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Hi, will you plan to update this theme to be compatible with last version of wordpress?

Its fully compatible with WP 4.5.

Hi, first of all: Very nice and easy theme!!

And second: A little question: How to translate the webpage to another language?

Please open a ticket on the support site, thanks!

Hi, i’ve opened a ticket on the support page. just need to know what to adjust in style.css or whatever to make it look nice on mobile and tablet

Thanks Hina my support staff will be getting back to you.

Hi I’m looking to purchase this theme can the home page main image get bigger as far as height is concerned

I’m assuming you’re referring to the slider which uses Slider Revolution and yes it can be set to whatever dimensions you’d like within the slider options.

Thank you for you recent reply!!! One last question…I need the single listing pages to look similar to this:

Are your listing pages customizable? Can I make columns and put listing info to the right of the listing image??

I have a “Drag & Drop Single Listing” builder, however to accomplish a multi-column layout like your example you’d need to use a child theme and copy over single-listings.php and make your modifications from there.

You can see a demo under

Hello how to add images while creating new listing?

Open a listing > click Add Media upload images so they’re attached to said listing update and you’ll be all set, this is also covered in the documentation. I’d highly recommend taking a look at my new real estate 7 theme

I did look at it and I did try that and that did not happen. The featured image did not appear. That’s why I’m asking.

I developed this theme way before the “Featured Image” function was built into WordPress, the first image uploaded will be automatically used. Please also refer to

Can you please pretty please help me?? The map isn’t pulling up on my listings. It’s not showing up on your example listings or on my listings. I don’t have any plugins except for whatever was necessary for this plugin. This is the least amount of plugins I have ever had.

I’ve tried just utilizing longitude and latitude and that hasn’t helped either. I have just the address as the title with zip, state and city filled out. I’m just not sure what to do. Is there something I need to initialize on my end? Am I missing something? I did look at the documentation but I didn’t see anything about the maps. Please help…

Apologize, for that.

You’ll need to install this plugin and generate an API key and you should be good to go.

AWESOME!!! Thank you!!!

No probs, glad to help! If you haven’t already please be sure to rate the theme in your area, 5 stars is always very, very much appreciated!

Hello. I am running WP Pro Real Estate 4. When I use the home page search and it goes to the result page of my listings – the page freezes and I cannot move the page or do anything on the page.

The error comes up that the says page unresponsive.

Can you please help. I have no idea what could be causing this. Thank you !


Once you purchase go ahead and post back in this thread, then shoot me a message via my profile with your WordPress admin login information

Okay.. all set. Purchased.

Replied to your email got the file update, and you’re good to go!

hi, presale question. Possible to have paid and free agent subscription with bank transfer option? Also, the paid agent listing, is it possible to boost it than the non paid listing?


Hi, yes with my membership and packages plugin thanks in advance for your purchase!