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I need to turn off the testimonials from appearing on the homepage. I believe you can toggle them off from the admin. If so where in the admin is the toggle switch?

All you do is drag that block over to the Disable column and you’re good to go.

hmm…tried that and it just springs back enabled side.

Sounds like a DB error, Backup your options then hit Options Reset

Can you change the format in the back-end for listings to display cars instead of properties?

Definitely, with a few modifications wouldn’t be difficult at all. I did just that with my RE3 theme and converted it to WP Pro Automotive


8/26/13 — View complete changelog here

How do I insert a get to idx listing to show up properly as featured listing on the homepage and the on the detailed page?

Sorry but I don’t see an answer to my question on that site. I think my question is more inline with the design of your template.

That URL is the documentation for the dsIDXpress plugin which you need to install and sign up for to pull in IDX/MLS listings pulled into your site.

The other option you have is to manually enter listings via the Custom Post Type in the admin, then into a listing > add the tag of Featured under the Status taxonomy > Update/Publish and you’ll be good to go.

I need to know how to update the installation of themes? thanks

Or if you’ve got the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin installed you can update directly through the admin, no need for FTP unless you’ve made code modifications in that case see the KB article above.

Hi, is this or wp 5 compatible with ‘all in one’ or ‘yoast’ SEO plugin, also with qtranslate or Wpml?

When multiple images are uploaded, a slider & carousel are automatically pulled in:

nice one, thanks!

No probs

Please help!

I am using WPML and I want to translate my website in chinese. I can translate the widgets but I cannot translate the search boxes” state, country, etc” I am using also string translation , I am finding the strings , I translate them , but nothing! they apeared only in english. can you help me please?

thank you

All of the labels are localized, they should be showing up.

Can the search mechanism be moved from the home page to two separate pages? We’d like the home page to be informational about the company and have two other pages to search for properties for sale and also properties for rent. Is this possible?

Yes, you can disable the search on the homepage via the admin options panel. Then use the listings search widget anywhere else in the site you like.

Hello again, I have a problem with the “Featured Listings” When I add the label “Featured” in the home is distorted. attached a picture.

Another problem that I have is that I can not modify the galleries I’ve created



I have one problem with the translation. I Can translate everything with WPML. Almost everything is working except the Future listings in the home page. It is always empty. How can I fix this?


Nikolaos k

I’m guessing you’re referring to the Featured Listings, what do you mean by empty? The only thing to translate there is the heading “Featured Listings”.

Can this theme be translated in total to another language? Thanks.

Yes, its fully localized and ready for translation. Its also compatible the plugin.

Hi there

If anyone need help let me know i will be glad to help. contact at or skype id vizodesigns


I would like to buy WP Pro Real Estate 4 and was wondering is there is a way to activate (keep enabled) the highlight boxes on the top menu so it is easier to see with different backgrounds. I will have the listing box turned off.

Also is this theme compatible with the iHomefinder Wordpress plugin?

Definitely, would just be adding a single line of CSS which I can supply you with after purchase. Haven’t personally used that plugin, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be compatible.

Great! Can you also supply the code changes to make all of the text and H tags gold #FAC64F ? We want to use a black background

I can point you to the CSS file that needs to be updated for that, as well as


Can you supply me with touch to call code (when I purchase) for mobile devises? So when the screen resizes to a cell and they tap the phone number, the dial pad comes up. Is there a way to put that in the header area?


That’s actually an automatic function built into the browser of the phone, no extra code needed.


I have a problem. In the map area, when I am searching for properties, all the blue icons for the properties are 1cm away from the true possition to the top. How can I fix this?

thank you

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.


We just purchased the theme and VINBO is our web guy.

1. Can you please tell us how to enable the top menu highlighted area so its always on.

2. How to change all of the text and H tags to #FAC64F

You will see this info above this post.

Thank you

  1. Add this to css > ct-dropdowns.css after line 47
  2. css > base.css > line 70

Also take a look at this KB article for future:


I’m streetrodder’s web guy.

I added this code to the code section of the theme and it made some of the menu items highlight but cant figure out the others.


Can you give me some code to add to the theme code section, PLEASE?

That should only be applied when its the current page, for some reason multiple links are getting the current-menu-item class which is weird. However did you want it like that or did you want that style for all the links all the time? If so remove the .current-menu-item from that code snippet and you’ll be good to go.

I have no idea what this means – 2. css > base.css > line 70

What do I change?? Did you look at the site?

That’s because a main link to that post doesn’t exist in the main navigation, so there’s nothing to highlight.

How can I change the Location taxonomie for it to display Island in search?

admin > custom-taxonomies.php and includes > advanced-search.php

If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.


Does this pull all listing from mls?

When used with the plugin yes, however that’s not required and you can enter listings manually through the admin.