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hi, before you buy the template I wanted to know a few things:

1) it is possible to manage the currency? in my case Euro 2) it is possible to manage a type? Sale and Rent 3) it is possible to manage a field of square meters of the property? 4) there is a file. Bit or similar to translate the template in Italian?

  1. Yes, you can input any currency you like via the admin options panel
  2. Yes, you can do Sale, Rent, Let, Lease, whatever you’d like under the Property Status taxonomy
  3. You can change to sq meters via the admin options panel
  4. Yes, its fully localized and includes the .PO file for translating

Images do not load. I’ve submitted a ticket via your support system, which the developer acknowledged and said it was due to the fact that this theme is not compatible with WP 3.9+

This was over two weeks ago and the theme has still not fixed. What good is a real estate theme that does not show listing photos???

Buyer beware. The support from this author has definitely gone from good to poor.

That was a mistake there actually isn’t an issue with images, the demo site is running 3.9.1. Something must have changed on your server, please take a look at this article.

Why then did I have to go to the extent of writing a bad review here to get you to reply? You couldn’t have update me via your “support” desk? I still stand by my comment: Your support sucks.

Wow, thats because I always check comments here first then move to my support site. Sorry you feel that way, just a heads up I’m a team of one doing everything from design to development to support. Thanks for your patience.

Hi – I have had tremendous support in the past – this time seems to have fallen through the cracks.

I have updated the theme as per May 2014

Now, when I upload a new listing the photos are not showing – ONLY for that new listing. I have tried to create others – and the again the photos do not appear. All the previous listings show just fine.

I cannot see any change that I’ve made to cause this – can you help please -


All tickets are answered in the order received, I’m a single man team. Thanks for your patience.

Hi – I have re-installed and have an issue – I have let you know in the “pending” stream on the support site – thanks

Ok, thanks. I’ll get back to you shortly.


Would I be able to take out the SEARCH BAR on the top of each page if I wanted to? Theme looks great!


Thanks! Yes, you can disable it via the admin options panel.

Couple pre buy questions: 1. Can we fully search BY the map? 2. Can we place the map search anywhere? Eg. not on the home page, but on a specific page other than that?

I see the listings search, but wasn’t sure if you can search by “zip” or “city”, etc.

3. Property features: can these be custom? Most of our listings will be commercial, so beds/bath don’t apply. And if we can do custom, can we search by those custom fields?

Please let us know, thanks!

Excellent, thanks! Is it easy to “embed” or place the map on any other page / can you assist with that after purchase?So one can easily remove certain elements from the “Find Your Home” search it’s all commercial listings? Meaning, we can remove “Bed/Bath” etc removed from the “Find Your Home” search box? Thanks again, this looks like a solid theme!

Oh, sorry, one more thing :)—are there various Home page templates if someone doesn’t want the map on the HP? Perhaps, just the slider and other elements? Is that easy enough to set up?

It would require jumping into code and placing the function along with a custom query. Yes, you can easily remove items from the search by editing a single file I can point you to this once you purchase.

You can enable/disable the map via the admin options along with the other sections, no need for separate templates or code modifications.

Hello contempoinc, It is a great theme and before I take the money from pocket i need to know some issues. 1. Does this theme provide login/register model for visitor? 2. Is it possible to allocate a specific role to different users such as agent, visitor, normal admin, super admin… 3. Is it possible to put a language selection on the top of page?


  1. Not currently however my WP Pro Real Estate 6 theme does have front end login/registration and posting along with Paypal integration.
  2. Yes, you’ll need to use a membership plugin like
  3. Again my RE6 theme has that ability see the flags in the top bar on the demo site:, its 100% compatible with the WPML plugin.

I have had a ticket in now for 1 week. At the beginning, the first thing I did was look at the themes documentation for my issue. Then I went down that list with my server team. Then I posted all that into my ticket with the login information. Apparently the designer didn’t read all that. After they got back to me they said I should “read the article” which was about the theme’s documentation. I also posted that to save time! My customer has been down now and i know it is some simple fix probably some obscure setting. I am about ready to take this theme down and load another theme that is trouble free. A note to all buyers, read the comments first. See if they are handling their tickets and see it they are glitchy. I have tried to be nice and am restrained at this point but I will be rating this in the next few days and all that depends on if I get what I need…. :(

You’re all set, timthumb.php just needed to be updated to the latest version there was in error in yours for some reason.

Ok. Got it. Where does that go? If this happens again I will be prepared. Thanks

realestate_3 > img_resize > timthumb.php

How to I set how many listings appear on the listings page?

Mine is showing 10 listings making the page very long.

Where yours shows only 4 here:

Settings > Reading > Blog pages show

Hello Contempoinc,

I was wondering if it is possible in this theme to have landlords/agents add properties by themselves, instead of me adding everything (this would not work for the website I have in mind). I could not find this in the comments so far.

Thanks in advance!

My RE6 theme has a full front end listing submission system with optional PayPal integration.

You can test it out below:

Use demo/demo for the login.

I am looking at real estate theme. I would like to clarify some points below:
1) Backward compatible. Every upgrade of wordpress or your software will not cause my website to be down or not working.
2) Create/define customized fields that is mandatory for a specific group of property?
a. For example: I would like Number of Bedroom to be compulsory for all residential property but not non-residential property
b. For non-residential property like office space, the system will allow me to key in field without asking me for number of bedroom. The bedroom fields must not appear in the first place.
3) The system will dynamically display appropriate search query. For example, If I am search for office space, the system will not have display bedroom in my search query
4) Can I display my home page with different feature listings. Feature listing for a set of residential property, Feature listing for a set of office space for rent….
5) If I display my listing, can I choose what fields to display? Residential property displays bedroom but not office space.

  1. No, 100 guaranteed if anything does arise I’ll always release an update. However WP is always made backwards compatible so there’s no worries there.
  2. You can add/edit/delete any of the custom fields or taxonomies however you see fit by editing a couple files.
    • If you tag a listing as Commercial under the Property type those residential fields are automatically removed
  3. That is correct refer to the above
  4. By default the featured listings section is setup to display the most latest descending. However with code modifications/additions you could define only residential another for commercial, etc…
  5. Again each type of listing only displays pertinent information pertaining to that certain type.

Does this theme support WP network?

If you’re referring to WP Multisite yes it does.

hey, i have a question about your theme, users can create account and save preferences research ? get mail when new home matching their needs get online ? Or at least save they search, or/and have an history of it ?

Thanks -

  1. That’s possible however you’d need to use a plugin like WP Favorite Posts
  2. Again would need to use a plugin like and setup preferences

    Hi, Nice work and design. I miss the feature “(Frontend-) Subscribe/Login, so that a user can add an object and uploads data/pictures. Is it not integrated?
    Do you offer also customization service?

    Thanks! I’d recommend my RE6 theme it has a frontend submission & login system built in.

    Both estate 3 & 6 demo’s aren’t working :( ? Looking to purchase..

    They’re both up, coulda been a small hiccup with my host mediatemple,


    Is this theme compatible with WP 4.0?


    Yes, its 100% compatible.

    can this theme be used with WPL PRO plugin?

    I’m not personally familiar with that plugin but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t however it already has most of those features already built into the theme no plugin required.

    Pre-sales Question: I am looking to setup particular custom post types for Style (ex. 2 story), Community (ex. Oakdale Circle), and Design (ex. Floor Plan Design #1)

    And I would like the property page to show these and link to the page with all of the properties that also have the same custom post type selected. Is that possible with this theme? Thank you

    You actually would just do this via URL, for instance:

    The only thing you would need to add is a taxonomy for Community, then the URL would be :

    I purchased this a long time ago and has worked great. However the home page map has stopped working after the latest wp update? Any idea on how to fix this?

    The theme is 100% tested and working with the latest version of WordPress, I’d recommend deactivating any non required plugins and testing sounds like a definite issue there.

    I purchased your theme a year or two ago. recently I did all the updates I needed to. But have a couple of problems. 1) I can’t update the theme to 1.5.0 (I have 1.4.7) because i dont know what and where my themeforest login details are. (I opened a new user so I could reach you here). Are the original details somewhere in my WP backoffice? how can I see them? 2) When adding a listing, i used to be able to add a “city” too on the right hand side of the listing (where “beds” “baths” “status” are) and now its not there anymore (ever since I did all the updates). How can I add it back on? its important.


    1. Thanks 2. I’m the only one to use the wordpress… How can I get the “City” back?

    You’ll need to wait to login into the account you purchased from so you can get the latest version or try an find the original theme download on your computer the files always start with themeforest- so I would do a search for that.

    I didn’t do it on my computer. someone set it up for me. i’ll wait till I get my original account details. Thanks.

    Hi, Which table has the listing information, such as Price, Beds, Bath, Square footage, lot size ans status. I am bulk uploading my listings from a CSV file and was able to bulk upload listings into the post table, but couldn’t find the column name or the table name which contains the fields I mentioned above. Thx

    wp_postmeta is where all the custom fields are stored. Sorry for the late reply, I just finally got settled into my new place and got my computer setup so support will be normal from here on out, after I work through the 120+ tickets. It took quite awhile to find a new place and get moved, internet setup, the list goes on and on.