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Hi can i check if your theme 1. allows the hiding of price fields on listing

2. allows editing of the advanced search box

3. able to display the advanced search box on every page.


  1. Yes, if no price is entered its removed.
  2. Yes, its easily editable by modifying a single file.
  3. You could do that or use the Listings Search Widget in any sidebar you’d like across the site

Ok sounds good.. for point 2, is it easy to edit? will you direct me to the specific lines to change? Reason is because i’ve been seeing past comments that you’ve refer customers to tweeky. So just curious if this change is a big one. thanks

Yes, once you purchase I can direct you to the files.

Hi In the backend(admin ) ,In the post section the “featured image” option is missing when I installed this theme, it used to come with the default theme how do I get back ??


By design yes, you can edit the contents via the Homepage panel in the admin options.

but can you help me I wanna replace this “why choose us ” widget with another widget can you tell me what changes I need to do in my code..

index.php > lines 85-87

As I can eliminate Featured Listing on search results page. Thanks

search-listings.php > lines 146-175


I just purchased this theme. I noticed that V5 is released. Will you still provide support and updates for WP Pro Real Estate 4?

Thank you.

Yes, the v2, 3, etc are just naming conventions for my themes I still maintain and update each one separately you can see those via the changelog linked from you admin options panel.

Comma separation for property price want it to be changed Im not sure if this has to do with currency denomination but the way prices are seperated here (Indian Rupees is different)

For eg the demo property “700 W E St #2605 ” shows a property price of 2,800,000 whereas i want it be be displayed as 28,00,000 and for something like 779,000 it should be 7,79,000

is there a way to change this comma seperation in the backend or in the code if you could guide me..

how to insert a button in the slider to homepage. Thanks

See my example code from the demo.

Th image height of main image is 945*400 for all images on the listing page how do I change the height

admin > theme-functions.php > line 1046 > h=400

Hi, i need to know if it’s possible to add some parameters to the advanced search box. For example, in my country (Argentina) for purchase of real estate it’s important the type of currency: Dollar, Argentine Peso. Thanks.

Definitely you can add as many search parameters as you like, I can point you to the files to edit once you purchase.

Another question: If I work in two states, is there any possibility to show only the state’s cities that visitors choose?

Yes, although this would require some custom JavaScript development basically you would have to compile an array of of the two states and the associative cities then do a check based on the state selected in search and populate the city drop with the array.

There are small coloured banners over the featured images “Rental”, Open House”, etc.

How can we add individuell text instead the predefined with a certain colour?



Two Questions:

1. In a future update, will you allow listings to be displayed in a grid format? If not, where can i go about changing this?

2. Also, will you enable the layout of homepage (custom header background image) to be changed from fullscreen to boxed?


  1. This might be an option I add in a future update, however I’m not sure when. Unfortunately its not an easy one to explain or achieve as a lot of CSS and template changes need to be made. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.
  2. Most likely not as the design really wouldn’t lend itself to a boxed layout.

My RE5 theme although has both of those options,

Hi,How can i make a contcat widgets as a Menu Structure or new page?

You can add that widget to the Page sidebar or any other sidebar if you like.

Hi How do I increase the height of the set of small thumbnail images which show below the main image on the individual property listing page..Its too small currently around 120px * 50 px …

css > layout.css > line 152

Are you using a plugin for the MLS search or does it actually come with the theme?

No plugin, listings are manually entered along with the corresponding MLS number. Although I’ve had many buyers use the plugin for IDX/MLS integration.

Will this theme integrate with IDX on its own to receive data from an external database? Can the theme be set up for direct IDX data feed by running cron jobs?

I will have an update coming out for IDX integration tomorrow, so yes. It will work with the just like my RE5 theme:

Okay. I’m looking for something that doesn’t require an ongoing monthly fee like dsIDXpress does. I’m in the process of creating this right now, actually – a single-pay plugin that works…we pay monthly fees to the MLS already, so it’s a matter of obtaining the data that we’re already paying for without additional costs. I’ll check out the revision, though. Thanks for responding!

Hello, I’d like to purchase your theme. I just wanted to know how easy is to make it multilingual. Is it something that you could provide with an extra cost?

Thanks. V./

Very easy, it works with the plugin.

Hello. Thanks for coming back to me. I can only translate the site in one language or use more than one languages simultaneously? If yes, is everything including property search multilingual? thanks. v./

The plugin I suggested can make the site multilingual


8/16/13 — View complete changelog here

Hello first of all. nice theme!

I am using WPML for translation most of the times. This time I need to translate , not the theme, but only the text that appeared in the website ,in chinese. for example “state,city, type…” how can I do this? I don’t know chinese, they will give me the content. I prefer to continue using the WPLM plugin. I need to install any .mo or .po files?

thanks in advance!

The taxonomy labels are included in the .po file. You can manually translation via admin > custom-taxonomies.php if you like.

Before i purchase, is there an option to remove the search feature on the header?

Yes, you can disable it via the admin options panel with a single click.

Hello, I really like this theme and want to use it for my client. Unfortunately, dsIDXpress does not access my clients MLS. Will your theme work with the WordPress IDX Plugin found here?



There seem to be a resposive design issue in this theme. I found it on my own site, but it’s also present in your demo

I tried to fix it with:

home #featured-listings #carousel.flexslider {

height: 350px; }

.flex-viewport { height:350px; }

It works for now, but it’s still not perfect when you view the site on a tablet.

Any thoughts?


I’ll take a look further into this and get a fix released. Thanks for the heads up!