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I’ve contacted support but no one has answered me. The search widget is not working and the agents template is not working either.

All tickets are answered in the order received, as you can imagine we receive quite a few. Thanks for your patience.

Still no answer from support. Here is what is going on:

-The search widget is not working -The agents template is not working -The search on the homepage is not working

See previous reply.


I have a fresh installation of themforest. Did import the xml file. So far the process goes fine, but in the web page can’t see any images. I am doing the installation in loclahost with WAMPSERVER. The code generated that should show the image in IE is

Can’t see anything either in Mozilla, but here.

Didn’t customize or change anything yet. Did the installation several times from scratch and always the same.

Any suggestion?

Best regards, Jorge

I want to use the theme for selling boats. Can I create different or rename the search fields to accomidate the data for boat information?

Definitely, I already have few buyers using this theme for boat sales. It just requires modifications to the custom fields and taxonomies.

How do I change the ‘font size’ and colour of the ‘font’ in the header menu?

Please open a ticket on the support site,

Hi I would like to know if the slider or gallery of the listings can be a little bigger. E.g. they are very landscape, I would like to have them a bit higher.

Can you let me know where and how to change this?

Would be most grateful, thank you!

Definitely, go into admin > theme-functions.php > line 1048 > change the h=400 to whatever you’d like.

thank you!

our client really likes the site however from time to time we are having an issue with it. if you go to the home page and do a search sometimes the white backdrop of the site doesn’t appear and the listing results display over the background image could you tell me if there is a fix for this it also happens on other pages as well

WP Pro Real Estate 4 Responsive WordPress Theme

site is

does the theme have built in arabic support? i want to make english and arabic version. if not does it support qtranslate

It’s fully localized and ready for translation, it’s been tested with WPML so it should also work with qtranslate.


Can we do this following outline using your theme?

Waiting for your response. Thank you.

Duplicate see previous response.

Hello, I follow the steps to translate the theme, but I can’t translate the admin bar options: Listings, Add New.. and the title of each options section.

What is the better way to do it? Thank you!

Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and we’ll take a look.

thank you!

Just some feedback to other prospective purchasers. I have purchased many themes on Themeforest and some are substantially better than others even though they are the same price. I thought this theme looked nice from the outside, but once I purchased it I found the process for uploading properties was not easy and intuitive. It was missing basic features like address fields (you had to enter as the post title) and you could not choose the zoom level through the theme options for the maps which most themes using maps provide. I wound up buying another theme on here for the same price that came with all those features, so I got there in the end, but I think this theme is definitely overpriced

Sorry you feel that way, the process for adding a listing is just as simple as making a regular post in WordPress just with a few extra fields for price, sq ft, status, etc…

The title area is used for the address that’s by design, as it’s the simplest and most straight forward way of doing things. Trust me I have five real estates themes on Themeforest with another on the way and have had nothing but positive feedback on how easy my themes are to use.

will this work with idx broker?

Haven’t personally tested it, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t 100% work. I’ve just included custom CSS styling for dsIDXpress.

Hello Sorry, but for me is not clear how to mark as ‘Rental’ a item on listing. How can I do it?

Thank you! ;)

Thank you, I understand that is a plugin I need to install, right? And them, find the ct-re-custom-posts.php

I buy WP Pro Real Estate 4 and I don’t see this php file. :/

Sorry, any help?

Fixed! I don’t know how i doit but works _

Oh, in RE4 its actually in admin > custom-posts.php

Hello again. :P

I want to make visible in the admin panel of the listings, some of the extra taxonomies.

I understand it is an option is advanced. Is there a plugin to resolve it? I use Types plugin to create new taxonomies only visible internally.

You can look in this link:

thank you!

You would need to modify the admin > custom-posts.php > lines 49-155

thank you, thank you, thank you! works! <3

No probs

Oh God!

My client love the panoramic photos, but their photographers don’t know what is panoramic :D

The question: How to increase the height of the listing slider?

.flexslider .slides img { display:block; height:100% !important; /* if I use 300px no work :( */ width:100%; }

<3 Thank you!

admin > theme-functions.php > line 1048 > h=400

<3 !!!

thanks a lot

No probs!

Hi, I have a pre-sale question, my client likes your template, but she wants to know what are the limitations on using your template Search Feature (on the Home Page) in countries other than the States, Mexico for example?

Yes, the listings are manually entered through the admin as a custom post type, so there aren’t any limitations I have buyers using this theme from all over the world.

I have a question. I am considering purchasing this theme for a commercial real estate broker. They use LoopNet for their commercial listings.. Will this theme give me the ability to incorporate the LoopNet search listings in the header?


You can definitely use the widget, you would just copy/paste the code into a basic Text Widget and add it to any one of the sidebar areas.

I understand that part of it- using a sidebar, but i was talking about using it in the header area like you have on the theme

You would need to modify the index.php with the supplied widget code from LoopNet.


Before I buy this theme I just wanted to ask a question.

I seen that this theme users iDXpress, am I rightin saying to use this plugin I would need to pay a monthly fee ??

Yes, dsIDXpress charges a monthly fee just like all the other IDX plugins as you have to connect to the MLS.

However the plugin isn’t required for the theme to work you can just enter listings manually via the custom post type in the WordPress admin.

I would like to see some of your clients sites.


Any Special promotions going on for this theme?

Sorry, I unfortunately don’t have any buyer example sites to share.

Are you giving any discounts for this theme?

Sorry no, Themeforest doesn’t allow for anything like that.

Its there a way to have the entire background a solid picture?

Not without some modificationsIf you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround. to the framework/layout.