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Really nice theme buddy, good luck with sales! 8-)

Thank ya sir!

Nice work ;) Good luck with sales!


This is insane value for $50, good work! Best of luck with sales :)

Much appreciated!

I just purchase real estate 3 a few days ago. Can I get a free upgrade to real estate 4?

What IDX integration are you using? IDX broker? or?

Out of the box the listings use a custom post type, and are entered through the WordPress admin. However I’ve had many buyers use the http://dsIDXpress.com plugin for IDX /MLS integration.

Withdraw question

Not sure I’m following?

Hi Chris, Nice work, how do ever find time sleep much less surf? We’re in San Diego too but never seem to have time to surf anymore. ~ I am new to Word Press but came up through Frontpage, and more recently MS ExpressionWeb 4 but I’m no expert.

I was looking at RE 3 and then just saw you released RE 4 . • I like the map in RE 3 , but wondered if it would be hard to move down the page to another location?

I like the search box on top in RE 4 but might want to adjust it’s position. • Would it be possible for me to lower the search box to the bottom of the picture with some CSS tweaks? • Would it be possible to make the search box smaller or even put it off to the right side? • And would it be possible to change the color of the search box and the Search button? • Can I make the upper background picture area smaller?

Maps • Is the map in RE 3 available as a plug-in for RE 4 ? • Do I even need the map? – “I guess most IDX providers have maps?”

Blogs • Does RE 3 & RE 4 have built in blogs?

IDX • Besides IDXexpress, are there other compatible providers?

Purchase • If I purchase RE 3 does that also give me ability to upgrade or exchange with RE 4 for the $50 price?

Pages • Since I am not familiar with Word Press, is it very difficult to create more pages?

Thank you

Anything is possible, everything is customizable. The mapping isn’t available as a plugin you would need to modify the existing mapping in RE4 they both share code.

Yes, they have blog capability, all you do is go into Appearance > Menus > Add your main blog category > Name > Save > Apply to the main position.

I haven’t come across any other providers for IDX integration.

No, they are two completely different themes and would need to be purchased separately. If you’re talking about custom page templates, its pretty simple if you’re talking about just standard pages those are easily created through the WordPress admin.

Looks promising! One question: Can I have multiple Categories for Listing? Lets say I have an event agency and want the client to search for an artist or singer as well for a propper location. Is it possible to fill the database with multiple categories? so as in my example: artist, location, caterer and so on…?

Yes, listings already have categories enabled.

Love your themes.

Were thinking of switching and upgrading theme and wanted to know what kind of MLS system is integrated with this theme and can a system we already have be integrated into the theme?


It uses the standard WordPress admin to enter listings, take a look at:


However, I’ve had many buyers use the http://dsIDXpress.com plugin for IDX /MLS integration.

Yeah. We use that for our current site so it would be too had to transfer over.

One last question. Is it possible to have the background image from the homepage be a slide image?

Not hard to transfer at all. But the map/background image would require a little modification.

Looks like an interesting responsive theme. The example you give has the search options featured prominently, which is a template I’ve been looking for. Can those options be integrated with IDXexrpress?

Yes, although it would require some modification.

Just get the real estate 3 as well… as looking forward to this, cannot find the full with mapping search. is about some plan to update in the future ?

regards krug

Both themes share the same mapping features, although RE4 doesn’t have it displayed as large, as its a different type of layout.

Like the person above me, I just bought WP Real Estate Pro 3 for my client 7 days ago. I would have waited for #4 if had known it was coming out just a few days later. Can there please be a free upgrade option for customers who recently purchased #3? Thank you!

Sorry, RE4 is a completely new theme and would need to be purchased.

Well, what about a special upgrade price? It only seems fair…

Please Contact me at toddr112991@aol.com Just purchased your template and i need some support.

Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com


I am using xampp for a local server on my desktop to pre-edit WP before uploading to a host server.

I am editing through your WP Pro Estate 4 options tab in WP admin. So far was just playing with backgrounds. But because I am on xampp local desktop server, I don’t seem to have an obvious way to preview my changes. Can you tell me what the path would be to the folder/file(s) that changes are saved to. http://localhost/xampp/wp/ ?(what is the file name that displays the updated template so I can throw it in another Firefox tab and refresh it to see changes?

Grateful for your assistance

No matter if you’re working locally or live any CSS /HTML/PHP or Option changes will still take effect. Add #fff in the Background Color field then choose your Custom Background image and test.

Just a user rating / comment system is missing, than it would be perfect!

You can easily add a user rating plugin and enable comments on listings.

Just bought this today. Zip will not upload to WP site. Get following: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. I am a REAL novice! I have tried using winace as suggested but no different. What is solution please?

Just bought this today, I had originally bought version 3. There’s something funky going on you can see it on your demo page

2 Bed Bed, | 2 Bath Bath, 1944 Sq Ft

It repeats bed and bath. Also after bed there’s a ”,” and it looks odd.

Also why force people to put in sq feet? If this is left blank, the “Sq Ft” text show up anyway? Didn’t see a link to a support forum so asking here.

Nice catch, I’ll get that bug fixed and an update released. I’ll also look into the sq ft.

thanks! I added a post in the support forum…the sq ft thing is in the feature listings on the home page – it seems ok on the actual listings page (doesn’t display when you leave empty)

Update is in the queue, you’ll be notified in your WordPress admin when its available for download.

I think I know the answer, but I´ll ask anyway: who bought version 3 can have version 4?

RE3 and 4 and two completely separate themes in code and aesthetics, and are maintained/updated separately. So you’ll need to purchase 4.


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