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Hi it`s possible to add video to each property, and specially in the homepage?

Definitely, you can add video directly into the content area of each listing. The slider on the homepage is also video ready.

that sounds excellent ! long it takes to get the template after you purchase it

It’s instant, purchase and it’s there for you to download.

Hi there, loving your theme so far. Couple of questions as far as customization:

1. How can I center the header logo & nav bar – I’ve tried editing the layout.css but it tends to have issues as far as positioning in IE 7 & 8.

2. More importantly – I’ve installed Wolfnet IDX Plugin – and it’s working. However, how do I insert my own IDX URL to populate the listings on the Map function?

If you could even just point me in the right direction (file to edit) I’d be more than appreciative! Thanks!

Looking through some of the prior comments, it looks like it’s going to have to be a custom solution. Sorry for the duplicate post!

1. WP Pro Real Estate 5 Options > General > Custom Logo

2. I’m not familiar with that plugin you’ll need to contact their support.

Hello, the item details says it has Built In dsIDXpress Plugin Support. I saw your Irvine example showing the 18 properties in Irvine. Does the theme have a search form that searches the IDX instead of just searching the listings that have been manually added to the site?

The property search form on the homepage only searches the listings that were added to the site correct?

Thank you.

Yes, you can see it on the IDX page the widget to the right is for searching the IDX exclusively.

The home search is only for listings entered through the admin that is correct.

Hi Contempo, thanks for a great theme. I just purchased and installed but the map doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried it default, and with my lat/long coords. The loading spinny wheel just keeps turning but the map never loads. Can you assist?



Ok, RTFM wins again… Nevermind :) Importing the sample xml data did the trick. Thanks anyway :)

Glad ya got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

Hi Contempo, can you tell me how to add an image slider to featured posts? The current featured posts have them but I don’t see how to edit or add them.

Thanks for a great theme.


Good Morning— I found a spot on the contact page which has the string, “Connect With Us” yet I can’t find that on the post in which to edit it or remove it.

Can you assist?

Thanks in advance for all your great support.


WP Pro Real Estate 3 Options > Contact

Yea, I looked there – and there isn’t a spot that specifically talks about the “connect with us” area. Can you be more specific? Thanks :)

You just fill in the fields and the information is outputted in the template.

Hi I’m interested in purchasing your theme and had a question about that homepage map and the listings on it. (I currently pay for the iDXpress.) Do those have to be added manually or can it populate from my IDX. If I have it set up to open in Minneapolis, can it populate with all the listings? Thanks for the help..

The homepage map listings are added manually, although with modifications you could integrate the IDX listings as well.

Brilliant! Thanks for the quick response. Assuming the modifications would be done within the mapping feature..

Yes, it would via PHP and Javascript.

I purchase/installed dsidxpress – and it has its own MLS search. is there a way to integrate your (pretty) form and the idx search into one? So far, your search only searches the featured listings.

Second, anything from dsidxpress is ugly as sin. is there a way specifically to just take their data and not use their css and such?



Sorry, I don’t have any plans at the moment to integrate the main search with the IDX plugin as it would require some major hacking and if the plugin is updated the search would have to be hacked again. That’s why I suggest using the IDX search widget.

I just purchased this and I received an email regarding an update to this theme.

Please advice the way to do it.

I already have the data in the system, don’t want to redo everything.

regards, WM

Hi, we got a property listed for 11M, We put it 11000000 but the map show 1M+ only.

Please advice.

hello, can you give us updates on this issue? I need to feedback the client

Pre-Sales Question: Does this theme account for multiple user roles? In other words, are authors, contributors and editors able to modify the custom post type listings? Or is it restricted to administrators? Thanks.

See previous response.

Contempo, Where? There are about 54 pages to scroll through here. Can you give me a heads up or let me know what page to read and thanks.

Saw the previous post now. Thanks

on the main page map featured listings, in the description, its has “3 Bed br | 2 Bath ba, 1000 St Ft” how do i remove the extra “br” and “ba” from the description box on the map?

js > mapping.js > line 43

perfect! thank you! very much appreciated

No probs, thanks for your purchase!

we purchased this theme a long time ago and I paid programmers to install it like we do since 1994. We have custom idx, idxbroker and diverse solutions and out of 3 sites none really work. So I went looking for examples and cant find ANY that work like advertised (map display with REAL idx not a limited database). Please send me 3 sites that use a real idx solution and have the map in the header with listings working. So far we have wasted too much money on this. It seems to work for those that input listings but not a real IDX solution. Thank you.

Hello Contempoinc staff, I have a question about the control panel of this theme:

It is equipped with a admin panel where you can manage the homes for sale or rental?

Thank you!

Yes, you can see an example of the listing management in this screencast although its for my RE5 theme the process is the same.

I’m trying to change the Sq. Ft to Acres. How do I do so?

Go into the Amin options panel > listings

That only let’s me do meters or feet. I need acres.

If you apply the Type of Land to a listings acres will be shown.

Hi. I´m very “new” at WP and DataBase (in general) .I’m interested in purchasing your theme (it looks GREAT) and had a (maybe stupid) question about DB… ¿How can I “connect” the template with a new DataBase in MySQL? Can I create the DB from the Template? or.. Is there a “Control Panel” into the template soft for “add new products/houses/blog articles/... whatever?

Sorry for this “basic questions” and congrat for your work.

So…another question… Can I buy this template, install it into a free domain (just for learn how to setup/change design, etc…) and after that, to buy a new (and definitive) domain and “pay hosting” for install again the template and modify it again? Of course, the template will be install only in ONE site at the same time, because I can toboy a single license (right now). Thanks (and sorry for my bad english)

And… I´m only interesting in a “Spanish” version of the web, so… What is the best way for “traslate” the template, maybe edit a html/php file in Dreamweaver? (I think it is no difficult for me) or maybe there is a faster way? Thanks again

Ups… ! Ok,.. so… I´ve read the documentation…Great!!

Are the search results sorted by the closest to the furthest?

By date entered ascending

Pre-purchase question: Can I easily translate this theme? Thx Ben

Yes, it’s fully localized and ready for translation, instructions are included in the documentation.

How can I add an image map to my custom logo?

Not quite sure why you would want to image map your logo, but take a look at

Client wants a pair of states as a part of the logo with each state being clickable to lead to it’s corresponding listings. I know how to make the image map, I just can’t figure out which php/css file it needs to be a part of.


Using this template, the site loads fine but the admin is extremely slow. When I test with a WP default template, admin speeds back up. I have tried the latest version 1.4.9 as well as 1.2.5. It’s not a plugin issue or memory issue. Seems to be theme specific. Anything I can do to speed up the admin?

Try upping your PHP memory limits.

Increased to 512MB and it is still slow. My hosting company says it looks like the issue is in the way your theme uses mysql. There are over 26k slow queries on my server from the site over the last 6 weeks. Please advise.

Please open a ticket on the support site. Http://