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No matter what I do the site goes haywire. I tried reinstalling a fresh wordpress and theme version and still wont load correctly on safari and other browsers, and cant even access plugins page once the plugins are installed that come with the theme. Still same bug with CT Real Estate Posts plugin where it wont update and cause the plugins page to not even load. Very buggy theme and the updates havent fixed not one thing and the support only helps you with something simple but when you have a real issue they ignore you.

so dont get your hopes up people, move along and find a better developer. not worth the money, you can find way better themes here on themeforest than this crap.

Sorry you feel this way you can always ask for a refund from Envato if you’d like, or be polite open a ticket on my support site and we’ll help you out. Thanks.

hello, i really like this theme, i will probabl decide to buy it, but i have some questions first.

1. In this theme is it possible to put little icon and link, ADD YOUR PROPRERTY, im building real estate agency website, and i want everybody who visits my website to put his real estate and publish it with pictures and text and maybe price, is it possible tu put that with this theme, and also i would like to have control of what is posting, so when somebody comes in to website, he can click to add your property, then when he posts his property, i recieves notification to review what is posting, and then the listing is published to my website, is that possible?

2. i want on my front page to have search bar with sortings, something like this pick a location, then slider comes down and you can pick location, then you pick at the same bar you can search with more parameters, something like price lower or price higher

3. can i add some plugin or is there something that i get with this theme, i want to have information which property listing that im selling have clicks on that property, so i want informations which post of property have more seeings the most.

thank you

Duplicate, see previous replies.

We at are interested in integrating your product to our business. However we have the following inquiries regarding price settings . Ideally we would like to have our tarrifs to have daily, weekly , and or monthly price offerings. We are offering Condos for rent mainly in one locations and building however we also have some other properties such as houses and commerrcial spaces with focus on the condo rentals mainly currently breaking the daily rental market. Please advise as to if these options are possible in your product or if customizations can be done at a charge. If possible but not dependent , can there be a recording of meter readings or anyway to charge for utilities upon checkout such as water and electric? Are payments able to be made? Thank you in advance for your support. Respectfully, Yensabai Condotel

I’d actually recommend checking out my latest RE7 theme instead

can bookings plugins by awe booking or hbooking be integrated? they have flexible booking for rental for daily, weekly, monthly which is what we need with payment gateway. Also, if your establishment takes projects into consideration we would like to propose one. THank you in advance. Yensabai Condotel Pattaya

You can use any booking plugin you’d like however it does require changing the name of the plugin within the conditional is_active_plugin statements within the theme but its not a difficult mod to make. If you’d like shoot me a message via my profile in regards to the project and we can discuss further, thanks!

I’m having issues with the listings. I’ve tried workarounds but nothing. I submitted a ticket to you three weeks ago but haven’t gotten anything.

Listings are showing 404 page and wants me to update to CT Real Estate Posts but when I do it says header is missing and then it shows the old plugin version even though I deleted it and even shows the version number 1.2.3. I then updated my template to your newest version hoping this was the issue. Now when I try to install the CT plugin it tells me it’s “Invalid” and then in my plugins it shows the original Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts plugin version 1.0.0.

I’m banging my head against the wall.



Correct. But I have no turquoise selected but it’s being displayed.

If you could open a ticket on the support site and either Hina or Jason will help you out, thanks!

Ok, I just submitted a ticket.

Hi! I’m having the same exact issue as Coolcatt did. What was the solution to this?

Whats the issue?

I just posted a ticket in the support. My listings are no longer working. Ticket number #720460

Hina has responded, it was due to you running the improper plugin for listings.

I opened a ticket on Contempo 5 days ago and have heard nothing (ticket #713869)—the Listings plugin is not working correctly, and I continue to get a “UPDATE AVAILABLE” message, despite following instructions to update both the plugin and the theme itself. please help! My client needs to load a new listing and we are at a standstill.

I’ve just brought this up to Hina she’ll be responding shortly, thanks for your patience!

I had this fixed a month ago and it’s happening again! I had updated the listings plugin, posted a new listing, then came back a month later to discover it’s buggy again. I can add a new listing [] but the Edit Listing page is messed up—can’t Add Media, can’t add specifics that are below like the price or square footage, and the text in the edit box is white making it very hard to manage. I opened a support ticket last week and haven’t heard anything. Please help.

That’s because you’re running the wrong plugin again, I’ve replied to your ticket.

can someone tell me if i have to download wordpress to get my website i just purchased

i downloaded everything to my computer but cannot access it

Responded to your email, do you mean you can’t unzip the main download you got from themeforest? Need a little more information so I can help guide you.

The most recent version isn’t available through the downloads for me. I need version 1.4.0, please help!

Yes, its the proper version I just mistakingly didn’t update the version number within style.css, so you’re all set.

Great, do you know why I might have a juicebox error on the slideshows for all the properties? IDXpress isn’t being very helpful and my client needs photos! Is this something you deal with often?

Not entirely sure I’m following “juicebox” error, I’m not familiar with that? Just a heads up you’ll need to purchase an extended support pack in order for me to provide any further assistance, hope you understand.

Hi, I believe the download-links are not pointing at the newest theme version!

They are the version number in style.css wasn’t updated, you have the latest.

Hi, I purchased “WP Pro Real Estate 7 – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme” from Envato on May 5th. I was trying to download the theme but ended up with errors. I

retried 3 times no luck. I then received update email. Downloaded the updated theme zip file. Tried reinstalling the theme again it was not successful with different

error message. I and using Google Chrome and the Word Press (4.5.2) hosted by GoDaddy. Ist error says: “Are you sure you want to do this?” without any other links on a white page. Downloaded the latest zip ~ 108MB and recieved errro while installing the theme “404 Error: It looks like nothing was found at this location”. I could download and install other themes without any errors. I created a support ticket #759956 with no response past 2 days. I would highly appreciate if the author or technical support contact me and helping me out. I need to install this theme for my client ASAP. Please help.

Thanks & Regards

You’re uploading the entire main zip you need to unzip that and upload please see, thanks for your purchase! For future please be sure and comment on the correct item page this is RE5, thanks!

Good morning,

I bought the theme about a year ago but I’ve never noticed a significant bug . If I select the language to English ( my site is as the default language in Italian ) and I do a search from home gives me the results in Italian , same thing if I do the same procedure with the third language is Russian . Now , I tried to open a ticket , but unfortunately my ” care ” has expired. This , however, more than a service seems like a bug in the system and I think we have to work around me without my having to pay for another 6 months in service . Also because it would not make sense because they are about to buy the real estate pro wp 7 . I hope for your help

thank you

If you could please open a ticket on the support site with your WP admin login info and my support staff will take a look, thanks!

Good morning , I can not open a ticket because he says that the assistance has expired. How can we do?

You’ll need to purchase an extended support pack.

Does the Page Builder Template ID still work on this theme? If so, do you have any documentation?

Yes, it should work just fine if you’re having any issues please open a ticket on the support site. Thanks for your purchase!

I’ve been using this theme for a few years, and hesitated in updating, but it was running really slow…so I updated. NOW the listings are giving 404.

I went through the documentation and re-uploaded CT RE Custom Posts, etc. Still not working Thanks for the help!

I’d highly recommend switching to RE7 its far above and beyond RE5, I’ve actually migrated a buyer of RE3 from years ago to RE7 using the WP All Export and WP All Import Plugins very smooth transition, however everything like customizations, branding, colors, etc, etc…won’t be a straight shot over as its a different theme and is structured differently and using an all new backend options framework.

Have you tried simply going into Settings > Permalinks > and hit Save Settings then test?

That worked!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I need to wait until after the weekend traffic to upgrade to RE7. I think that is the way to go… thanks again!

Good deal, glad to help!

Goodmorning, presale question: Is there the possibility to notify users when an author insert a new real?

Yes, you can simply use a plugin like to setup notifications.

Is there an issue with the media library search. I have disabled all my plugs except for the ones for WP7 and I can’t conduct a search

Hi. I saw the plugin “IDX” and I want to ask you: is there the possibility to subscribe with this plugin and let users to receive alert e-mail choosing a range of price, city, and other properties which they are interested, when they fill the subscribe form?

Unfortunately no since the IDX is a plugin it’ll have its own set of features and information.

Ok thanks…but is there a plugin that can do this?

None that I know of.


uldead Purchased

I lost all features on the blackend on the listing, i update the theme to v1.39 and update the ct-re-custom-posts.php 1.0 to 1.4.7 and still can not see them when i create or edit a property. How fix this?

You’ll meed tp purchase an extended support pack. Thanks!


uldead Purchased

Really need to spend more money? i don´t want a custom or anyting else, only want to the theme i bought form you works as it should.

Only 6 months of support is included with your purchase to receive more support you’ll need to purchase an extended pack. This is Envatos new policy.

Hello I want to ask several questions before purchasing: 1. Can I have 2 login systems one for persons and one for organizations? Or in login there can be checkbox if you are organization you will have additional fields name of organization etc. 2. Can I have different offers and different prices for example if you want to have your property on first page you pay different price or something like that? 3. I don’t want to have PayPal. Can there be automatically generated invoice sent to their mails, for bank transfer and I should have the opportunity to accept placement of add on web.

Duplicate, see previous reply.

Is there a known issue with the google map on the result page? It wasn’t completely rendering before the WP update, but after it was fixed. Then out of no where, it started doing it again. Here’s an example: I ruled out any of the plugins installed as well. Thanks!

Google is now requiring every site to use an API key, grab this free plugin and you’ll be all set, just a heads up for future you’ll need to purchase an extended support pack.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, I translated the files for ct-mortgage-calculator widget with PoEdit but I cannot figure out where to save them to make them work, I tried under wp-content/languages/plugins with the name ct-mortgage-calculator-es_ES.po and .mo but it is not working, I also tried wp-content/languages/plugins/ct-mortgage-calculator with the name ct-mortgage-calculator-es_ES.po and .mo but nothing either, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Did you purchase the theme on another account, I’m not seeing your purchased badge?

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes it was purchased with this account, item id 12473778 my purchase code ends in 1210

However I solved the issue already, the name of the translated file was wrong, here is the route and correct name: wp-content/languages/plugins/contempo-es_ES.po and wp-content/languages/plugins/

Gotcha glad you got it sorted out!