin unfortunately doesn’t have a way to mark listings “featured” etc, as they’re automatically pulled from the MLS although they do have a map display as you can see on the IDX page in the demo.

Hello, in the search page it only shows the searched property in the map, below the map all the listings show up, I don’t know what’s wrong

Looks like you might have done some modifications to the search possibly added some new fields or taxonomies. If you have you need to make sure and modify the array in search-listings.php to reflect those fields you modified or added otherwise they won’t be searched on.

I uploaded the original advanced-search.php search-listings.php and custom-taxonomies.php files and it is still the same

Then I’d recommend uploading the latest original theme files in its entirety, something is a miss in your files.

I have have trouble finding “responsive” themes having a readable menu bar. I looked at 2 sites that used this theme. One switched to a mobile mode (m in front of url) the other inserted a navigation search box. Which is the method it is programmed to use???

Yes, the main search on the homepage searches on listings & criteria added through the WordPress admin. No need for a plugin, its all built into the theme. The IDX is a seperate optional plugin you can add its not required in any way.

Sorry for all the questions; Regarding Price… Can I have a Range Not a set price on the listing? Mine will be venues and the prices vary.

Yes, with a simple modification to the price field type.


We have a real estate agency for short period rental.

Is it possible to edit the filter search and therefore the page creating the new properties ? One of the most important option to filter for our users, is to the select the “availability period” for an an apartment to rent:

- “Available from …. to …”

- “available within one week/month”...

Thanks ;)

Definitely you can add as many search items as you like however it requires digging into some code.