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I asked how to do certain things on this theme and the person just responded that I have to do custom CSS which is outside of their scope, but I was able to make the change via the appearance area! :/

Anyway, I need to know how to change the menu icon on the mobile version from that horrible green (see screenshot attachment)! There must be a simple way to choose that I cannot find?

Also, how do I prevent the menu on the mobile version from hiding the logo? There must be a way to put it underneath or have it auto-resize. Another support staff told me to resize the logo, but then the resolution looks terrible! Please help.

You need to change the hex code to whatever you want, like #000 for black, etc…

Yes! It worked to change the color. Thank you so much. But the logo size hasn’t budged no matter what size I put there for the width…

Just replied to your ticket on my support site as well, keep in mind that media query is for phone portrait only you’ll need to target each devices display size depending on where the logo overlaps.

Honestly the easiest would be to just take the logo down a little bit, via an image editing tool like Photoshop or similar this is at 80% and is done with CSS:

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i have a pre-sales question. i really like this theme and i am 99% ready to buy it. but i need to know if there is a way to automatically import data from CSV in a 8 hour basis. we have a local program with all the data (real estate properties) in our office and we want it sync with the website.

we have no problem to use an external plugin. we have done this with CSVI PRO & cronjobs in joomla but we have no experience with worpress.

You can use the free version.

all that we discussed can be done also with WP Pro Real Estate 7 ?

Yes, and I recommend RE7 over RE5 its heads and tails better


kylti Purchased

The theme does have bugs and it’s true, it hasn’t been updated since 1/28/2015. How do you go from Pro 5 to 7? I would not buy any more of you themes because I no longer have confidence that you care about your purchasers.

The theme naming convention I’ve been using since releasing my first real estate theme back in 2008, if you could please expand on what “bugs” you’re having and I can help you out. Also just a heads up your support has expired and you’ll need to purchase an extended pack, thanks for understanding.

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Duplicate, see previous reply. I’ll go ahead and mark this for removal, thanks!

I have just bought WP Pro realestate 7, but got realestate 5. Also the xml file didn’t populate the site. I keep getting the message “This theme requires the following plugin: Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts.”, which I keep installing and activating but this message still keeps coming up. Can I get WP Pro realestate 7, which I paid for?

You purchased WP Pro Real Estate 5, as I see your purchased and supported badges for this theme. You’ll need to purchase RE7 using this link then request a refund for RE5 using

Correction: I got the xml file to import, but got several error messages of “invalid post type”

The chats always get sent by email if you’ve entered it so all my answers to your questions you’ll receive, also by adding your name and email all your old chats will be accessible.

The chats must be going to my client’s email, as I could not change it – it’s greyed out. Please send them to my email, as given in my chat.

The chats are sent to the email you enter within the chat system, if check your spam folder.

How can I update my Real Estate 5 theme to the latest version?

The version you have is the latest available unless you’re talking about moving to my Real Estate 7 theme which is an entirely new theme and would need to be purchased separately, hope you understand.

I’m moving my hosting: old host had PHP 5.4.45, new host has 5.6. With caching on, the site on the new host gets stuck in an endless loop when trying to load. The new host says the only way to get the site working in a normal browser was to disable caching entirely, which is not good: “We really would like for the site to be cached for performance and speed reasons. I believe what happens is that the site’s JavaScript in the theme get’s cached and stuck in an endless redirect loop, so disabling cache prevented that from happening.” They also said “Just explain that the scripts are getting cached.” Any recommendations?

Thanks a bunch. I’ll reconnect with the host. But just to be clear, it is not a speed issue – it is looping, and never loads.

I added an SSL, and changed the URLs in the settings to https. Now the listings and contact us maps won’t load. I tried turning them off and back on, and emptying cache. Still not loading. I checked the browser javascript console and it’s showing this error:

Mixed Content: The page at ‘' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ‘'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

All the outside scripts only have // no http or https for that reason make sure you’re using the latest version of my theme, screenshot so you shouldn’t be getting any mixed content unless you’ve got some plugins loading scripts with “http”

Hi there,

You maybe aware that companies in the real estate industry advertise on portals, such as US portals; Zillow & UK portals; Zoopla & Rightmove

Does your theme allow created and listed properties to be sent to the UK & US portals?

Look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Duplicate see previous reply.